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October 2015

by Anna Gallagher

October 7 2015


I asked one of the 8th graders named Giselle about the Washington D.C field trip and here is what they said.


Anna: Are you looking forward to the trip?


Giselle: Yes I am very excited.


Anna: What will you be doing while you will be there?


Giselle: We will be taking pictures and exploring what there is to see in



Anna: Why do you want to go on the trip?


Giselle: Because it's a once in a lifetime experience.


I am in 7th grade and I hope next year they are having the trip again.

New Teacher On Campus
New Teacher On Campus

By:  Mayreli Abundis & Lizeth Fuentes

October, 7 2015


           Well, did anyone wish that there could be a new math teacher? Then your wish came true. This new teacher is a math teacher and his name is Mr. Durocher. This is his new job at TeWinkle middle school. Mr. Durocher is a nice math teacher and he wants us to learn new math stuff.


           Now you are going to hear Natalia Araiza's answers about our new math teacher, Mr.Durocher.


Q: How do you feel about Mr. Durocher being a new math teacher


“I think that Mr. Durocher is pretty cool.”


Q: Are you glad that we have a new teacher.


    “Yes, because he is a good teacher.”


Q: When you first saw him what did you think


    “Well I thought that this year I am going to have a great math teacher.”


           We really hope that he stays next year for math or another subject.

By; Emma Joyce and Daysie Hernandez


Emma: It’s that time of year again, our eighth and seventh grade boys

Daysie; are back on the courts with a fresh start of a new year


Daysie: The eighth grade boys ended up winning their second phenomenal game of the year

Emma and Daysie: *cheering*


Emma:The seventh grade boys lost their second game of the year but left the court knowing they tried there hardest   


Daysie and Emma: For additional information, on the boys volleyball games there is an article website by Emma Joyce and Daysie Hernandez.

By: Brianna Rios

October 7 ,2015


           Football season is here! This year Estancia has good football team but it could be better. Their games are every Friday to play against different schools. Their next opponent will be at Costa Mesa High School for a big game the battle of the bell.   


           Mr.Flores, one of the Estancia Football coaches,who has been coaching for three years  said, “They will be a lot better when they play league.”


           He prepares his players for a big game, “By screaming at them (he was just kidding well sometimes). By putting the players in game situations to prepare them.”


           One of the player that mostly stands out to Mr. Flores is DJ Davis, a junior, because he is PMA which is positive, mental, attitude.and he works very hard to be the best player he can be! Hopefully they win all of their upcoming games!


Welcome Mr.Morgan
Welcome Mr.Morgan

By: Carlos Carrizal and Kevin Tototzin

October 7, 2015

    This year in Tewinkle a brand new teacher Mr.Morgan has come. He is a 7th grade teacher who teaches most of the subjects in school except P.E. We recently interviewed Mr.Morgan about his first experience teaching at Tewinkle Middle School and how he felt.

  • Q: How do you feel when you got to teach at Tewinkle Middle School?

  • Mr.Morgan: “I was very excited about teaching Tewinkle.”

  • Q: What do think about Tewinkle?

  • Mr.Morgan: “I think that Tewinkle is a great school and students are always polite.”

  • Q: Have you taught other schools before?

  • Mr.Morgan: “Yes, I have taught a lot of schools around California. Tewinkle is the 8th school I’m teaching and I have once taught in Africa.”

  • Q: What subjects are you teaching?

  • Mr. Morgan: “ I’m teaching math, science, history, reading, and life skills.”

  • Q: What do you succeed being a teacher?

  • Mr.Morgan: “I’m helping students prepare for college.”

Our First Day Of School
 Our First Day Of School

By: Carmen Abac and Jackie Duran

October 6, 2015


           Welcome all TeWinkle Trojans. I hope you had a blast on the first week of school on September 8,2015. We interviewed students about their opinions on the first day of school.


           When we asked students what emotions they felt on the first day of school they said nervous, normal, excited, and a little scared.


           Then we asked a 7th grade student Nathan Sweet what his expectations were on the first day of school. Nathan's response was, “I was feeling confident because I have been here before to watch my sister's volleyball games and to help my mom with fundraisers.”


           In conclusion we hope that all TeWinkle Trojans had a great first day of school.

By: April Scott

October 7, 2015    


           Girls grades 7th and 8th have been asking one question: When does cheer start? Well a meeting was being held for cheer sign up at Boswell Hall after school on October 7, 2015. The meeting was @ 6:00-7:00. many girls came with their parents and friends to get5 information about cheer. It was hosted by Mrs. Cognigni and Coach Yumi. Mrs. Cognigni is doing her first year of cheer coaching at Tewinkle. She will be teaching Choreography. This meeting was for boys and girls who want to attend. Sadly no boys attended. The cheer would be changing to time of practices. Now they are going to be Wednesday after school @3:45- 4:45 so Mrs. Cognigni can teach the girls the dance moves.


           Don't miss out on this sign up. The whole uniform which consists of the shell/top, the skirt, and the bow and 2015-2016 cheer t-shirt all together equal to $125. Cheer is a fun sport that any girl or boy can do if they try. Make sure you come to all the games and practices to make the competition team. We will have fun event for the cheer squad to do with each other outside of school. Last year we all went to America's Got Talent. Join the cheer squad!

Bam! There goes the roof!
Bam! There goes the roof!

By: Renee Ranes and Alyssa Mcknight

October 7th, 2015


           Newport Mesa Unified School District is trying to get air conditioning in NMUSD schools in the next 5 years, but it has taken a turn for the worst.


           It all started in the summer when the district decided to install air conditioning in California Elementary, Killybrook Elementary, and Tewinkle Middle School.     


           It was going fine with the old air conditioning being ripped out, and the new air conditioning being put in.


           It was a cloudy day, and the workers were getting ready to go home.


          All the kids just got out of the classrooms, feeling the light rain on their skin, but the workers were going crazy because they still hadn’t covered everything up.


          Eventually, BAM! Roofs had collapsed.


          It took them a week to repair all the roofs, but during this time kids had to move classrooms, and be in the sweaty hot rooms. We have interviewed some kids and teachers, here is what they think about the disaster.


Question: How is the air conditioning problems affecting you?


“It has affected me because I have had to work in the choir room for math with no desk. Just our laps.“ -Breana Figueroa


¨It is making it hard to focus on quizzes because, I am sweating in my chair. I can’t think!!¨

-Joey Palmblade


Question: How do you think the students are affected by the air conditioning problems?


¨They are very hot, and I know it’s hard for them to focus, but we are making it through. ¨ -Mrs. Benson


    All classrooms were supposed to be done by Oct. 1st. But since we have been delayed, we have interviewed Mrs Hurst on when the madness is going to end she said.


Approximately how long until all  classrooms are done with air conditioning?


¨We will have most classrooms done by Oct. 10th, because they are the priority at the moment. Then we will work on the office’s and other buildings hopefully done by November 1st. Hopefully there is no rain!¨ -Mrs Hurst


           That is the latest news on the air conditioning fiasco, and hopefully we can be wearing jackets inside the classroom soon.


By Mariah Rosales and Samantha Sanchez


On Friday the 18th of September there was a Circus Dance that took place in the big gym of TeWinkle Middle School. I went to the dance. There was a photo booth and a bean bag toss game. There were girl dancers and break dancers one of the break dancers was the DJ. The DJ was playing music. Students were dancing especially to the nae nae. There was also a food booth  


People Interviewed: Carmen Abac and Sierra Butterfas

Q: What was your favorite activity?

A: My favorite activity was the photo booth because they had a lot of cute accessories.

Q: What were you doing?

A: I was talking to friends and laughing.

Q: What was your favorite song to dance to?

A: I danced to the whip nae nae.


By: David Perez and Ingrid Benitez

September 29, 2015

    On September 29, it was spirit week. Some students did wear what we had to wear On Monday it was sports and Tuesday is twins, Wednesday is dress like a celebrity from a movie or show, Thursday is trojan pride and Friday is flashback friday and they looked pretty cool.

We interviewed Breana Figueroa , from ASB

Q:Do we have to wear it?

A: No it's optional.

Q:Are we going to have a prize?

A: The class with the most participants wins a halloween treat.

QWhat are you going to wear?

A: On     Wednesday i'm gonna be a vampire

Q: Would you tell us when it starts and when it ends?

A: It starts on 10/4/15 and ends 10/9/15.

Q:We understand there will be a rally, do you know when it is or what it is?

A: The rally will be on 10/8/15 and there will be games, cheerleaders.

Q:Why do we have spirit weeks?

A: “Because kids can be spiritual” said Henry “No its because of homecoming and to show school spirit” said Breana.

Q:What do you hope to accomplish?

A:  Making the school better. To get most of the school to participate.

Q: How many spirit weeks are there in a month?

A:  There are only 1 week in a month and  in a year


By: Natalia Araiza, Mariela Arellano


            Do you like drawing? Well if you do, come and join the yearbook cover contest. It ends October 9th so get your pencils ready and start drawing. Don't forget to turn in your papers to room 22 with Mrs. Laux. We love to see how creative our fellow students are. Remember your work has to be original. The name of the winner will be on the cover of the yearbook.  

By: Yuridia Zarate

October 7th, 2015


           The Publications staff has been efficiently working on articles. lately people have gotten the chance to walk around going through different classes during 3rd period. Kids from the staff are partnering up and meeting new people while working together on these articles.


           To see these amazing articles go on to the TeWinkle Middle School website under, “TMS Times.”


           I, asked, Samantha Sanchez, “What did you think Publications was before you joined?” She answered,”I thought it would’ve been a not so great class with boring people.” I then interviewed Mariah Rosales, and I asked her,” Would you have rather joined a different elective instead of Publications.” She answered, “No, I wanted stay to take picture of the school events, because I like to stay connected with the yearbook committee.”


           We hope to upload more articles from any upcoming events that go around the school. Thanks for taking the time to read through these remarkable articles! See you later.


 By: Aileen Tototzin & Perla Guerrero

October 19,2015


           Project Lead The Way is a science, technology, engineering, and a math class just starting this year. Some activities that Project Lead The Way will be building sometime soon are gear train, windmills and bevels. It takes place during 2nd and 3rd period. It is in Ms. Woods class for now but later in the year it will be in one of the computer labs. The teachers for this elective are Ms. Woods and Ms. Motamed. Project lead the way helps students develop the skills needed to accomplish their goals in their future dream jobs. For example it could help them if they wanted to be an engineer.


We asked Flor Aguilar:

Q: Do you like project lead the way?why?

A: "Yes I do because i get to explore what I want to do in the future"


           From what Flor said we can see that starting Project Lead the Way is beneficial for the students here at Tewinkle Middle School

New School !!
New School !!

By: Noemi Hernandez and Gisel Garcia

October 1st, 2015



           A new year started and the weather got a lot more hotter than the previous year!!  and that's not all,  new 7th graders have arrived and the search for their classrooms was on, just like last year. They asked many questions about. We went around a couple of classrooms asking random 7th grade students on October 1st of 2015 'different question about how they felt in a new school These were their response.


Q;    'Do you have any favorite 7th grade teachers?', we asked Dulce Martinez.

A;         "My favorite teacher is Mrs. Davis, because I like science," She responded.


Q;    'Where is the coolest place at school for you?' We asked David Caldelas.

A        "I think the coolest place in school is .. The teen center, I think it's really fun and you get to hang out with your friends," He responded


Q;    'Did you meet any new people/friends? we asked Andrew Ortiz.

A        "Yeah I met a lot of new friends," he responded


Q;    'Where do you enjoy hanging out during lunch/nutrition?'  We asked JoseLuis

A        "I like hanging out in the lunch benches, since there is no playground," He responded


Q;    'Tell me the best part about being a 7th grader' we asked Griffen Muyer.

A        "I like 7th grade because we change classes and we do more stuff in classes,"    

he responded


Q;    'Do you like having different classes with different teachers?' We asked Martin Escobedo.

A        "Yeah, because I don't get in trouble by the same teacher, it's also easier because I have different friends in different classrooms," He responded


Q    'How does it feel to be in middle school and not in an elementary school?'  We asked Bear Flores  

A        "Well, it sort of feels like summer school," she responded.


Q;    'Were you intimidated the first day of school?' We asked Cesar Garduno

A        "Well, I felt kind of nervous," he responded.


Q    'Do you like the activities at lunch like fun Friday?' We asked Lucas Pacheco

A;        "Yeah, I have participated in them every week and also it's fun," he responded.


By: Jack Nash and Adlai Silva


           Hello fellow TeWinkle basketball fans my name is Jack Nash, and my partner’s name is Adlai Silva. Today we will be telling you guys about 8th grade girls TeWinkle basketball. Their first game is October 1, 2015. There first game is going be playing against our rivals the Costa Mesa Mustangs.


            There are twelve girls on the eighth grade team. Coach Oscar says that it's going be a very hard and physical game. Also he said that the girls have been working their hardest in practice and he thinks it's going pay off in the big game against Mesa.  When we asked Oscar what the game is going to be like against Mesa he said “It's going be a very physical game and it's gonna be a very hard game but I thinks the girls can pull it off.” Also when we asked Oscar who's the best player on the team he said “”It's hard to tell right now because every girl is trying really hard in the practices.” Also when we asked Oscar about what they do in practice he said they do drills and defense and they occasionally scrimmage.


           Alright now for the eighth grades first big game against Costa Mesa Mustangs. The girls played a very hard and physical game just like Oscar said they would.  They won the game fourteen to thirteen. The girls were very happy winning their first game against their rivals the Costa Mesa Mustangs. GO EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TROJANS!!!!!!!!

Alright now we will be telling you guys about seventh grade Tewinkle basketball. We talked to Briana Rios, one of the Tewinkle seventh grade basketball girls about the game against Costa Mesa. When we asked her how she thinks the game would go out she said that she thinks that all the girls on the team are gonna play really tough and physical. Also there are eleven girls on the seventh grade basketball team. When we asked Briana what they do in basketball practice she said that they do drills, passing, layups, free throws,  and running.Then when we asked her who's the best player on the team she said it was hard to say but she thinks it Sammy Blonco.


           The game against the Costa Mesa Mustangs was very difficult. The seventh grade girls played a very good and physical game but they ended up losing forty to four when I asked the team what they are going do to get better they said they are gonna practice like crazy and the next game they're going smash their opponent. GO TROJANS!!!

Fun Fridays
Fun Fridays

By:Cindy Barcenas and Marycarmen Perez



            Fun Fridays at TeWinkle Middle school is so awesome and fun and it’s just for the students to have a great friday and enjoy it. It’s also to free your mind a little bit from all that hard work and studying in class. So every Friday you better be ready to have a fun Friday.


Person interviewed:Henry Ensastegui:

Q-Who came up with the idea of fun Friday?


Q-What kind of games do you guys do?

A-Musical chairs,bing bang toss, and sucking up m&ms.

Q-How do you choose the tickets?

A-Just random we do like a pick from a ticket and it’s that person.

Q-Do you often do fun fridays?

A-We do, do it often, sometimes, but somedays we don’t because it might be really hot outside or it might be raining.

Q-Who chooses the music?

A-Technology, the technology does the work and chooses the music.

Q-Why do you do fun fridays?

A- To entertain  


By:Leslie Hernandez, Hazel Vences

October 7, 2015


           The past few weeks have been crazy with the weather hot/humid and if we're lucky sometimes cold. The heatwave started in the beginning of summer 2015 . People are predicting that the heatwave will end near the month of October. The highest temperature that we have seen have gotten up  to 109 degrees. The heatwave has caused so much trouble that some students in Los Angeles schools have gotten sent to the hospital because of the major heat wave in california.


           We decided to interview these following students Lesly Hernandez, Yasmin Vasquez, Silvia Sanchez, and Abner Garcia.

Q: What do you think about this weather ?

A: “I did not like it because it was hot”. -Lesly Hernandez

                                                                Grade: 8th

Q: What have you done to avoid the heat ?

A: “ I drank water and stayed in the shade”.-Yasmin Vasquez

                                                                      Grade: 8th

Q: What do you like about this weather ?

A: “ I did not like anything about this at all”.-Silvia Sanchez

                                                                      Grade: 8th

Q: What do you hate about this weather ?

A “It”s  is to sunny”.-Abner Garcia