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October/November 2018

Dodger Fan - Danny
Dodger Fan - Danny

By: Jaedon Hose-Shea and Dean Romine



        Did you know that our vice principal Danny Valenzuela is a huge Dodgers fan and enjoys listening to hip-hop music? If not, there are many more fascinating things you should know about our vice principal that makes him unique from others. Today, Mr. Valenzuela lives in Anaheim with his wife and his dog Dodger. Mr. Valenzuela’s dog’s name is Dodger because he has always been a huge fan of the L.A. Dodgers baseball team. In his free time, one of his favorite things to do is kick off his shoes and watch a game.

        Before Mr. Valenzuela became vice principal at Tewinkle, he taught Spanish at Estancia High School for eight years and was also a vice principal at Corona Del Mar High School for two years. The reason Mr. Valenzuela chose to be a teacher and vice principal is that growing up, he always looked up to his teachers and loved his high school vice principal. He also really love to work with kids and guide them to their future. Mr. Valenzuela is a strong believer in trust and likes to develop trust between students and staff. His vision of a good middle school is one with kids that enjoy coming to school, learning at school, and exploring new things. The one elective he would want to add to our middle school is the history of hip-hop because he really admires and enjoys listening to all kinds of music.

        In conclusion, Mr. Valenzuela is a very outstanding and unique person, and we are very glad to have him here with us at TeWinkle!


By:Kimberly Macias 

October 30, 2018


        This is the 8th Grade’s last year at TeWinkle, I got them to share things about their last year here, like memories and what they will miss. Some 8th graders say that TeWinkle was pretty fun others had some other opinions like they sometimes wished that they could go back and start all over again to when things were easier, also less stressful. Some memories they still have about their two school years is when they didn't have to run the mile in P.E. I think these 8th graders are really going to miss TeWinkle and all the good times all those years and, even though some people are excited to go to high school they will miss TeWinkle because it was a fun experience.

        8th graders are excited to go to high school, but I think it won’t be the same as TeWinkle with more pressure. They think right now they are rushing and stressing, but watch out 8th graders for here comes high school. Some 8th graders are happy about their flee, but sad too. Some kids, mostly boys won’t really miss TeWinkle some don’t want to start again as a 7th grader.     

The Student Store
The Student Store

Lia Carrazco and Neve Booze



        Have you been earning Trojan Charges? If so, come to the Student Store! It takes place during lunch on Thursdays in front of Boswell Hall. The reason we have this store is because we want to encourage kids to do good things. You can earn Trojan Charges by doing helpful things, participating in school events, and following directions.

        At the Student Store, you can purchase many things, including Vans products, such as hats and wallets, as well as gift cards. The gift cards can be used for In-N-Out, Chick-fil-A, Yogurtland, Starbucks, and Target. The prices range from 2 Trojan Charges to 25 Trojan Charges. You can buy keychains, school supplies, and even Takis! We hope to see you there next Thursday!

By:Litzy Berumen, Morgan Bargas


        The TeWinkle Trojans 7th grade boys do it again! The boys' volleyball coach is Sam Nelson. October 22 the boys one 2 periods and lost one. During the game, boys were trying really hard and helping each other out and being really supportive towards each other. We interviewed 4 players from the team lets see what they have to say.

        The first person Morgan interviewed was Tyler Nofts #14. He decided to play this year because he played last year and wanted to try it more. Tyler thinks his team is good, but they need to focus better, and he also told us that He likes his coach because he makes them try their hardest.

        Gavin Ghahyasi #11 thinks his team is good because they are athletic. Gavin decided to play this year because it’s a new sport for him, and he has never played before. Gavin likes volleyball because there’s a lot of action. He thinks the season is going good because the games they have lost were only by a few points, and that shows they are trying their best.

        Litzy  interviewed Jaedon Hose-Shea #10. He joined volleyball because he wanted to play a new sport and he never really played volleyball. Jaedon thinks the team needs to focus more and cooperate with each other and try harder. When we asked Jaedon why he liked volleyball he said, "Because I get to play with my friends, and I usually play against them so it's fun to play, I also enjoy volleyball a lot."  

         The second person Litzy interviewed was John Uchytil #5. When asked why he decided to join the volleyball team this year he said “Because I love volleyball and I have been playing since I was four years old. When asked about the team this year “Very good we are very good because we work very hard when we practice and pay really good together. When asked why he likes volleyball he said, “Because I've been playing for a long time and it's very fun.”

                     Good luck on your next game!

Get Your Spook On With The New Goosebumps Movie!
Get Your Spook On With The New Goosebumps Movie!

By: Aguilar, Lizzet and Coyotzi, America

Date: 10/29/18


        Spooky season is right around the corner, Get your spook on with the new thriller “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween”.This spooktacular movie was released on October 12, 2018. The movie takes place here in sunny California in Culver City.

        The plot of the film is Slappy the ventriloquist doll who's bringing Halloween to life. It's up to the kids to save the day by trying to stop the ventriloquist doll with the R.L Stine's book “Haunted Halloween”. The kids discovered a strategy that could help trap monsters in the book. With there amazing strategy they were able to trap all the monsters, yet except one. This undefeatable monster is now set loose causing trouble and ends up creating a live action book with a twist. He manages to make humans the main character and trapped the narrator “Jack Black”, in the book. Jack Black is a well-known actor who starred in “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween”. He is very talented and not only in comedy films, yet he’s also a comedian, musician, and songwriter. 

         Goosebumps is a series of books that were made into 2 films because of how favorable they were. The Scholastic Goosebumps books have been around for quite some time and there have been approximately 231 books published during the years. When the first movie was released it was a big hit and was recognized as the best family film of 2015. They tried recreating that spark by making the second film.

        This Halloween film is an extravagant movie that is just waiting to be told no matter what age; that’s why you should take the time out of your day to see this amusing film this Halloween to get in the holiday spirit.


Eat, Sleep, Cheer, Repeat
Eat, Sleep, Cheer, Repeat

By Melanie Trujillo and Shyanne Ponce

Oct 29, 2018 


        The cheerleaders put their heart and soul into TeWinkle Middle school when they show their pride on the basketball court

        The cheerleaders at Tewinkle Middle School are being taught all new kinds of dance routines for the intense games they cheer at by their amazing cheer coach Miss. Pabon.

Cheerleaders practice every Wednesday at 3:35 pm all the way till 4:45 pm.

        During practices, the girls are being taught specific new dances for their games they’re cheering at. The girls cheer in their super cute uniforms.

        Why did these girls choose to join the Cheer Club? Seventh-grader Itzel Trujillo always wanted to experience being a cheerleader, because it seemed so fun. When you join a club or make a promise, you have to be committed to it. She is committed to cheerleading. She said, “I personally take it seriously, and plan on joining the cheer club again next year”. Being a cheerleader means a lot because they get to represent Tewinkle Middle School. Anyone seeking behind the life of a cheerleader has to ask them, what do you like most about cheer? And Itzel answered with a very great answer, “What I like most about cheer is learning new dance routines, and getting excited for the next games.” Every cheerleader has to prepare for a game so they are ready because you don’t want to go and make a fool of yourself. We asked her what she does to prepare, and she said, “I go home practice the new dances for the next game.” This cheerleader sounds very thankful and honored to be a TeWinkle Cheerleader!


Now for the 22 girls who support out TeWinkle cheer squad.


  1.     Aaliyah Castaneda

  2.     America Coyotzi   

  3.     Annabell Melgar- Perez

  4.     Breanna Beltra

  5.     Bridget Nixon

  6.     Carmen Ocampo

  7.     Daphne Romo

  8.     Denise Gavilan

  9.     Fatima Silva Hidalgo

  10.     Grace Young

  11.     Itzel Trujillo Vargas

  12.     Jennifer Pena

  13.     Kristen Kaucher

  14.     Leslie Juarez

  15.     Liah Perez

  16.     Naomie Quinonez

  17.     Natalie Leon

  18.     Rickie Stallions

  19.    Siomara Nieto- Guadalupe

  20.    Sophia Flores

  21.    Stephanie Vazquez

  22.    Yathziry Perez



     Thanks, girls for showing school spirit! Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed! 


By:Alejandra Gonzalez  and Jacky Diaz



        Welcome back to a new year here at Tewinkle. We are here to tell you about events that are going on this month.

        We started with the Halloween door contest. What is the door contest? The door contest is where 3rd-period class chooses a few students to create the best door for Halloween scary, funny, or spooky. This event started on October 1 and it ended October 26. The best Halloween door will win a prize. So don’t forget to put up the best design for the door.

        Next, we have candy grams. Candy grams are $1 dollar each, you could buy them during lunch. ASB is in front of Boswell Hall. This event started the 22 of October and it ends the 26 of October. These treats will be delivered on the 31 of October.

        Another event that is going on is Red ribbon week. We wear a red ribbon to raise awareness of the killing and destruction caused by drugs in America. Red ribbon week was the week of October 16. Red ribbon week is recognized at all the schools in our area.

        Starting November 5th The food drive will begin the canned food that we can collect will go to the less fortunate. The class that wins the food drive will be announced on the 16 on November during lunch. So please do not forget to bring cans

        The last thing that we have to tell you is that the school will have Thanksgiving candy grams. Will be sold during lunch. So bring A dollar to buy yourself or someone a candy gram.    

        Thank you for reading come back next time to read more about what is going on around our school.   


By: Ritchey Garcia and Joshue Perez


        Are you bored at lunch on Fridays and have nothing to do? If so, you should come down to The Huddle! What’s The Huddle you may ask? Well, The Huddle is a fun activity that happens once a month during lunch in room 9 or 8. At The Huddle you play games, eat some snacks, and learn the word of God.

        During the Huddle, we interviewed an 8th grader named Salvador Elias to tell us a bit about the Huddle. We asked Salvador “Why does he like going to the Huddle?” “I like going to the Huddle because we get to eat lunch and socialize with my friends.”  Which is true because you can get lunch and eat it during The Huddle. We also asked, “What do you learn at the huddle?” “ Well, what we do is we play a game that will lead us to the lesson of the day.” Finally, the last question we asked was “What do you enjoy about it?” “I love it how they offer some cookies or desserts throughout the Huddle, and I could make new friends with other people.”

        Well, there you have it, folks. We hope you, too, will go and have fun at the Huddle and experience the same things Salvador experienced.

By: Job Cassini



        Mr.McGinis is our new 7th grade teacher this is very exciting news here for most of you seventh graders. Not only is he new, but we can learn a lot about him. So, everyone, let's learn a little bit more about our new 7th grade teacher Mr.Mc Ginis.

        Why did you want to teach? - When I was a Biology major in college, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my major. I always loved science; I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be a doctor, work in a zoo, work in a laboratory, etc. Whenever I would tell my friends that I was a Biology major, they always looked at me as if I was crazy because they thought that science was hard. I always tried my best to explain to them what I was learning. Every once in a while, they understood a concept and the look on their face was priceless. I realized then that I wanted everyone to have that "Ah Ha!" moment and I wanted everyone to love science as much as I do.

        Who inspired you to teach?- Everyone in my family is in the education system. My mom, dad, brother, and all of their friends work in schools. I've been around schools my entire life. I do remember in middle school, my 7th grade science teacher telling my parents at back to school night that he felt I could pursue a career in science. That has really stuck with me.

        What made you want to teach science instead of other subjects?- I love science. It was my major in college. Some of my best memories have been made while doing science. I've worked in laboratories, taken classes in the rainforest, and even helped professors conduct experiments that can help change the world. I hope I can make the same impact that my teachers in the past have made on me.

        How is teaching so far?- I love it. Absolutely love it. TeWinkle is an awesome school filled with a great staff. The students are awesome and I am thrilled with their character and excitement for school. I hope they enjoy me as much as I enjoy and appreciate them.

        What was your previous job before teaching? -To pay my way through school, I worked at the school gym as the fitness center manager. I also worked at a restaurant. Although I don't work there as much, I still will work at the restaurant every once in a while on the weekends.

        What do you like to do on your free time?- I tend to travel during my free time. I have friends all over the place and I try to make it a point to see them when I can. The places include San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, and Oregon.

        When you were a kid what was your favorite subject?- Science all the way. I LOVE SCIENCE!

        What's your favorite food? - Not sure if I have a favorite. I love eating food and eating a lot of it. Normally my go to when I'm really hungry is a burrito of some sort. I also LOVE In N Out. I normally get two double-doubles and some animal style fries (I told you I eat a lot).

        What are some of your hobbies?- Traveling, hiking, swimming, lifting weights, doing Jiu Jitsu, going to the beach, going to concerts. Just to list a few.

        So now we know a little more about our new teacher and we should make him feel at home. Like I said this is very exciting news for most of you seventh graders who have him because he seems like a cool teacher. So let's hope he has a great first year and some even better years here at TeWinkle Middle School.

By: Diana L. Granados and Giselle Vazquez



         Did you know that publications is no longer doing broadcast? Mrs. Kling is filming broadcast and is willing to take in anyone who wants to join.

         The broadcast is held every Tuesdays during study groups at the library too those who are willing to put time and work into it.

         We interviewed Natalie Nava a member of this year’s broadcast. Aleyda Casillas and Wendy Ocampo also joined the broadcast. Natalie likes that you can put your ideas and creativity into it. A topic she would like to work on is global issues and anything that is going on in the world.

        Another person we interviewed was Mrs. Kling. When we asked how it was like being in charge of broadcast she said in the early stages of figuring out how to get used too everything happening and how the kids are going to write the articles. The students are engaged and excited in what they are doing. Something she likes about it is that the kids work hard. When we asked why she was now in control of broadcast she said she used to do technology and she used to be in control of broadcast but a few years ago she gave it over to Mrs. Laux. She says she is looking forward too seeing what the students will come up with.


Get to know Billie Eilish
Get to know Billie Eilish

By: Denise Zecua & Lizbeth Calderon



        Hey Trojans! Have you heard about Billie Eilish? If not you’ll be glad to read about this. Billie Eilish is a young artist who is currently 16 years old and will turn 17 on December 18. When Billie was 11 years old she started to write her own songs with her brother, Finneas O'Connell. When she released the song Ocean Eyes it was a big hit, when she first released that song she was around 14 or 13 years old. Her most recent song is When The Party's Over.


8th grader: Denisse Gomez

Q: Do you feel that you relate to Billie Eilish songs?

A: Yes, I do. Because she knows how to relate her songs about herself and her fans.

Q: Who or what introduced you to Billie Eilish?

A: When I first heard of her it was her song Ocean Eyes.


8th grader: Julissa Ceja

Q: Why do you like Billie Eilish?

A: I like Billie Eilish because her songs get to me, she inspires me with her music, and she has an amazing voice.

Q: What is your favorite song?

A: My favorite song is Lovely, because this song is so deep that you have to connect to it, and the guy who is Khalid, is more lovely to here.


8th grader: Judy Sevilla

Q: What do you think of Billie’s new recent song, When the party’s over?
A: It made me cry, because a  a 16 year old is expressing her feelings in a 3 min video.
Q: What do you think of Billie’s style?
A: It is questionable, they are baggy but they look good on her that I am jealous because I’ll look not so good.


8th grader: Sydney Arroyo

Q: What’s the first song you've heard about her?
A: Idontwannabeyouanymore I really fell in love with it.
Q: What song do you relate to? Why?
A: Idontwannabeyouanymore because the song is about herself and she doesn’t want to be the same person that she is.


Dribble, Pass, Shoot!
Dribble, Pass, Shoot!

By: Sophia Pearson



        Swoosh!  The girl’s basketball season, which started the 27th of September, is almost over. Neither team has won a game, but each team has greatly improved.

        I was speaking with the 7th-grade coach, Mr. Heredia, and he said that he has been coaching basketball for 20 years and this year is his first year coaching girls! He also loves coach basketball because he enjoys seeing kids learn life skills and to play the sport he loves.

        The 7th-grade team practices once a week on Tuesdays after school. The 8th-grade team which is coached by Mr. Oscar practices 2 times a week, on Tuesday after school and on Saturday. With these practices, both teams have become much better and have been scoring more points each game.

        Even though they will not make it to playoffs, both teams are maintaining hope to win the last game against Sowers on November 8th. Hopefully, our amazing girl’s basketball teams can pull off this win and they can end the season on a positive note.


By: Samantha Davidson and Abby Hansberger


        Going onto middle school can be challenging for many people in many different ways, so we wanted to know what our 7th Graders think about middle school.

        The first person we talked to was Giselle Ordaz. Her favorite part about school is her AVID class. She likes Avid because she can get help on any subject if she needs it, and she gets to learn about colleges. She says this can help choose a college later on in life. The teacher that she likes the most is Ms. Smith. The words she chose to describe her teacher are, understanding, helpful, and she is patient with them even though they’re crazy. Giselle likes the schedule at TeWinkle because in study groups you can catch up on things, and she likes where everything is and she wouldn’t really change the schedule.

        We then went to interview our next person, Mirra Marmor. Something she would like to change about TeWinkle is for it to be more like a home, meaning have the people treat others equally and for people to behave more appropriately. The hardest thing that she’s had to adjust to from going from elementary to middle school was having six different classes and teachers and having to move around the campus. People that she has become friends with this year are Krystal. Giselle, and Allison that attended different schools. She told us the reason they became close is that they bonded and eventually just clicked.

        We then interviewed Freddy Rosete. His favorite subject is P.E, he enjoys P.E because he has a lot of his friends in that class and because of his teacher, Mr. Heredia. Like Mirra, Freddy also found the different classes the most challenging thing to adjust to here at TeWinkle. Freddy would like for the school to have a late day every day so that he has more time to study and get ready.
        Last, we interview Evan LeCours. His favorite part about TeWinkle is PLTW, he says it's fun while learning about the subject. His favorite teacher is Mr. Durocher because he’s fun and can be chill. While his favorite part about school is PLTW, his favorite class is history. The reason he likes history is that it’s fun and the classmates are also fun to be with.

        Let’s wish the seventh-grade students good luck on their journey through middle school!



By: Mia Soto



        BTS also known as Beyond The Scene ( K-POP band or Korean Pop), is one of the biggest and loved boy bands in the world today. They have a strong fanbase with over 13 million people, and they call their followers ARMY. ARMY also stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.

        They began on June 13, 2013, and is still continuing to make music. This band consists of seven young members Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. You might know them by their popular songs Fake Love, DNA, Fire, and Idol

o( feat.Nicki Minaj).

       Many people are captivated by this band because of their looks, dance moves, music, style, and message. One of their biggest messages in a three series album "Love Yourself" teaches fans or ARMY that in order to love others you have to learn to love yourself. With this message, they inspire fans to try their best to be themselves.

       The thing that is fascinating about this boy band is that they have won many awards in Korea and in America as the Top Artist in the BillBoards they also had their new song Idol hit the charts and break the most views on Youtube in 24 hours n with over 45 million views.

       So, if you have the time listen to their music, I think you just might like them.






By: Margely Olivera, and Valerie Martinez



        This time of year, spooky season is near where trick or treaters appear. Some with princess or superheroes costumes other with scary or spooky costumes. Want to know more about this spooky season? You came to the right place so sit down because this might get you interested for Halloween.

        Halloween. We all know that day by now, but did you know what it was called back 2,000 years ago?It was called All-Hallows or Allhallowmans by the Celtic religions. It started from the Celtic religion mostly from Britain and Europe. They believed that our world and their world of ghosts and spirits got really close. Which meant weird creatures would wander Earth. They threw a big party to scare them away. It was originally from Ireland where the Celtic religion lived 2,000 years ago.    

        Back around 2,000 years ago, they would celebrate Halloween different from us. They would do ¨Play Parties¨ where they got together and say their fortunes. They told story of ghosts and spirits and mischief making of all kinds. Many cultures celebrate Halloween differently. Austrians leave bread, water, and light lamps on a table. They say that they welcome the dead like Dia de Los Muertos. Dia de Los Muertos is when you let the ¨dead¨ pass through our world and great them with all sorts of treats.

        Have you heard the tale of if you see a black cat its bad luck? Well, it is true in Belgium in Europe. They say if you see on crossing its bad luck and if it enters a home or travels on a ship itś also bad luck. In England children would carve beetroots as pumpkins and they would be called ¨punkies¨. They carried there ¨punkies¨ down the crosswalk and sing ¨Punkie Night song¨ as they knocked on doors for money.

        We Interviewed Karen Gonzalez and asked her a few questions. What are some candies that you like to get on Halloween night? She said, ¨ Twix is one of my favorite candy to get on Halloween night.: We ask her what costume she is going to wear on Halloween night. ¨ I am going to paint my face as a cat.¨

        Now you a little bit more about Halloween and itś spooky night.


NCT: Korea's Next Big Thing
NCT: Korea's Next Big Thing

By Liv Mabilog 

October 30, 2018


        There’s a new Korean boy band taking over called NCT! NCT is a South-Korean boy band created by SM Entertainment. The band consists of 18 members but there is a rumor spreading around that there will be three new members added in November. The band has an infinite concept meaning that there will be more members as the years come.

        The band is made up of three different subunits, NCT U, NCT Dream, and NCT 127, but it has been announced that a new subunit would debut called NCT China with all Chinese members and they will promote only in China instead of Korea.

Each subunit has a different concept to them that differences it from the others. NCT U, U standing for United, has a concept where each song is assigned to members who fit the song the most. NCT 127’s subunit name are Seoul’s, the city the subunit is particularly based in, longitudinal coordinates but together the unit doesn’t seem to have a fixed concept. NCT Dream has a concept that is more youthful because the members are the youngest in the group. Dream also has a graduation concept to it where the members ‘graduate’ the subunit when they turn 20 which is the age of adulthood in Korea.

        The group doesn’t only sing and dance but one member of the group, Lucas, models and walked in Seoul Fashion Week.

        Although they all are one band, the different subunits debuted at different times. NCT U debuted on April 4, 2016, NCT 127 debuted July 1, 2016, and NCT Dream debuted on August 18, 2016. NCT China has said to debut in November of this year.

        The group is very diverse with members coming from different countries. Most of them are Korean but there are a couple of Chinese members as well as a member from Thailand, one from Japan, and one that came from parents who were from Thailand and China.

        Members of the band were fairly young when they debuted and are still young now. The oldest member was 21 when he debuted and is currently 23 and the youngest, also known as the maknae of the group, was 14 when he debuted and is currently 16.

        All the members have grown so much since their debut. Even though they are rookies in their entertainment company and to the whole K-Pop community, they are already so high up in the charts.

        You can support the group by going to SM’s official YouTube channel and watching their newest music videos as well as listening to their music on different music streaming sites. NCT 127 has recently come out with their newest album titled ‘Regular Irregular’ which includes their title track ‘Regular’ which is in English and in Korean.


Fallin' Into Fall
Fallin' Into Fall

By: Elle Romine and Quincy Corbean



        Don't you just love the Fall season? We sure do! Fall officially started on Saturday, September 22nd and will end on December 21st. During Fall the weather gets cooler, the leaves start to fall, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. During Fall some fun things that people do are pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and going to pumpkin patches. All the girls love to dress up in sweaters, hoodies, and fashionable boots during the season to help stay warm.

        We interviewed two of our trendy fall girls, Ally FitzGerald who is in 8th grade and Ella Richards who is in 7th grade. Fall trends they enjoy include, burning candles and all the wonderful smells the put off to get in the fall spirit. Going to pumpkin patches and scary haunted houses are some of their favorite things to do during the Fall months. Ella enjoys Halloween because of all the candy, and she also enjoys Thanksgiving because of all the yummy food and good memories with her family. Ally enjoys Thanksgiving for the same reason and also really enjoys Daylight Savings.

        Fall is a very fun and spooktacular season and gets us ready for a wonderful winter.


Is Jake Paul a Sociopath?
Is Jake Paul a Sociopath?

By: Paulina Abac and Sarah Haddouch



        Whether you like Shane Dawson or not he is the king of YouTube. Whenever Shane starts a new documentary the whole internet is frozen in shock. Shane usually gets backlash for his documentary series.This series is about Jake Paul, and people are not happy about it. Fans of his are blackmailing him saying that they will unsubscribe if he puts out the series. This eight-part series on Shane’s channel started on September 25th, 2018 and ended October 18, 2018. The episodes in this series are about 45 minutes except for the last one which is an hour and 45 minutes. The series uncovers the research of Jake Paul’s past, the research of sociopaths, Jake Paul’s parents, Jake Paul’s current girlfriend (Erika Costell) and “ex”-girlfriend (Alissa Violet), the last episode is a recap and a final to the series.

        A sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Some people claim that Jake Paul is a sociopath because of his past including all of the drama and pranks he was in. Shane goes in depth about Team 10 and questions how do people get in Team 10? Why does everybody already have a career? Is Team 10 a place where people can bring up their social status? Do you have to pay to be in Team 10?

        We interviewed people about the series and here are the results: Adriana Dang doesn’t think that Jake Paul is a sociopath because she says that he shows genuine emotion (which sociopaths fake) around his friends when Andrew(Shane’s cameraman) records them. Elisa Hernandez says that Jerika(Jake Paul+Erika Costell) isn’t real because they got fake married first, they really don’t have a bond, and Jake once said that relationships get views so I think that Jake is paying Erika to be his girlfriend for camera because before she was just his assistant and he didn’t like her enough to be his girlfriend. I believe that Jake was just jealous of Alissa(his ex) and her new boyfriend (Banks) that he created a fake relationship with someone Alissa knew (Erika).

In conclusion, even if you don’t like Shane everyone knows that he brings new content to YouTube.