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October 2014

Spirit Week
Spirit Week


By Sheyni Bravo and Claudia Arce


            We recently had our first spirit week of the year! On Monday it was sports jerseys, Tuesday twin day, Wednesday was white out day, Thursday ‘too much red’, and Trojan spirit on Friday. This event took place at Tewinkle Middle School. ASB was in charge of the spirit week with Trojan Pride taking the lead. People noticed that more people participated in the Spirit week this year than last year. There was music playing every day pumping up the students during lunch to show our school spirit. A Trojan rally was also included on Friday. Cheerleaders and football players from Estancia and special education kids and our sports teams were cheering and participating in the games. It was boys vs. girls and our Tewinkle girls won.

            We talked to our ASB members about our school spirit week. Natalie Hutchinson and Melissa Huber told us all the information about the spirit week we asked her some questions and they answered mostly every question.

            Q: Is there going to be a contest for spirit week?

            A: yes there is going to be a contest during 3rd period, the teachers are going to tally up how many kids participate in the sprit week.

            Q: Isn’t wearing all plain white dress code violation?

            A: Yes, but Miss. Tolzda approved it.

            Q: Why are plain white shirts a dress code violation?

            A: Plain white t-shirts are dress code because its gang related

            Q: Which spirit day had most participation in the spirit week?

            A: On Monday we saw more participation because it was sports day

            Q: Are we going to have more spirit weeks during the school year?

            A: Yes, we might have spirit weeks during the year

We're the Champions!
We're the Champions!

By: David Gomez


            About two weeks ago I went to Bakersfield to compete in a soccer tournament. The U-16 All-Star tournament included 16 teams and each team played at least one game. My team was called Anaheim F.C. and we had a lot of talented players. Most of my teammates are freshman, and I am the youngest one. The tournament lasted two days, and we had to play two games each day. One game in the morning and one at night. My family and friends are proud of my team and me, for winning the tournament, and I believe we deserved to win because we have been working hard throughout the whole season. I’m proud of the guys and I’m thankful for having such great coaches and trainers. I’m thankful for all the support from my family and friends.

Girls Inc.
Girls Inc.

By: Aileen Tototzin


            Girls Inc. incorporated is a nonprofit organization that focuses on giving confidence to girls. They also inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold. They talk about different things like relationships, family, and stress. They do girls Inc. on Tewinkle Middle school campus in room 16 after school on Tuesday’s.

            Girls Inc. incorporated movement started in New England in September 2006 warren buffet auctioned his Lincoln town car to support girls Inc. The vehicle sold for $73,200. Every year, girls Inc. gives out varying number of scholarships to young women. Girls Inc. gives girls the right tools and support to succeed. At girls Inc. girls learn to set goals, boldly confront challenges and resist peer pressure. A fun fact about Girls Inc. is that they only allow girls and no boys because girls suffer depression twice as frequently as boys and disproportionate present of rape victims and other forms of violence. Also because girls are often left out of high expectations.   

The Deadly Disease
The Deadly Disease

By: Carlos Carrizal Perez and Kevin Tototzin


A newly discovered disease called Ebola has been found in Africa. This disease is very hard for a doctor to cure. Many people have died from Ebola. There are many symptoms for Ebola, this includes: high fever, sore throat, severe cold, and contagious coughs for three weeks of sickness. A person who has survived Ebola can be able to cure a person by using their blood.

This new disease has infected a person in the United States. There was a Spanish nurse who was contaminated by a patient who had the disease.

Thomas Eric Duncan was infected by Ebola after a five day trip to Africa. This disease started in Africa and it was tracked down in Texas in the United States. There’s a possible chance that there is no cure for Ebola yet. There’s a mystery of why some people survive and some don’t. The answer to the mystery is that they need to keep the patient alive long enough, but sometimes the patient can’t survive if they can’t keep the person alive a long time.

TeWinkle Favorites
TeWinkle Favorites

By: Brianna De la Cruz and Citlalle Gonzalez 


        Last week we interviewed 7 th and 8 th graders about school favorites. We asked them a couple questions about school favorites and they gave us interesting responses. During 3 rd period we interviewed them.

We interviewed 7 th graders: Jessica Espinoza, Saul Perez, Hazel Vences.

Hazel Vences:

Q: What is your favorite class?

A: Publications is my favorite class because I get to go around and take pictures.

Saul Perez:

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?

A: Mr. Flores because he teaches good and he explains the class to make it easier to understand

Jessica Espinoza:

Q: What do you like about 7 th grade?

A: The different classes because it's better than having one class


Lastly we interviewed 8 th graders: Tony Loredo, Sheyni Bravo and Jerry Gama.

Tony Loredo:

Q: What do you like about 8 th grade?

A: The 8 th grade promotion ceremony, because it's the time I graduate from middle school.

Jerry Gama:

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?

A: Mrs.Shannon because she does fun science actives.

Sheyni Bravo:

Q: What's your favorite subject?

A: PE is my favorite subject because I have Mrs.Aceves and she makes the class fun she is also understanding.




Anonymous: The Global Misconception
Anonymous: The Global Misconception

By: Hayden Sprinkle


        If you were to ask a common person what they know or have heard about Anonymous, chances are they will have never heard of them, or will tell you about some bad terrorist group of hackers. That is what you see on the news and hear on the radio, so what else would you expect them to say? The truth is, Anonymous is an idea. It is a belief and logic that has gathered millions of supporters worldwide. Supporters of the idea have taken to being known as Anons, and together Anons form that which is Anonymous.

        Now, what is the idea exactly? That is really up to you to decide for yourself, but the main idea is that knowledge should be free. Anonymous stands against government corruption and censorship. They stand against the unjust persecution of those that speak the truth, open their minds, and don’t conform to the government’s strict ideologies. The reason they are known as Anonymous is because they believe that it doesn’t matter who you are, everybody has a voice and should utilize it.

        The misconceptions stem from their origins. Anonymous started online, in a forum website known as 4chan. Over the years, Anonymous has evolved into what it is today, and has gathered millions of supporters worldwide. They are leaderless, but conduct operations against corrupt governments and officials in various ways, whether it is protests, riots, or yes, sometimes hacking. A popular hacking method used by Anonymous is a Distributive Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This is where the hacker finds the IP Address of a website, and uses a program to overload the server with data, causing it to crash. They do this to government websites as sign of disobedience. Some targets of Anonymous have been the notoriously corrupt Church of Scientology, the Illuminati, the U.S Government, China for its attacks against Hong Kong, Israel for the bombings of the Palestinians, Syria for its brutal civil war, and countless others. But not all of Anonymous are hackers. I’d say a good 75% are just normal people who support the cause and share similar beliefs. Anybody can be Anonymous. I invite all of you to open your minds, and do some research on Anonymous, the cyber vigilantes of the 20th Century that dawn the iconic Guy Fawkes mask. You may be surprised.

NASA Open House
NASA Open House

By: Laurel DiLorenzo, Sara Waltrip


        NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena California, invited the public to its annual Open House on October 11-12, 2014. The event theme was “Welcome to Our Universe!” They invited visitors on a ride through the wonders of space. Highlights included a life-size model of Mars Science Laboratory, demonstrations from numerous space missions. JPL’s machine shop where robotic spacecraft parts are built, and the Micro devices Lab, where engineers and scientists use tiny technology to revolutionize space exploration.

        NASA is more than astronauts. They are scientists, engineers, IT specialists, human resources specialists, accountants, writers, technicians and many other kinds of people.

        The most important steps you will need to do, to get into NASA is study math and science in school. You should always be interested in physics and astronomy and chemistry, and continue to study those subjects through high school and college on into graduate school. That is what will prepare you to become an astronaut. NASA thinks the advice that they would give to any kids who want to be astronauts is to make sure that they realize that NASA is looking for people with a whole variety of backgrounds, they are looking for medical doctors, microbiologists, geologists, physicists, and electrical engineers. So find something that you really like and then pursue it as far as you can, and NASA might be interested in that profession.

        We interviewed two people from Twinkle Middle School, Tony Padilla and Areli Gonzalez.

Tony Padilla

What do think NASA’s incorporation is? “I think it is about rockets, space shuttles, and how they take off into space.” Would you like to ever work at NASA, and why? “Yes, because I want to become an astronaut and explore the world outside of earth.”

Areli Gonzalez

Have you heard anything about NASA’s incorporation? “I heard it’s a station about space.” Do you know what NASA stands for? “I believe it stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.”

By: Noemi Hernandez and April Garcia


            The 7th grade girls’ basketball team we have Melia Kenneth, Johanna Villalpando , Leyna Luu, Karla Urueta, Karina Ortega, Emily Diaz, Ceidy Gonzales, Miriam Arriaga, Aracely Espinoza, Jasmine Lopez, Raquel Rosete, Sydni White , and Pamela Cabezaz. On the 8th grade girls’ basketball team we have Hailey Howard, Alyssa Miro, Leslie Escoria, Kylie Hemming, Saoirse Mulronney, Grace Hollowell, Karla Rodriguez, Andrea Compos, Claudia Arce, Diana Martinez and Angela Solano. They’ve had about 6 games 3 games away and 3 home games, through out the season so far and have been great in all of their games.                                                  

             We asked some of the girls some questions like, Aracely and Jasmine , "How are the basketball games?" Some said they were tiring, intense, and fun. “What’s it like being on the team?’"we asked. Some said, “It’s really fun.”  

            So good luck to the lady Trojans of TeWinkle on their next basketball game.

Redi Step Test
Redi Step Test

By Jennifer Lopez and Maya Martinez


            On Wednesday October 15, 2014 all the 8th graders at Tewinkle Middle school took a test called the Redi step test. It involved 2 parts of language arts and 2 parts of math. Each part was 40 minutes long. It was basically taken to see what we had learned in the past years and to place us in our classes next year .Many people we had asked said the math part was the hardest and that the timing wasn’t fair. The test we took was by a booklet.

           We asked several people and this is what they thought about the test.. “I thought it was easy, especially the language arts part” said Isai Martinez. “I thought we needed more time because I didn’t finish any categories” said Angel Yantuche. Mostly all the people we asked didn’t finish any categories of the test. But we’ll see what classes we get put in next year. Good luck! 


Estancia Homecoming
Estancia Homecoming

By: Nessa Osso


            What is homecoming? Homecoming is a high school, college, or university game, dance, or other event to which alumni are invited. . Southwestern University held the first homecoming celebration in April 1909.

           We played our homecoming game of 2014 against Laguna High School the score to the homecoming game was 26-3. The homecoming Prince and Princess is Slade Garnett and Jerad Salinas. Homecoming was on October 25, 2014.

I interviewed a student at Estancia High school going to her first homecoming Alexis Osso:

Q: Who are you going with?

A: Brittany Walker.

Q: Estimate of people there?

A: Easily an amount of 200 people.

Q: Why did you like/look forward to homecoming?

A: I got to go on a party bus with some of my close friends.

Q: How did you like homecoming?

A: The decorations looked breathtaking.

Q: Do you recommend future Estancia Eagles to go?

A: Yes. If you don’t go you’ll miss the fun and regret it.

Q: Tips for freshman next year?

A: Do the work and be involved in a lot of things like clubs.

Too Hot for California to Handle
Too Hot for California to Handle

By: Leslie Hernandez and Perla Guerrero


            What we decided to write about was California’s heat wave. What we found out was that the highest temperature of California was on July 13 of 1913 and it was 134 degrees Fahrenheit. We also found out the lowest temperature here in California was -45 degrees Fahrenheit and that was on 1937. This year will be the hottest year in California. This heat wave is bad because people are not getting enough water and they are dying .

        We took it upon ourselves to ask people what they thought about the weather last month. First we asked Miss.Deckert and what she told us was, “I loved the weather last month because I love the sunshine and wish we could be in an eternal summer season.” Then we asked Kenia Rocha she said, “It was too hot to do anything.”

World Series
World Series

By: Ryan Carrillo & Ulises Abundis


            The 2014 World Series is currently ended with the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals face each other in a best of seven championship. The World Series is the annual championship series of North American-based Major League baseball. Game 1 took place on October 21, 2014 in Ewing Mkaufman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri. The Giants have successfully beaten the Kansas City Royals in game seven. We asked some people about their thoughts on who will win the World Series.

            Victor Jacinto: I think the Giants will win the World Series because they have a better offense than the Royals.

            Miguel Pena: The Giants will win since they have been in more World Series.

            Katie Fitzgerald: The Giants will win since they just got an award.


By: Gwen Dover


            It’s that time of year again; Halloween is just around the corner. Now everybody ranging from toddlers to elderly are dressing up for the festive time of year. A lot of people just buy costumes rather than make them because some people don’t have the time, or are just plain lazy. Now others that don’t have the time still make an effort to make one, but what you may not know is, sometimes you’d think that a store bought costume would look better than a homemade one, but that’s not entirely true, some homemade costumes look better than store bought. Even just going around your house and throwing something together is better than a store bought costume, also much more creative. You can also look up ideas and make something out of paper to go with your costume, or raiding your parents’ closet and finding something

The Great Shakeout
The Great Shakeout

By Jerry Gama


            The great shakeout is a big earthquake drill that they practice once every year all across America. Tewinkle middle school practiced this drill on September 16. The drill was about 30 minutes long and students went with their 1st period teacher. Tewinkle has this drill to practice in case of a disaster.

            I interviewed Cittlalie Gonzalez, Jeremy Gardener, Jake Alai, and Nessa Osso.

Q: What do you think of the great shake out drill?

A: It was boring.

Q: What do you think of the great shake out drill?

A: It was boring and fun because I had food.       

Q: What do you think of the great shake out drill?         

A: I thought it was alright I did homework and ate chips.

Q: What do you think of the great shake out drill?

A: I didn’t like it takes too long and there was nothing to do.

Young Life Color Wars
Young Life Color Wars

By: Leilani Frias and Kenia Rocha


        On Oct. 13, 2014 at TeWinkle Park, Sarah Sprague hosted an event called Young Life Color Wars. The purpose of the Young Life Color Wars was to make students communicate with each other and get to know each other better. The Young Life Color Wars is a gathering of students who do activities and at the end throw paint at each other. They did activities such as tag, water balloon fights, and dancing. It spread throughout Estancia High School and became big this year! More than 120 students attended to each meeting including the color war. Students began spreading the news about the upcoming event and ended up bring family members, friends, etc. They had a total of 125 students come to the Young Life Color Wars and everyone ended up having a great time.

        Kenia and I interviewed Genn Fuentes on what she thought about the Young Life Color Wars:

Q- What did you do while being here?

“We did different activities like water balloon fights, paint wars, etc.

Q- Was it fun, and would you like to do it again?

“Yes and yes.’’

Q- Who did you go with?

   “I went with my best friends and cousin.’’

Q- How would you describe young life color wars?

“It was fun and very social.’’

Q- Was it your first time there?

“ Yes”

Q- What was your favorite activity out of all?

“The water balloon fight’’.