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February 2017

New Staff Member

By:Ariadna Gonzalez and Marycarmen Perez



        As the new semester starts we say hello to Ms.Lugo the new technology lady. Ms.Lugo just moved to our school at the beginning of the third quarter. Ms.Lugo will be a great help for  us. With all her help we will be able to understand more about the programs on the computer. Also we will be able to learn new things about the technology we use here in TeWinkle. Don't  forget to stop by and welcome Ms.Lugo to the school.



Q:What is your job at Tewinkle Middle School?

A:I am the instructional assistant here at tewinkle and help students with Chromebook issues and any other issues anyone has with technology.

Q:Where did/are you study at?
A:Right now I am still studying at Cal State Fullerton.

Q:How long have you been working in technology?
A:For about 2 years
Q:What is your favorite part about working at Tewinkle Middle School?
A:Meeting all of you guys is pretty fun and  it is always different.
Q:What does your job mean to you?

A:My job would help me in the future to taking my career further up.

By: Mariela Arellano and Mayreli Abundis




    Yes, Valentine’s day, the day that we admit to our feelings and feel the butterflies in our stomachs. This Valentine's Day was full of love. There were many couples around the campus showing their affection. Valentines is celebrated on the 14th of February. It originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus.  Traditionally, people send cards or flowers to family, friends, and loved ones. Often on this day, many people also anonymously send these gifts to the people that they are attracted to. We asked a few teachers to see how they spent their Valentine’s Day.


Brianna Vanderwal:

Q: Are you in a relationship?

A: No.


Q: What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

A: Helped a friend with pottery.


Q: Do you get any gifts for anyone?

A: Yes, I got a few gifts for friends and family.


Carly Smith:

Q: Are you in a relationship?

A: Yes, I'm engaged.


Q: What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

A: We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.


Q: Do you get any gifts for each other?

A: Yes we got each other a watch and a coffee maker.


Oscar Valencia:

Q: Are you in a relationship?

A: Yes of course, I’m married!


Q: What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

A: We went out to dinner at Black Angus.


Q: Did you get any gifts for each other?

A: We didn’t get any gifts, just the dinner.


Q: When and how did you meet your wife?

A; I met my wife in 1985 and her sister introduced me to her.


Pollution in The Ocean
Pollution in The Ocean

By: Jack Nash, Ramiro Coyotzi



        We're back with another article from Jack Nash and Ramiro Coyotzi. There's a lot of trash and pollution in our oceans and lakes. We need to pick up our trash and keep everything clean. The fishermen are seeing trash in the lakes and oceans. The fish deserve to not get trapped in our trash.

        Now we will be interviewing some fishermen from our school to see their thoughts about it. I asked Hayden Domino what he likes most about fishing. He said the hook set ,when you hook into a big fish and you're just reeling it in. Then I asked Gavin Rutledge and he said the same thing, the hook set. Then I asked them where their favorite spot to fish and they both said Newport Bay. Then I asked them if pollution affects their fishing. They both said that yes it does because then the algae dies then the little plankton die then the bait fish die because they can't eat the plankton , then the bigger fish cant eat the bit fish.

        To conclude this article, we need to save our fish by keeping the water clean and safe. Without fish we wouldn't be able to catch them and if we can’t catch we would starve. Then the ecosystem would be done.

By: Mariah Rosales and Alondra Alvarado



        Happy Birthday! To George Washington, the 1st president of The United States of America. President's day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in appreciation of President George Washington it is still official called “Washington's Birthday” by the federal government. During President's day most schools close for a whole week, many stores start their sales, and businesses are open as usual. Presidents day is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S presidents past and present.



Ms. Ego

Q: What will you be doing during president’s recess?

A: Going to Big Bear!

Q: What do you think Presidents day is about?

A: It’s remembering the great presidents before us who have made decisions and had made this country great.

Q: What do you enjoy about Presidents Day?

A: Spending time with family.


8th Grader Biannna Rodriguez 

Q: What will you be doing during president’s recess?

A: I will be going on a cruise to Mexico.
Q: What do you think Presidents day is about?

A: I believe presidents day is a day to appreciate how America has grown.
Q: What do you enjoy about Presidents Day?

A: I enjoy being together with my family


Mr. Riggle 
Q: What will you be doing during president’s recess?

A: Chores I’ll be cleaning out my storage unit.
Q:What do you think Presidents day is about?
A: It’s to reflect upon the two important presidents and what they did for our country and what they did to make it great.
Q:What do you enjoy about Presidents Day?

A: Having the week off and to try and spend some time with my family.


Mrs. Newcomer

Q:  What will you be doing during president’s recess?

A:   I will be with my grandkids and be playing with them.

Q:  What do you think presidents day is about?

A:  Celebrating the Presidents of the United States America.

Q:   What do you enjoy about Presidents Day?

A:    Spending time with my family.

Pass, Set, Hit!!!
Pass, Set, Hit!!!

By: Alyssa Garrett and Monik Rodriguez  

16 February 2017


       Volleyball isn't as easy as you may think it is, it has many rules and  positions you have to follow and do. Some of the basic rules you must follow are, the ball can only be hit 3 times to go over the net, you must serve from the end line, and most important, also you are only aloud to hit the ball twice. To play this sport there are certain things you must wear, such as, spanks (short shorts), knee pads, and tennis shoes with grip. If you ever wondered why volleyball players get into a certain position of a sort of squat position it  is because they need to be ready to move and that position helps the motion of the arm to make the ball go forward.  The main coaches on the of the Tewinkle volleyball team are  Coach Shannon for 7th grade and Mackenzie for 8th grade.

        The 7th grade players on the team are Nicole Jewett, Kara Hernandez, Pairs Dang, Alyssa Garrett, Sydney Briza, Sydney Bilderback, Kaya Payard, Bree Anderson, Alana Afoa, Hannah Amuria, Ruby Uchytil, Lily Shandalov, Amariah Raphoon, and Jessica Min.

        Then we have the 8th grade team which is, Brianna Rios, Emma Goodman, Alex Armand, Colleen Mcnamara, Lena De La O, Talulah Prow, Lexi Thorpe, Renee Ranes, Crystal Arellano, Leilani Dang, and Jasmine Aitofele.


Kara Hernandez

Q: From the beginning of the season till now, have you captured any new skills if so what?

A: Yes, I have captured being louder from volleyball because they make us scream for the ball, such as ¨I gooo!!¨

Q: Has playing on the volleyball team made you more confident playing outside of school?

A: Yes, because they have taught me so much and I have become really good from when I started with no experience.


Nicole Jewett

Q: When you play against another school how do you feel?

A: I feel nervous but at the same time I feel excitement to beat the other schools.

Q: Why did you want to join the girls volleyball team?

A: I’ve never played volleyball before, and wanted to try a new sport.


Paris Dang:

Q: How has being on the school volleyball team change you this year?

A: I made many new friends and learned new skills that I never knew I could have.

Q: How does being on the volleyball team feel?

A: It makes me feel good because I feel like I’m showing school spirit and being on an actual team makes me feel special.


Helping the Siberian Tigers
Helping the Siberian Tigers

By: Thu Nguyen and Olivia Shallahamer

February 13, 2017


        There are many species that are endangered, and one of them is the Siberian Tiger. Siberian Tigers are the world’s largest cats. They mostly live in eastern Russia’s birch forest, but some of them live in China and North Korea. There are an estimated 400-500 left in our world. Siberian tigers are 13 feet long, weigh as much as 700 pounds and are extremely aggressive.

        Siberian tigers are endangered because of many reasons. A lot of their habitat in the forest is getting cut down do to logging. Also, they’re getting poached which means people are killing them for their fur and their bones. Their bones are used for illegal medicines made by the Chinese. To defend the Siberian tigers we can stop the poaching, adopt a tiger, or make donations to conservation organizations.

        An organization that is helping not only the Siberian tigers but other big cats such as lions, is called the Wildlife conservation society. This organization is helping the Siberian tiger by preventing illegal killing, ensure that hunting any big cats prey species is illegal and sustainable, and reducing conflict with humana All in all, the Siberian Tigers could possibly become extinct and we need to help prevent it.


Cross Country
Cross Country

By: Tara Schroeder



        The first meet was January 19 and the last meet was February 2.  The team completed against Costa Mesa, Ensign, CDM, Sowers, Dwyer, and Harbor Day. There were three meets, one at Sowers, one at Dwyer, and one at Costa Mesa.  They had to run 1.5 miles and they ran on grass, blacktop, and tracks depending on the course.  The 8th graders who were on the team are Andrew Grijalva, Keyli Mendoza, Gabriel Rosete, and Bryan Uraga.  The 7th graders who were on the team are Paul Brich, Alondra Camacho, Kimberly Carranza, Dane Dodge, and Micah Gniffke, Sofia Hernandez, Perla Marquez, Jamieson McLellan, Cristina Ruiz, and Roxanna Zarate.  


        Mr. Bordelon, the coach, and Cristina Ruiz, 7th grader on the team, were interviewed about the team.  


Mr. Bordelon

Q: What happened at the last meet?

A: All the runners ran their fastest time. Gabriel Rosete ran the mile and a half in 8:25.

Q: How has your team improved?

A: They all improved their time and some improved it by 2 or 3 minutes.

Q: Why did you decide to coach cross country?

A: I had coached track and field and then they added cross country. I had the experience and my daughter did cross country.


Cristina Ruiz

Q: Why did you join the team?

A: I thought that it would be a fun experience.

Q: How did you improve your running skills?

A: I did it by practicing as much as possible.

Q: How did Mr. Bordelon prepare you for the meets?

A: One time he had us run up and down a hill to increase are resistance.


      The highest someone placed was fourth place but that is really good considering how many students are running at the meets.  The cross country season has sadly ended so there isn’t another chance to go to one of their meets, but we can look forward for cross country next year.


By: Adlai Silva

February 6th, 2017


        This year will be a fresh start for America as we now have our new president, Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump has created new laws and signed a few contracts that he says, “Will make America great again.” Donald Trump has never had any government or  military affairs until now and is the first president to be like that. Donald Trump is famous for being rich and a successful businessman. He has also written books about his success and wants to teach us about how we can be like him. For example, he made a collaboration with businessman, Robert T. Kiyosaki on a book called, “Why We Want You To Be Rich.” Here are our students from TeWinkle and their opinions on what they think about what Trump is doing to America.

        First I interviewed Bryan Morales I asked him on what he thought about Trump building the wall and he responded with,”I dislike it a lot.“ My second question was what was his opinions on the new travel ban and how it doesn’t help accept terrorist/muslim countries and he replied with,”I feel that it isn’t fair to ban people from those countries.”

        Next I interviewed Mariela Arellano and first I asked her how she felt about Trump’s visit to Britain, which will happen in a few months and her reply was,”I'm just surprised that things have gone this far.“ Next I asked her why she thinks Trump was invited so early and she stated,”I feel like they want to see if Trump is really the person we say he is..” Finally, I asked her if she thinks that this visit would affect our future and she said,”I don't think there'll be a big change.”

        Last I interviewed Julian Hernandez and asked him two questions on Trump and America. First I asked him if he thinks that Trump is following on what he said during his campaign and he responded with,”He isn’t really following his campaign by doing what he said he will do.” Then I asked him if he thought if Trump would greatly impact the future of America and he said,”Yes, greatly. He will change America in a lot of ways.”

        In summary, Trump is our new president that we should all respect. People may not like who he is and how he acts but you need to realize that he is our president and is doing his best to be a great president. Whatever he does, we should just hope that his actions will make America great again.


New teacher
New teacher

By Emelyn Tototzin and Destiny Radillo



        There’s a new  teacher here at TeWinkle Middle School. Her name is Ms.Vanderwal she is teaching in room 7 for all periods except for 1st. Ms.Vanderwal focuses on teaching science. Ms.Vanderwal is a very kind science teacher and her students appreciate her effort in teaching them about science and chemistry and everything there is to know about the subject.


        We asked a few students how they felt and what they thought about the new science teacher.


Monik Rodriguez


Q:What do you think about Ms.Vanderwal?
A: I think she’s nice and she makes learning more fun.
Q:How did you feel when you found out you had the new teacher?
A: I felt nervous because I was used to having science 5th period.

Q:What do you like most about Ms.Vanderwal’ s class?
A: I like all the people in the class because they bring good vibes

Diana Quiroz


Q: What do you think about Ms.Vanderwal?
A: I think she’s nice and fun.
Q:How did you feel when you found out you had the new teacher?
A:I felt excited and eager to get to her class.

Q:What do you like most about Ms.Vanderwal’ s class?

A: I like mostly the experiments in science.


Tara Schroeder


Q: What do you think about Ms.Vanderwal?
A: She is a good teacher and I like the way she compares things with sports and other things.
Q:How did you feel when you found out you had the new teacher?
A: At first I was nervous but once I got to know Ms.Vanderwal I found out she was a good teacher.

Q:What do you like most about Ms.Vanderwal’ s class?

A:I like her class because she does a lot of labs.


        Ms.Vanderwal seems to be very nice and her classes are very happy to have her as the new teacher and the school is very joyful to have her as well.


The Secrets of the Broadcast
The Secrets of the Broadcast

By: Grace Mits



      Today we will be talking to Madison Schetselaar about all things Broadcasting. If you haven’t been up to date with the TeWinkle website, Broadcasting posts one video every month about the events happening. The people in Broadcasting vary; how this works is the Publications teacher, Mrs. Laux, picks four people to create that month’s broadcast. There are two anchors, which talk about the events, and two directors who film the anchors. In the back of the Pinney Lab, there is a small room with a green screen, bright stage lights, and a filming stand. Pretty much everything you need to make the perfect Broadcast!



Q: How do you like broadcasting?

A: It’s fun but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what we should talk about for the video.

Q: Is broadcasting a lot of work?

A: Yes, we have to come up with a script and film the anchors, both take a while to do.

Q: Are you an anchor or a director? What is it like?

A: I’m a director, but I’ve also been an anchor. They’re both fun, but being an anchor is more pressuring to get your lines right.

Q: What are some of the main topics you’ve talked about this year?

A: We mostly cover upcoming holidays, door contests, and TeWinkle sports games.
Q: Is broadcasting exciting? Why?
A: Yes, you have to really commit to making a good script and being yourself on camera.


        These were the secrets of broadcasting. Remember to go watch them. They post a new broadcast every month.


Space Junk
Space Junk

By: Blake Peck



        Throughout the year millions of debris or trash is scattered throughout our Solar System leaving our satellites vulnerable to damage. The US Air Force have been tracking the amount of debris when the first satellite was discovered to be broken. Over 20,000 items the size of a small ball are being tracked. They have been working on a solution, a robotic astronaut. In this case the robot would have full control of the satellite to dodge the debris. This debris in space is moving 17000 mph, almost three times the speed of a bullet. We have asked some students in robotics and Avid about the situation and their output was.


Question: What is your input on the space debris that is cluttering our atmosphere.

Sydney Birza: That it is unsafe and can cause damage.

Ben Sparks: It is causing global warming.

Larry Andres: It is creating pollution as well as global warming.


Question: Do you believe the US army is doing the best job to take care of this problem?

Sydney Birza: I feel like it isn't the their job and they need to focus on other matters that are just as important.

Ben Sparks: No they are not because they are paying to much attention on other things.

Larry Andres: No.


Question: Do you have any ideas to get rid of the debris?

Sydney Birz: No.

Ben Sparks: Have people recycle more.

Larry Andres: Have people be more clean.


        In conclusion the Space Junk is dangerous and can cause imminent death meaning that men and women could not survive the debris in space. Will this problem be resolved or will it grow?


Fresh Start
Fresh Start

By: Lily Shandalove and Kaya Pagard

Feb. 9 2017


        As you all know the new semester and quarter started on Monday, January 30. This means new grades and new teachers. Now, let's talk about the new teachers. Ms.Vanderwal, the new science teacher started on January 30. Additionally, Ms.Davis added a first period, which is honors. PLTW also switched, if you were in robotics you started design and modeling with Ms.Woods. If you were in design and modeling you started robotics with Ms.Motamed. And last, Mr.Chorn is no longer 7th grade science. Many people were affected by these schedule additions. We interviewed Tyler Humphries and  Amariah Raphoon who both had experience with the schedule changes.


Tyler Humphries:

Q: Did you end the quarter happy with your grades, why?

A: Yes, I had good grades and I tried my  best.


Q: What new teachers/classes did you get?

A:  My new teachers consist of Robotics 6th period, P.E 3rd with Mr. Heredia, and Ms.Davis 2nd.


Q: Are you happy about your schedule change, why?

A: Yes,  I am happy because I have some of the more challenging classes before study groups, so I can work on those subjects during study groups.


Q:Do you like the teachers and students in you new classes?

A: Yes, I enjoy that all my friends are in my classes.


Amariah Raphoon:

Q: Are you happy you get a fresh start with the new quarter and semester?

A: I am happy that I can start my grades fresh.


Q: Did you end the quarter happy, why?

A: Yes, I ended the quarter happy because I had good grades.


Q: What new teachers/classes did you get?

A:  I got Ms.Davis for first, Ms.Benson for fifth, and Mr. Heredia for sixth.

ule change, why?


Q: Are you happy about your schedule change, why?

A: Yes, because I have more friends in my classes.


        Every start has an end. This quarter ends on April 7th, and we hope you end on a good note with good grades and citizenship. Additionally thank you to Ms. Mielke for making all the schedule changes and to all the teachers for welcoming new students into your classes. This quarter started with great activities like sports rallies and dances. Through schedule changes, new sports like volleyball and basketball, and new teachers we hope that this quarter will be one of the best!


Sydney Bantel



        In the end of the year TeWinkle's 8th graders have to have an idea of where they want to go to high school. This is why I interviewed two people that go to TeWinkle about Early College. Early College is a high school with more academic college classes and professors, meanwhile maintaining a small high school community. In this high school you will be able to have more individual time with teachers, less sports and a bell schedule that allows students to sleep in more. Having college classes gives you more credits and less time at college.

        Cristina Villana an 8th grader that wants to go to Early College and Michael Mgerian a 7th grader that has a plan on going to Early College, this is what they had to say about Early College.


Question 1 I asked:

What do you think of Early College?

Cristina replied, “I like the school, it prepares me for college!”

Michael responded, “A very good school for people that want an education instead of sports.”


Question 2:

What do you think makes Early College better than any other school?

Cristina said, “I think it's a better school because it's smaller and makes a better advantage to get one on one time with my teachers.”

Michael told me, “Early College has less students so the teachers are less stressed.”


Question 3:

How do you think Early College is different from any other school?

Cristina claimed, “It's different because it takes 1 or 2 years off of college if you work hard enough!”

Michael agreed, “This school is different because it takes over 2 years off of your college by giving you credits!”


Question 4:

What would be your main reason to go to Early College?

Cristina explained, “The main reason I want to go to Early College is to meet new people.”

Michael affirmed, “My brother went there, and he told me it was an amazing school.”


Question 5:

What interests you most about this school?

Cristina began, “The part that interests me is the bell schedule and how we get in so late!”

Michael concluded, ”I get 2 years off of college, and my tuition will be less!”


        In conclusion, Early College sounds like a good school to go to. Your tuition and years of college will be less, the bell schedule allows students to sleep in longer. If you are an 8th grader and you still don’t have an idea of where you want to go to high school check out Early College because it might be just the place for you.