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April/May 2016

By: Yuridia Zarate & Samantha Sanchez

April 29, 2016


            Track and Field this year is getting off to a good start. Our Track and Field team went up against Harbor Day and Dwyer on Tuesday May 3rd. They also competed on Thursday at CDM against Corona Del Mar and Sowers on May 5th. The next meet will be held on May 17th at the Estancia track. With the wins our team has had we wanted to go more into depth on the details. We have interviewed a couple of people to see their point of view on what they enjoy most, what they do, and more about the track and field team.




            Arthur Bishop Question: What do you like most about Track and Field?

Answer: The thing I like most about Track and Field is being able to do Shot Put.


            Natalie Grindstaff Question: Why did you join Track this year? What are your events?

Answer: Well, I wanted to join Track because my friends encouraged me to, and I like to beat           people. My events are; Mile, 100 Meter, High Jump, and Relay.


Lorencio Andres Question: Are you thinking about joining next year, or any other years to come?

Answer: I do plan on joining next year because I find it fun, and because I want to represent the school by being on the Track and Field team.  


By: Renee Ranes and David Perez

May 3, 2016


            Come one, come all! Come join us in the “Hotel Frankenstein” play. On May 4th, about 10 students will participate in the school play enjoyed by their fellow peers and parents. These kids have been working hard since the beginning of January, practicing for 1 hour every week after school. The play is about monsters who don’t want to be evacuated from their rented castle. They need to show that the castle is in high quality condition so that they can stay. They had to make their own props and costumes from scratch as well. Let’s see what some of the kids from the cast have to say about their experience.


Decira Becerra


Who is your character?



What do you enjoy most about the play?

“I enjoy interacting with everyone. You get to play a different person, and not be



Why did you join?

“I joined because I like acting.”


How do you think your performance will go? Are you nervous?

“I think it will be odd because it is such a weird play. I am not nervous though.”


Ian Epperson


Who is your character?



What do you enjoy most about the play?

“It is fun to be a different person, instead of being yourself all the time.”


Why did you join?

“It is my dream to be an actor. It is how I plan to get rich.”


How do you think your performance will go? Are you nervous?

“I am not very nervous because we have been practicing a lot.”


Megan James


    Who is your character?



    What do you enjoy most about the play?

    “My favorite part is playing the character. Being one and getting to know the character.”


    Why did you join?

    “I always liked acting and drama. I didn’t join last year so I decided to join this year.”


    How do you think your performance will go? Are you nervous?

    “I am nervous. I feel like it will go well though.”


             It seems like the actors are very confident and prepared to act. Thanks to Ms. Allison Mamann, we are able to put on this spectacular play. Come and support our Trojans at 7:30-8pm right after Open House. Hope to see you there!


Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Cinco de Mayo Celebration

By: Carlos Carrizal & Kevin Tototzin



             Have you ever celebrated an event called Cinco de Mayo? Well this is about the day Mexico and France had a war against each other from 1861 to 1867. Mexico didn’t let the French enter their “City of Puebla”. To celebrate their victory people make festivals, parades, and parties. Yet, this event isn’t Mexico’s Independence Day because their independence day is on September 18.  More than 31 million avocados are consumed per year for the festival to make a delicious green sauce called guacamole to put in tacos or a dipping sauce for tortilla chips. The largest Cinco de Mayo is in L. A. and anyone can join the fun.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day

By: Ingrid Benitez and Mayreli Abundis



    What is Mother’s Day? Well, Mother’s Day is a day of each year on which mothers are honored by their children. Mother's day is on May 8th. Anna Jarvis created Mother’s day in 1908, then is became an official holiday in 1914. She decided to created this holiday three years after her mother died because she wanted to honored all the mothers that done a lot for their children. People usually go out to dinner with their family on Mother's Day or breakfast in bed, giving flowers, cards or gifts, and treating them to a meal.


We interviewed a few students on what they think about Mother’s Day.


Kelly Mendoza:

Q: What are you planning to do for Mother's day?

A: I'm planning to take my mother and family out to eat at a restaurant in San Francisco on Mother’s Day.

Q: What are you going to give you mom?

A: I’m going to give her an Iwatch.


Gabriel Rosete:

Q: What are you going to give your mom?

A:  I’m going to give her candy and pasta.

Q: What do you think about Mother’s day?

A: A special day for mothers.


Take a Step Forward and Walk in Our Shoes
Take a Step Forward and Walk in Our Shoes

By: Brianna Rios and Mariela Arellano

May 2, 2016


    Take a walk in our  shoes and see what we see. On April 25, a special group called “Walk in Our Shoes” came to our school and gave us an amazing assembly talking about many mental health challenges. The play took place in Boswell Hall and brought up the topic of specific disabilities and disorders.the types of disorders were PTSD, ADHD ,Bipolar disorder , and Anorexia.  One big lesson that was taught was that it is not right to judge people when you don’t know what they are going through. They came to show kids how to behave and control the disorders that kids and adults deal with. This play/ skit was for the students and teachers to show them how to respond to these problems.

Gladys Ocampo told us how she felt about the performance and what it taught heras we asked her these questions.

Q: “ What did you learn from the performance?”

Gladys: “To not judge people by what they deal with.”


Q: “ Did you like the performance?”

Gladys: “ Yes, because it taught me not to judge a person because they might be going through  a lot.”

Q: “ Why do you think these lessons are important?”

Gladys: “ Because people you know can be going though .”


Q: “Did you experience these things or someone you know?”

Gladys: “  My sister (Carmen) went through something hard when she was younger.”

Thanks to Walk in Our Shoes which gave us a very deep message and even encouraged students to speak up and get help.



By: Marycarmen Perez and Gisel Garcia

May 2, 2016


            Open house @ TeWinkle is going to be awesome. Open house is from 6:00pm- 8:00pm on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016. Parents will be coming to visit their children’s school and communicating with their teachers about what they can do to help. Open house is a way to enjoy and know about all the things you did in class. It's going to be at TeWinkle Middle School. We have open house so that parents can visit the school that their children have been learning at. The whole school is invited to come, but the ones who don't will miss all the fun and enjoyment.


By: Daysie Hernandez and Emma Joyce

April 9, 2016

            Coachella is a music festival where several different artists perform such as Zedd, Drake, AC/DC, Sia, Active Sun, James Bay, and many more. All the performances are held on different stages and at different times. This event takes place in Indio, and the dates are April 15-17th, and April 22-24th.


            The cost to be able to attend Coachella all depends on what you would like. It’s going to cost more if you want VIP for about anything. A regular ticket for Coachella is $375.00. A lot of people travel all around the world to even go to this event. People stay in hotels near by but if you are intending to do that, book a place ahead of time because a lot of hotels tend to get very full. Or you can just camp outside in the parking lot, like a lot of people do!


            When it comes to food and beverages, Coachella provides several varieties of choices. When it comes to being 21 or older there are beer barns and cocktails. Also, if you are planning on getting a vip pass, it comes with an extension of different food varieties. There is also outside seating restaurants out in the field of Coachella with many different chefs.


            The topic of merchandise has to come up! Some advice that you should take is if you want to be able to buy some Coachella shirts I highly recommend to buy them the first day because as the days go by sizes tend to run out. They also sell hoodies, bags, bandanas, and water bottles. They do not allow refunds or exchanges so make sure when you buy something that you for sure want that one item or more.


Interviewing Maddison Deutsch.


“How was your experience at Coachella?”

“It was absolutely amazing, I definitely recommend for everyone to go at least one time in their lives.”

“Who was your favorite performer?”

“I’m going to have to say Zedd, because it was very lit.”

“What advice would you give to anyone that is going to Coachella, but has never been before?”

“Stick with the friends you are going with, go shopping and get really trendy outfits to wear, and have fun!!”

             If you are looking to have some fun with friends and having a great experience then I for sure recommend to buy your tickets now for the amazing event, Coachella.

By: Mariah Rosales, Lizeth Fuentes Carrillo, and AnnaMarie Gallagher

May 5, 2016


              Dance with the music! On April 15, 2016 there was a Black Light Dance. The theme of the dance was Candyland. The dance took place at Boswell Hall. There isn't an exact number of people that went but there was a lot of people at the dance. At the dance there was candy, chips, music, a DJ, and a lot of dancing. The people in charge of the dance were Mrs.Benson and her ASB students. They are the ones who planned that great dance. Some songs at the dance were Whip/Nae Nae, Cha Cha Slide, Gangnam Style and many more. Hopefully you could go to the next dance.


7th grade Meliza Ibarra’s Answers:

Q: Who were you dancing with?
A: With my friends.
Q: Did you have fun?
A: Yes!

Q: What was your favorite part of the dance?
A: Music!
Q: What song did you like at the dance?
A: I think they should put like more 90’s and 50’s, but probably my favorite song was Taylor Swift Shake It Off.

Q: Are you thinking of going to the next dance?
A: Yeah!


7th grade Samantha Calvo’s Answers:

Q: Who did you dance with?
A: Mariah, Sierra, Michelle, Leslie, Dayana, Meliza, and Brianna.
Q: What song did you like at the dance?
A: Most of the songs.
Q: What were you doing?
A: I was on my phone and dancing.
Q: Did you like the dance?
A: Yes!
Q: Are you thinking of going to the next dance?
A: Depends.


An Apple for Your Teachers
An Apple for Your Teachers

By: Perla Guerrero & Aileen Tototzin



            Teacher appreciation week is on the first week of May 3-6 but here at TeWinkle we are celebrating our staff members on the second week of May 9-13. People in the US have been celebrating teacher appreciation week since 1953 when Eleanor Roosevelt convinced congress to set aside a special day to recognize our educators. Teacher appreciation week is for all the teachers and/or staff members. During teacher appreciation week students give their teachers gifts like flowers or cards thanking them for their help. Teacher appreciation week is a national event for teachers.


            At our school, ASB and the PTA are also doing something for our teachers. On Monday 8 and 11 there will be a lunch for all the teachers, May 10 there will be a popcorn cart in the teacher’s lounge, and Friday 13 there will be a coffee cart for the staff.  


            We interviewed three TeWinkle students, Silvia Sanchez, Daisy Rodriguez and Leslie Reyes about their thoughts on teacher appreciation week.


Q: What are you doing to recognize staff members here at TeWinkle for teacher appreciation week?

Silvia: A; “I’m going to give them a present.”

Daisy: A: “I’m giving them an apple.”

Leslie: A: “Maybe like write a letter to show my appreciation for them.”


Q: Who is your favorite teacher?

Silvia: A: “My favorite teacher is Ms. Woods.”

Daisy: A: “My favorite teacher is Mrs. McKenzie.”

Leslie: A: “Miss Carly Smith is my favorite teacher.”


Q: What have you given your teachers before?

Silvia: A: “I’ve given them chocolate and a flower.”

Daisy: A: “Ooh a Hershey.”

Leslie: A: “I’ve written letters to them before.”


Q: “What do you think about teacher appreciation week?”

Daisy: A: “I think it is great we have teacher appreciation week.”

The Best Event Of the Year
The Best Event Of the Year

By: Noemi Hernandez, Leslie Hernandez


           Would you like to meet up with your  favorite youtuber and viner? Well now you can! Playlist live took place in Orlando, Florida on April 22 through the 24 in the World Center Marriott. Playlist Live allows any age to attend the event. This event happens only once a year in different cities/states around the world.The special guest that go are known for their famous youtube videos and vines. Special guest that attend this event were Aidan Alexander, Alexa Mae, Alisha Marie, Aspyn Ovard, Baby Ariel, Adelaine Morin, Meredith Foster, Prank Vs. Prank, Samika vlogs, TheyloveArii, Sierra Furtado and etc.

            Things that you do at Playlist live is that you hang out with the youtubers and viners and if you're lucky and get the VIP you will have the best experience at playlist live. When you get VIP you get to go backstage and meet your favorite artist up close. With the regular passes you only get to meet up with them when they have meet and greets or when they have time.  A lot of viners and youtubers go up on stage and have panels which is where their fans ask any question they have and the special guest has to answer it. Last years Playlist Live event was in Washington DC. If you were to go to Playlist Live who would you see and what would you ask them?


8th Grade Roller Coaster Project
8th Grade Roller Coaster Project

By: Hazel Vences and Jessica Espinoza

May 5, 2016


            The eighth grade roller coaster project is done every year to show students how Newton’s Laws work. Newton’s laws describe the relationship between the forces acting upon an object and its motion.  Like the 1st law is an object will remain in motion unless someone or something stops it.  The second law is when the force is added it will go the same direction. The 3rd law is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This activity is happening in Dr.Dowdy’s, and Mrs. Shannon’s 8th grade classes. This is considered a fourth quarter grade.  This project was due on Monday May 2 for all of Dr.Dowdys classes and for all Mrs. Shannon classes they were due Wednesday May 4. We were supposed to build a model of a roller coaster and do a brochure, warning signs, an entrance sign, and also an advertisement or a newspaper article to make people come “ride” the roller coaster. 

We interviewed some students to see their progress on their roller coaster.


            Q: Are you having fun building you roller coaster?

            A: “Yes because I got to work with friends and come up with good ideas”- Bianca Laricos

            Q: How long did it take you to build your roller coaster?

            A: “It took me about three days to finish it.” – Wendy Auhatzi

            Q: What are you most proud of?

            A: “ I’m proud of finishing my project on time” – Noemi Hernandez   

Simple Cute Nails
Simple Cute Nails

By: Natalia Araiza and Jackie Duran


             Lately nails have been so trendy. Have you been keeping up? All teens/adults have been getting their nails done all nice and pretty. In their freetime usually girls like to get their nails done in their favorite nail salon because they enjoy it. Some people enjoy all the different kind of designs on their nails, but some like them nice and simple. People get their nails done in all different shapes and styles. Including acrylic,gel, etc. Some people love it when their favorite nail technicians pamper their nails. 8th grader, Noemi Hernandez is also a trendsetter that loves to get her nails done, here is what she has to say.


Q: Why did you want to get your nails done?

A: “I usually get them done during special occasions”

Q: What is your favorite shape/style to get them done in?

A: “Square”

Q: How did it feel when you were getting your nails done?

A: “It felt weird but relaxing at the same time”

Q: Do you struggle with them on?

A: “No”

Q: What's the longest you usually have them before they fall off?

A: “They say it takes 2 weeks but it lasts longer for me”


Publication Success!
Publication Success!

By: Jack Nash and Adlai Silva



            Hello and welcome to another article by Jack Nash and Adlai Silva. Today we will be sharing with you that our class, Publications, has finally finished the yearbook! During 3rd period, Mrs. Laux and her class of students worked on the yearbook at least twice a week. But on April 22, the yearbook was completed! We made pages on Robotics, sports, Avid, ASB, and even Publications. In order to complete the yearbook, we had to help each other out.

             In order to give you a better understanding of this success, we interviewed three people in Publications, Mrs. Laux, Kevin Tototzin, and Brianna Rios. When we asked Kevin how he felt about completing the yearbook, he said “I didn't feel much. I just feel glad.“  We also asked him if he feels that he did his best on his page and he responded “Yeah.” We also asked him if he wanted to take this class again if he could in High School and he said “ I don't know. Maybe.”
             When we asked Brianna how did she feel about her success and she said “I'm happy that it is complete because the students can now enjoy it as much as we did making it.” When we asked her if she did the best that she could on the yearbook, she said “Got a C.” We also asked her that if she would take this class again and she responded “Yes.”

             Now it’s time to interview Mrs. Laux, the teacher behind the strings! We asked her if she likes to teach this class and she said,”Yes I do.” We also asked her how long did she think she would teach this class and she responded,”I don't know. As long as they let me, I don't see why I would stop.”  And since before Mrs. Laux started teaching this class she was teaching Avid, so we asked if she should ever quit Publications and go back to teach Avid and she said,” I wouldn’t trade Publications back for Avid, but I liked them both.”

             So that’s it for this article! Most of the kids love this class and want to take it again! Mrs. Laux is happy with teaching this class and we are glad to be a part of it. This was Adlai Silva and Jack Nash and we hope you liked our article of TMS Times!