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May 2015

Ready Set GO!
 Ready Set GO!

By: Betsy Cruz and April Garcia

March 26, 2015

            Track season is finally here! So the first meet was March 23, 2015. The team consists of Marcos Laxamana, Gio Garcio, Kenny Ensastegui, Alex Paries, Marshall Rucknagel , Cole Dominol, Melia Kenneth, Katie Fitzgerald, Jacob Olson, Destiny Carmona, Nathan Pacheco, Jennifer Araiza, Julianna Balducci,  Trevor Amato, Adrian  , Gabriel Lindsey, Hayden Pierce, Chris ??, Rafael  Espinosa, Presilla Rojas, Christine Penieda, Raul Gonzalez, Andrea Campos, Cesar Blanco  We interviewed Cesar Blanco and Nathan Pardoen

Here’s what they had to say:

Q: What is your favorite thing about Track?

          “Running because of the adrenaline” says Cesar Blanco.

          “I like to run” says Nathan Pardoen.

Q: Why did you join Track?

            “I joined Track because my P.E teacher recruited me” says Nathan Pardoen.

            “I joined Track because I like to run” says Cesar Blanco.

Q: What are your events?

            “I do the 100, 200, and long jump” says Nathan Pardoen.

            “I do the the mile and 800 hundred meter” says Cesar Blanco.

Avid College Fieldtrips
Avid College Fieldtrips

By: Sara Waltrip

May 5, 2015

            On Monday, April 27, the 8th grade AVID class went on a fieldtrip to the University of California, San Diego. The fieldtrip included a guided tour of the entire campus, information about UCSD majors, a closer look at the UCSD Giesel Library, and trip to the bookstore and food court. They also got a “good luck on finals” walk through the UCSD sun god tunnel. About half of the AVID and a few kids from ASB went.

            I asked Fernando Martinez, 8th grader, what he liked about the fieldtrip, and he said, “I liked the tree statue, and their library.”

            I asked Areli Gonzalez, 8th grader, what she learned about the college and she said, “There are different colleges within the University and they do a lot of celebrations.”

           On Thursday, April 30, the 7th grade AVID class went on a fieldtrip to California State University Fullerton. This fieldtrip included the same items. Some of the kids stayed back, and didn’t go to the fieldtrip because of bad grades or because they had N’s or U’s.

           I asked Kenny Ensastegui, 7th grader, if he had fun on the fieldtrip and he said, “Yeah, it was pretty fun because we got to experience something new.”

By: Sheyni Bravo


            Cameron Dallas is a famous you tuber and Viner that got famous for comedy video on vine and won a teen choice awards in 2014 for the popular Viner. He also just made a movie called Expelled and is starting a new movie called The Outfield, Cameron is also starting his singing career that stated with his rap song called She Bad. He was raised with his mom, Gina, and his sister Sierra, Sierra also is a famous You Tuber that does hair, makeup tutorials and videos of her family. One of Cameron Dallas latest news is that he got arrested for vandalism with his friends Jc Calylen, Kian lawley, joseph Hernandez, there wasn’t battery charges but charges of destruction of property for paint on the walls. For more details of what actually happened check out Cameron Dallas video paint police #20daysofdallas.

           I interview Maya Martinez and Johanna Villalpamo of what their opinions are and how they know him.

Why or how do you know him?

Johanna: “I found out who he was my Nash Grier.”

Maya: “I thought he was funny in one Nash Grier’s video so I searched him and followed him.”

How long have you been following him social media?

Johanna: “I’ve followed him for about 7 months.”

Maya: “I’ve followed him for about 2 years already.”

What do you think of him as a person and YouTube/Viner?

Johanna: “I think he’s generous and he likes to make people feel good and laugh.”

Maya: “I think he’s a role model because he gives good advice and he really funny.”

Have you seen his YouTube vide on paint police? What did you think about it?

Johanna: “I have seen it and I thought it was good that he made video to explain what actually happened to his fans.”

Maya: “Yes I’ve see and I think it was good because he didn’t leave it as a mystery and let rumors spread about it.”

The Success of #Trending @ TeWinkle Night
The Success of #Trending @ TeWinkle Night

By: Leilani Frias and Nessa Osso

            On May 6, 2015 at 6-7:30 pm TeWinkle PTA, with the help of ASB, organized an original, never before done event called #@Trending at TeWinkle Night. Unlike some other school open houses, TeWinkle decided to combine the International Fair with Open House. Last year’s Open House contained food trucks with a walk through of the school campus to meet teachers. This year was another level! TeWinkle put the teachers and families together to eat dinner and bond. There were game trucks, food trucks, premier projects, a performance from our TeWinkle cheerleaders, raffles, music, and a play called Monsters on Maple Street that was shown to our guests. Teachers, students, staff, friends, and more were welcome to come and join on this spectacular night.

            While our guests walked through the classes, teachers got to decorate their classroom to show the work of their students and got to explain the projects that were shown in their classrooms.  There was also a presentation video about child labor, a past project made by the eighth grade students for their Language Art classes. The presentation was to show their families what they learned from the project. For an hour and a half the event went on and it was a huge success! This year’s #@Trending at TeWinkle Night was filled with unbelievable fun and we  are eager to see what comes for next year.

Penny Wars
Penny Wars

By: Leslie Hernandez, and Hazel Vences

Date: 5-5-15

            Penny Wars started on April 13, 2015 and ended on April 27, 2015. Penny Wars is where all the third classes participate in raising money for a charity. ASB choose charities from last year and did a simple hand vote on which one they wanted. The charity that they voted for was The Miracle Network.  The reason for Penny Wars was to help children in the hospital that were in need of help. Mrs. Debbie also participated in collecting the money from all third period classes. Mrs. Benson said, “We raised over $300 dollars all together.” The third period teachers that won the Penny Wars were Ms. Marier’s small group along with Miss. Koppe. Let’s try harder for next year’s Penny Wars!

High-Tech Watch
High-Tech Watch

By: Carlos Carrizal Perez and Jerry Gama

April 30, 2015

            Have you guys heard of the new Apple watch that was released on April 24? The Apple watch is an advanced model of a watch that can be easy to use on the wrist. The inventor of this watch was Fletcher R. Rothkopf. There are many assorted colors of the device, including an 18k gold color which is more expensive to buy. It has a small sized I phone on it with apps and has a durable case that can’t be scratched or stained. This is suited to a smaller device on the wrist. There are 3 different models of the Apple watch with a high price. The regular Apple watch is $349. The sports edition which is lightweight version with strong protective glass is up to $17,000. The iwatch edition is 18k gold and can cost up to $24,000. You can use apps like Instagram, Messaging, Phone calls and many more apps are available.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao
Mayweather vs Pacquiao

By Brandon Peck


           Saturday May 3rd, the boxing match of the century occurred.  The competitors included, undefeated Floyd Mayweather, against the Filipino superstar, Manny Pacquiao. There was Mayweather, a very defensive-minded boxer, and Pacquiao an offensive-minded powerhouse.  The fight lasted all twelve rounds, and it was a unanimous decision.  Mayweather won.  Mayweather landed 148 punches, whereas Pacquiao only landed 81.  Mayweather’s defense was too good for Pacquiao. Although Pacquiao lost he has something to be happy about, he earned 120 million dollars.  Mayweather earned 180 million dollars for winning.  The rounds scored like this:

Round 1- Mayweather

Round 2-Mayweather

Round 3-Mayweather

Round 4-Pacquiao

Round 5-Mayweather

Round 6-Pacquiao

Round 7-Mayweather

Round 8-Mayweather

Round 9-Pacquiao

Round 10-Pacquiao

Round 11-Mayweather

Round 12-Mayweather

8th Grade Field Trip to Boomers
8th Grade Field Trip to Boomers

By: Brianna De La Cruz and Citlalle Gonzalez


The 8th grade field trip has changed this year from Knott’s to Boomers. Last year not enough 8th graders attended the field trip because of the expensive cost, $45. This year, 8th graders will be able to go if they have good grades and citizenship. They need to have outstanding or satisfactory for citizenship, and they need to have a good GPA. The trip to Boomers will be on June 10 from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. It is $25 for the ticket and shirt. Permission slips for going to Boomers are due May 29.

First we interviewed Stephanie Pineda.

Q: Are you thinking about going to Boomers?

A: Yeah, because I think it would be a good opportunity to hang out with my friends outside of school.

Q: What do you think about the field trip?

A: I think it’s better now because more people would be able to go

Then we interviewed Tyana Aitofele.

Q: Have you ever gone to Boomers? How was it?

A: Yeah I have gone to Boomers; it was fun because of the Go-Karts!

Q: Do you think going to Boomers will make a good 8th grade memory?

A: Yes, because it’s a fun place and it’ll be fun with everybody there.

Q: What rides do you think you are going to go on?

A: The Go-Karts for sure!

Mother's Day
Mother's Day

By:Kevin Tototzin


            Mother’s day is a day about your mother and honoring your mother. It is a modern celebration and about one’s mother. It is celebrated in various days in many parts of the world. When you celebrate it is most common to celebrate in March or May. It is similar to Father’s Day and Sibling’s Day. Mother’s Day began in the United States. It is a secular to celebrate and is celebrated annually. It was first celebrated when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother. Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10, 2015. On Mother’s Day people give gifts or love to their mothers. On May 10, 2015 make sure to honor and love your mothers.    


By: Jennifer Lopez and Maya Martinez       

May 5, 2015 

            Coachella is a music festival that takes place in Indio California. In Coachella they play different types of music such as pop, country and more. The first Coachella event took place in 1999. Many people attend Coachella, regular people and famous people. The event is three days long and there are two weekends you can attend. Coachella is lots of fun but it’s expensive. The general admissions are $375 without the shuttle and the VIP ones are $899. About 45,000 to 90,000 attend Coachella. This year’s Coachella was on April 10-12 and April 17-19. In Coachella they don’t just play music they play games .The headlines of Coachella were Drake and Jack White. Coachella is such a fun music event.

Estancia's New Cheer Team
Estancia's New Cheer Team

Laurel DiLorenzo


            During the 27th of  April to the 1st of May there was a cheer clinic in the gym at Tewinkle Middle School for the eighth graders that will be Estancia’s new Freshmen. There were two available teams to make, Junior Varsity and Frosh/Soph. The tryouts were Monday through Thursday, and the big day of tryouts was held on Friday. Around thirty girls came to the clinics. Most of them were already girls who have been cheering for our Tewinkle team. Three girls dropped out of the cheer clinics on the second or third day due to grades. To become a cheerleader for Estancia you must have a 2.o GPA. Thankfully only a few girls dropped out! The cheer mandatory meeting was held on Wednesday April 22nd. The head advisor Coach Yumi went over how much it would cost, what the cheerleaders would have to attend, grade point average and lastly, the amount of community service we would all have to do. 

            Thirteen incoming 9th graders made the team for JV and the other three girls who made JV will be incoming 10th graders. At the clinics five Estancia Varsity cheerleaders came to teach one cheer and one dance. We learned them in groups. Then on the last day we learned how to express are inner spirited side and how to impress the judges while still having fun when doing it all.

*2015/1216 Junior Varsity

Evelyn Chairez

Brianna Joya

Mayte Pacheco

Diana Camacho

Laurel Di Lorenzo

Leilani Frias

Cassidy Harrison

Gisselle  Hernandez

Melissa Huber

Natalie Hutchinson

Yamen Levy

Leticia  Mondragon

Jackie Olivares

Leslie Pacheco

Micaiah Patterson

Karina Renteria

*2015/2016  Frosh/Soph

Sandra Calderon

Megan Hobbs

Ana Martinez

Marjorie Martenez

Nessa Osso

Andrea Quijada

Britney Robles

Andrea Rubalcava

Ailin Vargas

Congrats to all the girls who made the team! It can be very stressful trying to compete with the girls around you, but you have all proved to TeWinkle that you are capable of anything and you can do anything.

Into the Life of an Aspiring Artist: Precious Romero
Into the Life of an Aspiring Artist: Precious Romero

By: Claudia Arce

May 5, 2015

I went around the school in search of people I thought were talented and I came across Precious Romero. I asked her if she had any hobbies and she said she loved to draw. I was fascinated by her drawings and I began to ask her a series of questions about them. These are the following questions and answers.

Q: When did you first get interested in drawing?

A: I don’t even remember…I was like 6?

Q: Do you want to become an artist in the future?

A: I did, but I’d like to be an animator now.

Q: What is an animator?

A: Somebody that draws things and turns them into cartoons like anime.

Q: What do you like to draw?

A: Everything, except backgrounds. I hate drawing backgrounds.

Q: What do you feel is the hardest thing when drawing?

A: The shading, folding clothes and hair can be really hard.

Q: Would you consider selling your work?

A: Yes I’ve tried selling it before.

Q: What do you do with the things you draw?

A: I give them away or put them in my drawer, sometimes I hang them.

Q: What inspires you when drawing?

A: Different T.V shows like Steven Universe.

Author Visit
Author Visit

By: Perla Guerrero & Aileen Tototzin


            On Thursday May 7, 2015 Chad C.W. Trisef author of the 7 book series the Oracle came to visit TeWinkle Middle school. Chad Trisef arrived at Bowell hall at 10:30 for 8th graders and at 11:34 for 7th graders. According to Mrs. Kling, Chad Trisef came to speak because it is a great educational opportunity for students to hear from a real published author.

            The Oracle series is a fiction adventure story, with educational benefits such as geography, science, vocabulary, and literature devises. The story is about a teenage boy who collects six natural elements guarded by real-life mysteries on Earth like the Lost City of Atlantics, Easter Island, and The City of Gold.

            During the visit Chad Trisef was talking about how he got interested in the worlds mysteries, he said he got inspired because he came from school one afternoon and started watching The Duck Tales and they started talking about the  Bermuda Triangle so he stared to research more about it.

Academic Pentathlon
Academic Pentathlon

By: Kenia Rocha


           Academic Pentathlon was Saturday March 14th at Bolsa Grande High School in Garden Grove. The 8th grade pentathlon team included David Acosta, Brandon English, Precious Romero, Karla Rodriguez, Alondra Ochoa, and Trinity Steele. They had to prepare for this event by meeting during study group with Miss Koppe, Mr. Flores, Miss Miller and Dr. Dowdy.

           There were two parts for the pentathlon. The first part was called the super quiz which was like a trivia show that had three different levels. There was a 4.0, 3.0, and a 2.0 and that was just about science. The second part was called the written exam and that was done in a classroom. What you had to do for the written exam was do multiple choice questions on math, history, science, and language arts.

           Karla Rodriguez won 4th place on her essay and 4th place for social science. David Acosta won 6th place for math. Trinity Steele won 5th place on her essay and 5th place for language, literature, math and 2nd place for social science so in her overall place was 5th. For the team awards they got 3rd place on the science super quiz and 4th for all the categories they were in.  Good job 8th grade pentathlon team!

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo

By: Jessica Espinoza and Noemi Hernandez

May 6, 2015

            Do you know what Cinco de Mayo is? Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the United States and in Mexico, but primarily in the state of Puebla where the holiday is called “el dia de la botana de Puebla”. This date is observed to celebrate the Mexican army’s victory over the French’s forces at the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Cinco de mayo took place in a town of Puebla where the battle took place. The Mexicans fought for their rights. After they won the French got kicked out and all the power back to the Mexican president.

            On a day of Cinco de Mayo people do large parades and people dress up as Mexican and French soldiers. Vendors sell traditional Mexican foods as well as patriotic clothing and accessories for people to wear during the celebrations. In the United States and some other parts of Canada, people often host Cinco de Mayo parties with their friends and family. Sometimes they use the colors of the Mexican flag colors (red, white, and green) often appear in costumes and party decorations. Mariachi bands or other Mexican folk music is also played at these celebrations and there is often traditional Mexican dancing.