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June 2016


By: Lizeth Fuentes-Carrillo and Mariah Rosales-Medina


            Happy Father’s day! I love you dad! It is almost Father’s Day, so you should hurry up and get those gifts for your dad. Father’s day is the day to celebrate with your father. Father’s Day is the third Sunday this year June 19 a day which fathers are particularly honored by their children, especially with gifts and greeting cards.  

            It all began when a young woman wanted to honor her dad. In 1909 the month of May. Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington sat in church listening to a Mother's Day sermon.Your father is one of the most important persons in your life, though you may not have made him realize this quite often. Father's day is the moment when you can thank your dad for all the work he did to make life easier for us. The time is celebrated with great honor to celebrate our dad in most parts of the world by giving gifts and greeting cards to all fathers. Just like any other holiday and family traditions Father’s Day is the day to celebrate with the dads around us.


Kristi Calvo’s Answers:

Q: Where do you celebrate Father’s Day?

A: At my aunt's house.

Q: What do you do during Father’s Day?
A: I celebrate with my family by eating lunch or dinner and sharing gifts or appreciating our dad
Q: How do you feel about Father’s Day?
A:   I feel good appreciating my dad
Q: Do you have a special tradition?
A: Not really we just  celebrate with my family.
Q: If you could give a gift what would it be

A: It would be a hug.


    Mr. Bacon’s Answers:

Q: What things do you do in Father’s Day?
A: We usually go to the park and have a little picnic.
Q: Where do you celebrate Father’s Day?
A: We celebrate Father’s Day at a Canyon park and have dinner after.
Q: Do you have a special tradition?

A: No, but we always try to stay as a family and my wife and daughter make me breakfast.
Q: What do you think Father's Day is about?
A: It’s a celebration having to share appreciation with your love ones.
Q: Do you know why it’s called Father’s Day?
A: It’s a day to celebrate the dads that celebrate with their family.



By: Renee Ranes and David Perez

May 25th, 2016


            Shhhh! Don’t tell Mrs. Benson about the surprise party! The A.S.B. kids planned a surprise birthday/ graduation party for Mrs. Benson on May 25th. With a little help from Ms. Debbie, they were able to pull off this party celebrating both Mrs. Benson’s birthday and her graduation from college, with her Master’s Degree. While Ms. Debbie was distracting Mrs. Benson, the A.S.B. kids were setting up the food, posters, and getting all the kids in her room. There was two special kids, Perla Gutierrez and Joselyn Sanchez, who came up with, and planned the party with Ms. Debbie’s help.  Let’s see what their thoughts of the party are.


Joselyn Sanchez:


Why did you want to have this party?

“We appreciate everything that Mrs. Benson does for us, and we thought that it would be nice to give her something special in return.”


Was it hard to plan the party with Mrs. Benson around?

“Yes, it was very difficult. Just to set up we had to come up with an excuse.”


Perla Gutierrez:


Why did you want to have this party?

“Mrs. Benson always helps us, and always tries to make our school a better place. So Joselyn and I wanted to give Mrs. Benson something in return for all the hard work that she has put in.”


Could you have done it without Ms. Debbie?

“No, she was the one who came up with all the excuses to help set up. She was also the one who distracted her while we were setting up.”


Ms. Debbie


Why did you decide to help plan this party?

“I was asked to help out by A.S.B., and I thought that it would be nice for Mrs. Benson.”


What did you contribute to the party?

“I helped the kids set up, and I distracted Mrs. Benson while the kids were putting the final touches.”


Mrs. Benson

When you walked in, what was going through your mind?

“I saw the door shut, so I knew that they were plotting something. I was very excited.”


Did you have suspicions that it was going on, or was it a total surprise?

“I had suspicions because they tried to plan it the week before, when I had a sub. They are the best A.S.B. class to plan it twice though.”


            Wow! Mrs. Benson was very lucky to have such a great class this year. They really went through a lot of trouble to throw off that party! A big shout out to Ms. Debbie, they couldn’t have done it without you!

Reaching the End of Track Season
 Reaching the End of Track Season

By: Jessica Espinoza & Noemi Hernandez-Franco



            We're reaching the end of track and field but not just yet. We still need prelims that are coming up and also the finals. The prelims are to find out what events you're doing in the finals or if you're going to participate or not. They’re held at Corona del Mar High School on Tuesday 31st of May. The track finals are the last competition of the season, and they’re held at Corona Del Mar Thursday the 2nd of June. To find out what you’re doing in finals or if you're going to participate all track students have to attend track that day. To participate in the finals you have to come in the first four.


Q: Why did you join track?

A: I like running- Jada Alford


Q: What events do you do for track?

A: We do long jumps and 400- Cecilia Gonzalez


Q: Are you enjoying it?

A: Yes, why not- Nathan Pardoen


Q: Do you want to join track in high school

A: Yes, I want to look hot and get a six pack- Stephanie Arellanes

By: Alyssa McKnight



             As you may be aware of, the school year is coming to an end very quickly. 7th graders have another year to go in TeWinkle Middle School. Transitions may be hard, but the 8th graders can’t stay in middle school forever. Whether they are going to Estancia, Costa Mesa, Early College or any other high school, they will be moving schools. Out of the 7 kids interviewed, 3 said they were going to Estancia, 3 said they were going to Early College, and one said they were going to Costa Mesa.  There may be many different high schools to go, but they do get the job done. Hopefully, after summer is over, the soon-to-be freshmen will be ready for high school. With two years of preparation, they must be ready for their future to come.  They will have a graduation and a dance at the end of the year.



Mireille Albilleh:

What are you looking forward to transitioning into high school?

She replied, “I want to meet new people and build better relationships with friends.”

Flor Aguilar:

What high school are you going to and are you excited?

She replied, “I’m going to Early College, and I am very excited because it will prepare me to have a good future.”

Natalie Grindstaff:

How many classes do you want to take?

She said, “I want to have 7 to 8 classes and have a full schedule.”

Nick Perez:

Do you think your life will change while entering high school?

He said, “Yes, I think it will not only change emotionally, but it will physically. Also, I’ll be busier with classes, sports, homework, and girls.”

Cole Domino:

What electives are you going to choose in high school?

“I want to do ASB and Avid.”

What are you looking forward to when you get into high school?

“I am looking forward into experiencing new sports programs and meeting new friends.”

Joey Palmblade:

Are you going to do any sports programs, if so which ones?

“I am going to be very busy with sports. I will do Basketball, Water Polo, Golf, and much more.”

What high school are you going to?

“I will be going to Costa Mesa because they have a good Water Polo team.”


             As you can see, there is a good variety in answers and high schools. We wish you luck 8th graders as you transition to High School!


The Fish Fry
The Fish Fry

By: Perla Guerrero & Aileen Tototzin



            The Fish Fry is a carnival that benefits many charities, one of them being the Boys & Girls Club. This event takes place at Fairview Park, June 3rd through June 5th. Although, it didn’t always take place at Fairview Park, instead it used to be held at The Lions Park.

            There are many things to do including many rides, and their $10 fish dinner that contains French fries, coleslaw, and their famous fish fried with a secret batter. There are many products that are sold during the Fish Fry event. Normally there are bands playing music for you while you're eating.


Brandon Martinez

Q: What's your favorite thing to do?

A: “My favorite thing to do there is go on rides.”

Q: What rides do you usually go on?

A: “All of them.”

Q: Who do you go with? Friends, Family, etc.

A: “I usually go with my family.”


Lesley Hernandez

Q: What's your favorite thing to do?

A: “Hang out with my friends, eat funnel cake and go on rides.”

Q: What rides do you usually go on?

A: “Normally I go on the Hammer or any other rides my cousin suggests.”


By: Leslie Hernandez and Hazel Vences

Date 5-26-16


           The mock trial took place on April 27, 2016. The reason for the mock trial was to show students an example about how a real court would be like. Special guests will be joining, such as UCI college students and a real judge that used to attend TeWinkle Middle School. Only eighth graders from Miss Smith's history class participated. This event took place in TeWinkle’s gym and in the library. This happened during her 1, 2, 3 period classes. Students that attend this event wore elegant clothes. Each person from the class got a different job, for example someone might have to act as an attorney and others as the witnesses.


            The trial was about a kid named Casey Clevenger. He was a top of the class student, but one day he received a B in Mr. Marshall's computer class. That night someone broke into the school and vandalized Mr. Marshall’s computer classroom. Casey and three other students grades were changed. The next day a detective searched around to see if he could find evidence of who it was. They found a flashlight with the initials C.C. They then checked his locker and found latex gloves and red spray paint. After that Casey clevenger was sent to jail and then had to attend a trial.


8th Grade Promotion
8th Grade Promotion

By: Marycarmen Perez and Gisel Garcia



            As we get closer and closer to the end of the school year there are more and more events coming up soon, real soon. One of which is promotion! Promotion is coming up, and our 8th grade Trojans are ready to spread their wings into high school. Promotion takes place June 22, 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Jim Scott Stadium at Estancia High School. It's going to be an exciting moment for all our trojans and their family members.  

            After promotion there will be a dance celebrating our eighth grade trojans who have worked hard all year. This dance will take place at Estancia the day after promotion. This dance will have all types of fun things. For example there will be raffles, there will be a photo booth, and yes there will be a dj. We decided to talk to a few eighth graders who seem to be very excited about promoting and moving on to a new school.


People interviewed:Diego Villa, Emily Melendes, Henry Serrano


Q: How do you feel about finishing middle school?

A: I feel good. I think I’m ready for high school . - Diego


Q: Will your family be attending?

A: Yes, my family members will attend my promotion. - Emily


Q: What does graduating with your classmates make you feel?

A: Makes me feel proud because we made it through middle school. - Henry


By: Emma Joyce and Daysie Hernandez

May 30th, 2016


             The Orange County Fair is a well known place for entertaining rides, fun games, and tasty food. This is a place where you can make unforgettable memories with your family and friends.


            This event takes place at the Orange County Fair Grounds and starts on July 15, through August 14. Unfortunately it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but is open Wednesdays thru fridays at noon and closes at midnight. It is also open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am, to midnight.


            Admission to get in is different for varieties of ages.  General single admission ages 13-59, is $12.00. Seniors ages 60+, is $7.00. Youth ages 6-12, is also $7.00. Children under the age of 5 get free admission.


            The Orange County Fair is known for having many interesting foods! This year they are coming out with new ideas. Some examples are Krispy Kreme burgers, wasabi bacon bombs, deep fried peanut butter pickle dogs, and many more. So if you are hungry and need some food at this event, just walk around and you’ll literally find anything!!


            We decided to interview a close friend to see what his perspective is of the OC fair.

Elijah Montoya

Q: “What are your top three favorite rides?”

A: “My top three favorite rides would have to be Speed, Tango, and the Ferris wheel because you can over look everything.”


SBAC Testing
SBAC Testing

By: Carlos Carrizal and Kevin Tototzin

May 26, 2016


            SBAC is now in session for all the 7th and 8th grade students at TeWinkle Middle School. For TeWinkle, the SBAC test started on May 23 and will end on June 17th. The SBAC test is about teachers knowing where his/her students have trouble in English and Math and for eighth graders it is to find their placement in high school. This test used to be taken on paper years ago and is now taken online. TeWinkle isn’t the only the school doing this test, but other schools around the U.S. too. The questions involve problem solving and writing. The English segment has two parts. In the first week, students must answer questions given to them. Then the following week, students begin their writing skills test. The same goes when taking the math test. If students answer questions correctly, the questions get more difficult, while the questions get easier for the students who answer incorrectly. Try your best to take the test and get plenty of rest.


Powder Puff Game!
Powder Puff Game!

By: Yuridia Zarate & Samantha Sanchez

May 27, 2016


         So what is the Powder Puff Game? The Powder Puff Game was at Estancia on May 27, 2016 where the Estancia Cheerleaders switched places the Estancia Football team. So the boys cheer, and the original cheerleaders play football. This is mainly set up for entertainment, it’s not an all year long “sport.” We also had the TeWinkle Cheerleaders perform at half-time.



Elsa Cuenca-Rubio

    Question -  How do you feel about the girls performing? Do you think that they are ready?

    Answer/Response - I think that they are ready, because we’ve been practicing the cheers a lot lately. They are very prepared to perform in my opinion.


Lena De La O

    Question - Would you participate in the Powder Puff Game when you’re in High School? If so why or why not?

    Answer/Response - Yes, because it’s a fun experience & it would be good for the girls to get a chance to play football. It would also be funny to see the boys cheer as well.


Celia Acuna

    Question - How do feel performing at the game?

    Answer/Response - I feel both nervous and excited. Nervous because there will be a lot of people, and excited because it’s the last performance we will be having.


Off To Boomers!
Off To Boomers!

By:Jackie Duran and Carmen Abac

May 27, 2015


            Here we are again with our amazing TeWinkle Trojan students. On June 8 our 8th graders will be going to Boomers in Irvine. Over 150 students got the opportunity to go, they will need to take about two or more busses. Some of our amazing staff members will be attending this trip including, Mr. Bacon, Mrs. Milam, Mrs. Benson, and all of our department of special-ed teachers. Staff decided to take the 8th graders to Boomers because they wanted to congratulate them. They will be able to go on rides and play in the arcades.

            Our first Trojan student we interviewed is Ben Evans. We asked him, What are you most excited about Boomers? Ben responded, “I’m most excited about hanging out with all my friends”. Another question we asked him was, Why did you choose to go to Boomers? Ben answered, “I chose to go to Boomers because I wanted to have fun and treat myself to a break from school.” Our last question we asked Ben was, Have you ever gone to Boomers before? Ben replied, “Unfortunately not, I have never been to Boomers but I am quite excited to go for my first time”.

            Our next Trojan student we interviewed is Sammi Cervantes, We asked her was, How do you feel on going to Boomers? Sammi’s feedback, “I feel really happy and excited I get this opportunity to join my fellow classmates on this trip”.We asked Sammi was, Why did you choose to go to Boomers? Sammi responded, “I felt like this opportunity would give me a chance to miss school and have fun at Boomers”. Our last question we asked her, Have you ever been to Boomers before? Her response was, “Yes I have gone a few times and I am very excited to go again”.


The Penny Wars!
The Penny Wars!

By: Adlai Silva and Jack Nash



            Welcome back to another article at TeWinkle Middle School. Our names our Adlai Silva and Jack Nash, and we are writing about the Penny Wars! It's a donation for kids at the Children's Miracle Network. It is a hospital that has been open since 1983 and theses kids are at this hospital because of cancer or other types of problems. We want to help the future generations by improving and saving their lives. We do this to help out these children that deserve a better future. Students can only donate their third period class and can donate as much as they please. The Penny Wars started on May 16 and ended Thursday on May 26. The class that donates the most money will get Krispy Cream Donuts. Right now Mr. Bordelon is in the lead with $56!.

            We asked Ms. Motamed if she had put any change, she said,”Yes” and when we asked her how much she said,”Just loose change.” We asked her if she liked the Penny Wars and why, she said,”I like it because it is for a good cause and helps people all around the world.”

            We asked Wills Thorpe if he had donated any money he said,”Not yet.” We asked him what his opinion on the Penny wars was, he said,”I kind of like it because it goes to good charity.”

            We asked Lena De La O if she had donated anything and how much if she did, she respond,”$5.00.” We asked her what was her opinion of this donation, she said,”Yes I like it because it’s for a very good cause.”  

            We asked Emma Goodman how much she had donated, she said,”20 pennies.” We asked her for her opinion on the Penny Wars, she responded,”I like the Penny Wars because it helps out those kids in need that need a lot of help and it just makes you a better person if you give them money to survive.”

           Now the money is being counted and we have the results. It turns out that the winner is Ms. Aceves with their class donating about $180. That just about wraps up our article for this month! Tune in because there might just be one last Tewinkle Article for June! This was Adlai Silva and Jack Nash, and we hope to see you all soon in another TMS Times Article!