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December 2015

By: Noemi Hernandez Franco & Jessica Espinoza



           On Wednesday December 9th the Nature Academy went to the California Science Center located in Los Angeles. The field trip was free for all students in TeWinkle Middle school but in order to go to the field trip you had to have good grades and fill out an application. The 1st 40 students were able to go to the field trip. The students that went to the field trip saw the journey to space movie.

           We asked a few students about the field trip, Melia Kenneth said “ I am looking forward to going to the field trip and learning about Endeavor and exploring space.

           Second, we asked Noemi Hernandez Franco what she was looking forward to see. She said “ I am looking forward to learning about the new expedition”.

           Third, we asked Gisel Garcia what she learned from the field trip she responded to us “ I learned what the astronauts do in space, what they eat, and how it feels in space”. Then we asked her if she enjoyed the field trip and she said “yes, I did enjoy it and especially the food and the movie we watched.”

           In conclusion all the students enjoyed it and Mrs.Shannon said the next Nature academy takes place in  


The Bowers Museum Trip
The Bowers Museum Trip

By: Carlos Carrizal and Kevin Tototzin

December 9, 2015


           Recently on December 4, 2015, Mrs. Benson’s 7th grade students went on a trip to Bowers Museum.The Bowers Museum is in Santa Ana which was somewhat far. The seventh graders who attended the trip got to view many pieces of art from the past. They saw many ancient articles and sculptures. The seventh graders had a great time at the trip. The Bowers Museum is a historical museum. They had a great time seeing the many things about China and Rome and other historical things.

Here is what Carman Abac said about the trip, “It was fun, we made Chinese clay dragons because we learned about Chinese culture. The Bowers museum was a great field trip so the students can get more knowledge about the past.”


The Future of Technology
The Future of Technology

By:Adlai Silva and Carmen Abac



           The future of technology is coming to Tewinkle Middle School. With the help Ms.Motamed, there will be students thirsty for technology learning. There are many intelligent students in Robotics.

           We asked David Caldelas how does he feel to be in Robotics and he said, “I feel that it's fun because you can have a lot of friends and build things.” When we asked him what was his favorite thing about Robotics, he said, “I like how we get to build things and we get to be creative.”

We asked Angel Angulo what was his biggest accomplishment and and we also asked him what had he done that was successful in Robotics and he said for both, “Building Clabot the Clawbot.” We also asked him from a scale to 1-10, how good did he think he was and he said, “A 9 because I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot.”

When you think of technology, you think of it only being males. But you're totally wrong! We interviewed Holly Edwards and asked her, “How would you scale yourself 1-10 in Robotics and why?” Holly answered, “I would scale myself an 8 because I am a good team leader and I get stuff done when I am addressed to.”

            The students are geniuses at Robotics but it's always the master who is the best. We interviewed Ms. Motamed. We asked her, “What projects are you looking forward to do in the future?” She answered,“Working on mechanisms and the changes of motion.” We also asked her, “What projects are you working on right now”, she answered, “We are working on clawbots, powerpoint on line tracker bumper switch, limit switch, and potentiometer.” Our last question we asked Ms.Motamed was, “How would you describe your Robotics class” she answered, “We do a lot of building, sketching, and teamwork.”

           So that’s it for Robotics right now. Maybe by the end of the school year they will put their skillful knowledge to use. Maybe they will be in the Robotics class next year, too! But for now, this is it. This was Adlai Silva and Carman Abac and thank you for reading this and have a nice day!


December Events!
December Events!

by Anna Gallagher



           Many fun events are going to happen in December. Selling hot chocolate, Pajama day,holiday grams, Holiday door contest, and a movie “Elf”’. ASB is planning  all of the events and I asked Ian epperson. about the events.


Anna: Who is in charge of the events?


Ian: The group committee of ASB.


Anna: Who is on the committee?


Ian: Elsa Cuenca, Tony Valdez, and Bryan Agustin.


Anna: Where will you be selling the hot chocolate and holiday grams?


Ian: We will be selling them at the lunch tables.


Anna: When will all of these events happen?


Ian: The door contest will be Dec 1-15, hot chocolate on Dec 11, holiday grams Dec 14, movie night dec 18 in Boswell Hall, and pj day is on the 18th the same day as the movie.


Anna: What will the prize be for the winner of the holiday door contest?


Ian: That is still undetermined but we will get back to you on that.


Thank you Ian for the information on the December events.


Best Shopping Event Of The Year
Best Shopping Event Of The Year

By:Leslie Hernandez, Hazel Vences



           Black Friday is on November 27.This event is one of the days where all the stores are open and have better sales than any time of the year. People even camp outside of the stores to get better deals and and better stuff. Black Friday is only one whole day and some stores only open for a certain amount of time. Most people buy Christmas gifts because it is one of the cheapest days to buy.This event is called Black Friday because it is the day retailers make profit. The earliest time some stores open on Black Friday is near midnight. The year that black Friday started was in the 1960’s.

There are also other events that are related to Black Friday they are Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday is like Black Friday but instead of sales in stores their sales online. Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holidays that  supports all small local businesses.

Here are some responses from people that we interviewed.


   Q:  Where did you go Black Friday shopping?

A: “I went Black Friday shopping at Target and Michael's because I like to paint”.-Melia Kenneth

   Q: How much did you send on Black Friday?

A:” I spent $300 something dollars just on clothes at Abercrombie and Fitch”. -Noemi Hernandez

   Q: What do like about Black Friday?

A: “What I like about Black Friday is that the stuff is cheap”. -Jessica Espinoza   

Bump! Set! Spike!
Bump! Set! Spike!

By: Alyssa McKnight and April Scott



            With persistence, patience, and just a tad bit of good luck, girls play hard to get a spot on the volleyball team. Girls volleyball season has started and it has been a difficult and bumpy road along the way to get onto the team.

On November 23rd, the first tryouts of 7th and 8th grade girls volleyball were held. Many girls showed up and succeeded to go on the the second tryouts on November 30th. 24 girls on the 7th grade list  and 14 girls on the 8th grade list made it to second tryouts, but they had to cut some great girls. Emma Joyce was one girl that got cut and she shared how she was feeling during tryouts, “My feelings during volleyball tryouts were very nerve-racking but very exciting. I’ve never played volleyball, so it was very different than what I was used to doing. I was thinking about how I should have fun but also take it seriously at some times but I did my best effort.”

Although only 12 girls made the team on each grade level, all the girls had great potential and tried their hardest. Some girls are really adapting to the team so far. Renee Ranes was one of them. She shared, “I love my team, and I get to bond. I have new friends that I can hang out with. I also love that we all get to do one of my favorite sports together.” Wouldn't you wish all the girls could experience how she was feeling.

Another girl who made the team, Talulah Prow, said, “I love how we are connecting very well as a team, and I love the fact that we work together and help each other with different techniques.” That’s what I call a family! Good job Talulah and Renee on making the team, and for the girls who didn’t, keep trying and you will improve and hopefully succeed next time.

I wish the girls a good season. Come out on January 11th and support the first game of girls volleyball against Corona Del Mar.

(Golf) Ball is Life
(Golf) Ball is Life

By: David Perez and Ingrid Benitez



             If anyone is interested in golf Dr. Britt Dowdy he is the only one charge of the golf. If you want to join golf then practices start on Mondays 4:30-5:00. The practices are at Costa Mesa Country Club. Most of the participants are in 7th grade, some are in 6th grade from California and Victoria schools. The club is open to all students that want to learn the sport. Lessons and club are provided at no charge.

            Mr. Dowdy is one of three persons organizing the golf program. Art Perry, the Estancia varsity golf coach, provides advice to his program, and helps introduce us to golf advocates within Costa Mesa. Andy Cornella, a senior teaching golf pro at Costa Mesa Country Club, provides instruction to the club, and handles logistics with the golf course. He will help supervise the students at the course, and offer a second set of eyes with instruction, and help with logistics within the school district. 


Q: Are you the only one in charge?

A: “I am one of three persons organizing the golf program and Andy Cornella, a senior also helps me”.

Q: What competitions, or what will they do?

A: “The golf club plans to hold matches with other nearby schools from Huntington Beach in May. The schedule has not been finalized”.

Q: How long is it taking?

A: “A full round of golf, 18 hours, can take 4-5 hours to play. Our matches will be a modified game of about 4 holes, and would take about one hour to play. We will modify the rules to make the competition fair between players of different skill levels, and are similar to some professional tournaments. For example, two players would alternate shots on the same hole, and share the same score. They play as a team to win the hole, rather than trying to have the lowest total score for the entire round”. 

Reading is Awesome!
Reading is Awesome!

          What is the reading club? The reading club is that quiet place where anyone can go and read your book in peace. The reading club takes place at the library every Tuesday and Thursday during study groups. Mrs. Kling and the students are currently reading Hobbit while some are reading Ties that Bind Ties that Break. The largest group for reading club was 28 people but it usually varies. We interviewed Briana Rodriguez.

Q: Do you like being in the reading club?

A: “Yeah it’s pretty cool.”

Q: What has been your favorite book you have read so far?

A: “The Child Called it, because it deals with real life stuff”

Boys Ballin'
Boys Ballin'

By: Emma Joyce and Daysie Hernandez

December 11, 2015


            TeWinkle trojans boys basketball has officially begun! They are starting rough and hard working training, to get prepared for their upcoming games.  Don’t forget to go watch the boys play on January 7, at against Ensign, also at Ensign, at 4:00!


            The 7th grade Trojans who made the team are: Ben sparks, Jack Nash, Franklin DeBrum, Adalberto Sotomayor, Nathan Sweet, Benjamin Bui, Laurencio Andre, Ryan Ray, Harrison Jones, Gaven Rutledge, Luke Hutchinson, Elijah Montoya, and Roberto Castillo.


            Now for the eighth  grade boys: Damien Lambert, Luis Durhan, Nathan Pacheco, Nathan Paroon, Jake Covey, Benjamin Nova, Myles Witte, Joseph Palmblade, Marvin Harry, Gannon Griffon, Jadden Zacheeti, Ulices Cortez, And Marco Laxamana.


Congratulations to all the Trojan Boys, we wish you the best in all your games.


    We interviewed 7th grader, Adalberto Sotomayor.

Why did you choose to join the basketball team?

“Because my club basketball coach told me to join and also i really enjoy the sport.’

What do you guys do while you are training in practice?

“We do three men weave, jump stop, and power layups.”


    Seventh grader, Ben Sparks said:

Do you think you will win?

“Oh yeah for sure with all the training we get from Monique Sweet!”

What is your favorite thing about basketball?

“My favorite thing in basketball is the competitiveness.”


    Eighth grader, Marvin Harry said:

What is your favorite position in basketball?

“For sure, Point Guard.”

What does it mean to be a good team player?

“To encourage your team mate.”




by: Mayreli Abundis and Jackie Duran



    Tewinkle Middle School Avid students went on their first field trip to UCLA on November 30th. Most of the students went to the field trip, but some of the students couldn’t go because of limited space or bad grades. They decided to go to UCLA so students could experience the daily life on campus. Students were able to take a tour around the campus and learn more interesting facts about the school. We interviewed some Avid students and got their opinions about the school.


We asked Perla Silva,

Q: What was your favorite part of the field trip? Why?

A: My favorite part was learning about how two people were buried under the six steps of the stairs.


Q: Would you be interested in going to UCLA in the future? Why?

A: Yes, because it's one of the best schools in California.


We asked Ben Sparks,

Q: Would you join Avid next year? Why?

A: Yes, because it helps us when we're older.


Q: What other colleges would you like to visit?

A: I would like to visit UCI because I’ve heard it was a good college.

Stay tuned for the next Avid field trip. Go Trojans!

The Fire!
The Fire!

By: Lizeth Fuentes Carrillo



     WATCH OUT THERE IS A FIRE! Has anyone heard of the fire that had happen near Costa Mesa. It happened in Santa Ana in a factory on Thursday December the 3rd. This fire was not that big. Even though the fire was not that big it could have injured someone or it could have caught something else on fire. I have seen the fire from my house. Here are some responses AnnaMarie Gallagher what she has to say about the fire:


Did you see the fire:



Where did you see it from:

I saw it from Costa Mesa 19th and Harbor


Have ever seen a fire like that before:



Do you think that someone is the cause of this fire:

No I think its natural.

           Well thank you Anna for your response. I don’t exactly know if anyone was injured or killed so I hope everything is alright of the. I also don’t know how or what cause the fire. I had heard that a lot fighters were racing each other to take out the fire before anything else happened. Well, if there is ever a fire then duck, cover, and roll.                    

Holiday Event @ the Rec Center
Holiday Event @ the Rec Center

By: Marycarmen Perez and Mariah Rosales

            The holiday event at the rec center which is near the public library has been a blast over the few years and many people have been enjoying going over there. Families have been jolly and sweet during the event and just having a wonderful time with each other. Friends and families love to go each year. People enjoy holiday events about Christmas because they're are gathered around by families and friends.


People Interviewed: Lola Harmon with Edward Harmon


Q: Is it always exciting to go to the rec center each year?

A: Yes it is me and my son, we always have a blast going there.


Q: What do you guys do over there for fun?

A: Well we, first drink hot chocolate and we play games after.


Q: Do they have the event each year at the holiday center?

A: I think so because we go once every two years.


Q: What kind of holiday events occurred?

A: They only do the christmas event and that brings more people in.


Q: How many people go to the event?

A: I don't really know but it seems like a lot do come.


Q: How big is the rec center?

A: Well It's not that big It's ok for an event though.


Q: Will there be another event next year?

A: I never know until the time comes but I'm sure they will.


Winter Break
Winter Break

           The best time of the year is finally here, winter break is near! After Friday the 18th we are finally out for two weeks straight. The break is the time to get homework done and then spend time with family and friends! To us it is the best time of year and it is the best time of year for Brian Lopez. We asked him a couple of questions:

Q: “Are you excited for Winter Break?”

A: “Yes, because I want to sleep in and enjoy the food.”


Q: “Do you have anything planed?”

A: “Yes I do , my family and I are going to parties and going to put the tree up!”


Q: “Is there something you want for the holidays?”

A: “I really want a new skateboard and what I really want is a fun and festive Christmas.”


Q: “What are you looking forward to?”

A: “ I am looking forward to a joyful Christmas!”


Q: “What is your favorite part of the holidays?”

A: “ I am looking forward to the food, spending time with my family, presents, and movies!”


          Winter Break is a time to relax and spend time with family and friends. It is a joyful time of year , the smell of cookie is in the air and the excitement of eating candy canes until the dentist tell you to stop eating because you have so many cavities. The holidays is the time to spend with family and not only looking forward to presents . It is all about spending time with your loved ones. Publication wishes everyone a great Winter Break!!

A Little Spark of LOVE
A Little Spark of LOVE

By: Samantha Sanchez

December 8, 2015


           Do you have a lot of unwanted toys around your house that you don’t use anymore?

If you do this is the time for you to make a great use of them. In the month of December the Costa Mesa Fire Station will be holding a wonderful toy drive for those kids in need and that won’t be receiving anything for Christmas. Everybody from young kids to adults will be there so come and join us in the joyful activities.You can bring anything from little clothing to toys that they will enjoy dearly.

           Here I have interviewed Yuridia Zarate to see what she thinks about the Holiday event.


Q: How do you think this will benefit our community?


A: I think it will benefit our community by showing everybody to be generous whenever they can.


Q: Do you think it will help those in need?


A: Yes, I do think it will help those in need because they deserve it since they don't have much in life.


Q: Will you be attending the generous event?


A: I might, it all depends on my family.

           I hope you join the Costa Mesa Fire Station and donate toys you don't use anymore, so many kids can have an unforgettable Christmas!!!