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March 2017

Fun Field Trip For Publications
Fun Field Trip For Publications

By: Sydney Bantel and Griffin Meyer



        Field trips are all about fun and getting knowledge from the world around you rather than in the classroom.Three weeks ago students from Publications were invited to go on a fieldtrip to UCI (University of California, Irvine).  During this fieldtrip students were exposed to many life lessons so that we could have fun and experience different things that go on in the world.

        During the fieldtrip we listened and watched many lessons like the mask making class, where you decorate masks on the inside and out. This resembles who you think people view you and on the inside, how you view yourself. Or, another class few people went to were about inspiration and where it comes from, how get it, how it's different from motivation. Speaking of which, we asked a few people what they thought about the field trip. Romero Coyotzi and seventh grade boy and Natalia Araiza an 8th grade girl.


We asked: Do you think any of  the speakers at school changed your point of view? How?

Romero C.: Yes, because this place captured my attention and interests.

Natalia A.:I believe that they would do a good job but I also heard that they did not have enough time to speak.

A second question: Is there a favorite place you went to or speaker you met? Why?

Ramero C.: My favorite speaker talked about cruelty to the world and what goes on in the place we live in.

Natalia A.: The LGBT (Lesbian Gay Biasexual Transgender and Queer) workshop was my favorite place at the college

Third question: Is there anything you wish you could have added to the field trip? What would it be?

Ramero C.: I wish the field trip elaborated more on the food.

Natalia A.:No, the field trip overall was good, the entertainment at lunch could have been better

Another question: Did you have any overall thoughts when you got back on the bus? What were they?

Ramero C.: Yes I did I really thought that the field trip was interesting.

Natalia A.:I thought it was cool and they should keep doing what they do

Our final question: Would you go back and do this again? For what reason?

Ramero C.: Yes I would experience everything all over again.

Natalia A.:P Yes I would go back and I would also go again because if I ever want to learn more information I would find out


        In the end, it sounds like everyone had a good time and enjoyed the field trip to UCI. Due to the speakers, the lessons and the experiences. After getting back on the bus most people had a good overall thoughts because the field trip had an impact on their life.


Soccer Season
Soccer Season

By: Mayreli Abundis and Marycarmen Perez



        It’s soccer season and many of our Trojans have worked hard to be on the soccer team. The coaches, Oscar Valencia and Carrie Richard, have been working hard on getting great soccer players. Soccer is one of the sports that many of us enjoy and look forward seeing. TeWinkle Middle School is filled with amazing players. They're trying their hardest to win while also having fun.


Interviewed: 8th grader Noemi Magana

Q: What sports do you play instead of soccer?

A: None I guess I like soccer the most than other sports.


Q: Would you like to play soccer in the future why or why not?

A: Yes because it's a lot of fun and you make new friends.


Q: When did you start playing?

A: I started playing about last year.


Q: Who inspired you to play soccer?

A: Anika Scott, Savanna Ortiz, and Crystal Arellano


Q: What positions do you play?

A: Inner defence


Interviewed: 8th grader Steven Martinez

Q: What’s your favorite part about playing soccer?

A: My favorite part about playing soccer is that it is fun, and you get to be with your friends.


Q: Would you like to play soccer in the future why or why not?

A: Yes because it's fun to play and you get to meet new people.


Q: When did you start playing?

A: I started playing when I was about 3 years old.


Q: Who inspired you to play soccer?

A: My parents put me in a soccer team when I was about three, and I enjoyed it and kept on playing until now.


Q: What positions do you play?

A: I only play one position and it is defence.


By: Adlai Silva and Jack Nash

March 13th, 2017


        Recently many of the TeWinkle trojans have had the honor to go on a college field trip, a trip to California State University, Fullerton! The whole thing was all funded by our school. It was an 8th grade field trip that took place on Monday March 6th, and there is another trip taking place on March 23rd  for the 7th graders. They are going to Concordia University and Vanguard University. These two trips were possible by Mrs. Mielke, our amazing counselor. The students that were selected were students with good grades and who show that they are prepared for the future. The field trips are all about getting students into thinking about their future and to perhaps keep this university in their mind when they become college students. The overall purpose is to have students become successful and to have a good education.

        First we will interview Mrs. Mielke, our amazing counselor who made these trips possible. We asked her how she was able to assemble these trips and she said, “I coordinated them with the university and the principle paid for the busses.” Then, we asked her what goals does she want to achieve with theses trip, and she replied with, “To expose our students early to college campuses. We had to show them how it work and how to excite them to achieve.”

        Jacob Potts, an 8th grader, was one of the many students selected to go on this trip. First we asked him what he learned in this trip and his reply was, ”I learned about all the classes and clubs.” Next we asked Jacob for his opinion on Cal State Fullerton and he replied, ”I like this college  a lot because it is a good school with  a lot of good classes.” Finally we asked Jacob if he would choose this college in his future and he said, ”I would because this school has a lot of opportunity and has good classes that I want to join in.”

        Noe Morales is a 7th grader who was selected on the 7th grade trip.We asked him if he was glad that he is going to the trip and he replied,”Yes I am excited since this will be a good experience for me.” Next we asked Noe if he thinks this trip will help him in his future and he said,”Yes, it will because this college will help me prepare.” Last, we asked him if he thinks would pick this college in his future and he responded,”Well I don’t know. I might if I end up liking this school and if it has classes I like.”

        These trips to college will be beneficial to our students as they will help us prepare for our future. It will give us an idea of what to expect in the future and what we should do in order to prepare ourselves. We can know what to expect and perhaps even plan out what we will do in college and beyond! At least we can predict our future!

By Destiny Radillo



        Here at TeWinkle Middle School the 7th graders were given their very own chromebooks! They use them to write essays ,do projects, do homework, and much more!! They have to be very responsible with these chromebooks and make sure they don’t break or get damaged. If they do, they have to fill out a form on Google Classroom and turn it in to Ms.Kling. Then they take the chromebook to Ms. Lugo, and she advises you when they are fixed. After learning about chromebook procedures we asked a few students what they thought and this is what they said.

Jonathan DeLeon


Q:What do you think of having a chromebook?

A: I think it’s cool because we get to use more technology and be more advanced.

Q:Do you like having chromebooks? If, so why?
A:Yes, because it helps us be more responsible.

Q:What kind of assignments/ activities do you do on the chromebooks?
A: Well in history I do DBQ’s and in language arts I work on google docs and other places.


Kaiden Kahkosko


Q: What do you think of having a chromebook?

A: I think that they’re good technology.

Q: Do you like having chromebooks? If, so why?
A: Yes, because it makes it easier to research things.

Q: What kind of assignments/ activities do you do on the chromebooks?

A: I use google docs to write DBQ’s and essays.


I also interviewed an 8th grader to see how he felt about the 7th graders getting chromebooks.


Giovanni Manzo

Q:How do you feel about the 7th graders having chromebooks?
A:I feel like the 8th graders need opportunities to get the same amount of technology as well.
Q:Do you think 8th graders should’ve gotten chromebooks?

A:Yes, so they could be as productive as the 7th graders.

Q:Do you think chromebooks are good resources for the 7th graders?

A: Yes, because it’s useful for their homework and other things school related.


        As you can see, the 7th graders use their chromebooks productively and are very good resources to have around when you need information for an essay or if you just need to finish a DBQ in History.


Dodge, Duck, and Throw
Dodge, Duck, and Throw

Blake Peck and Ingrid Benitez



      If you had a chance to feel free, would you take it? Dodgeball can help you with that! Dodgeball was created in 1884 but instead of using soft, rubber balls, the game was actually played with large rocks or putrefied matter, and it was used as an intense work out for the tribes and it has taken over TeWinkle Middle School. This sport has been played from years before and has had a great effect on the children. Dodgeball started at TeWinkle Middle School in 2012. Most games are played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and they are to last from 12:15 till the end of lunch. We have asked Mrs.Gilbert, Mr.Riggle, and Mrs.Smith who run the program to get a different point of view.


Q: What do you like about dodgeball?

Gilbert: The fast pace gets the kids excited.

Smith: To be able to throw the ball extremely hard at your friends.

Riggle: The fast pace action the game brings.


Q: What's the purpose of dodgeball?

Gilbert: Kids have to work as a team.

Smith: To have fun.

Riggle: To have fun but still get the cardio you need and teamwork.


Q: Do you feel this event has had a good effect on kids?

Smith: Yes, it has had a better effect on kids by having them make new friends.

Riggle: I do, kids get to make new friends with people they never knew.

    To wrap this article up, dodgeball has taken over Tewinkle Middle School and has had a great affect on the kids. So come to are games and cheer us on!

You Got Spirit?
You Got Spirit?

By: Grace Mits and Madison Schetselaar

March 21, 2017


        You’ve probably heard of the Spirit Run, which is a race where students and staff can run to raise money. This fundraiser took place on March 12, 2017 in Fashion Island. Many schools participated to raise money, and TeWinkle was very lucky to be part of such a great event. If you run in the race, you have the choice of running one mile to three miles. We interviewed Paris Dang and Ben Sparks to see their thoughts on the Spirit Run.


Paris Dang:


Q: How far did you run and how was it?

A: I ran 1 mile, it was fun, but tiring.

Q: What was your favorite part and why?

A: My favorite part was the free stuff. (chocolate milk, water, and food)

Q: How can the Spirit Run improve next year?

A: Make it later in the day.


Ben Sparks:


Q: How far did you run and how was it?

A: I ran the 5k, it was very tiring.

Q: What was your favorite part and why?

A: Having friends there with me. My friends motivated me.

Q: How can you improve for next year?

A: I can improve by running more to prepare.

Don't Get Pinched!
Don’t Get Pinched!

By: Natalia Araiza and Jackie Duran



        Saint Patrick's Day is a religious and cultural christian celebration. We have this special day because we celebrate the date of Saint Patrick himself. Saint Patrick was the fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. He was not an Irish born, he is just really important to the Irish Heritage. Saint Patrick also known as Maewyn Succat (real name) was such an important missionary and bishop. This is why we celebrate his death which was on March 17, 461 AD. St. Patrick’s Day first originated in Boston, 1762, it got so popular it spread around the world.

        If you would like to join and celebrate this important date you can go ahead and visit a local Irish pubs and restaurants.  To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day you can attend mass on Friday, March 17. People also wear green and enjoy eating green food as well! There are also parades in Chicago, Boston, Houston, New York, Toronto, Seattle & New Orleans.

Remember to wear green and not get pinched ;)


Sing, Play, Harmonize
Sing, Play, Harmonize


By: Tara Schroeder and Kaya Pagard


        The spring concert was March 22 in Boswell Hall from 6:00-8:30 pm.  The band, advanced band, orchestra, and choir performed at the spring concert. Some songs that they played were Banana Boat and The Wizard of Oz.  We interviewed Mr. McFadden (the music teacher) about the concert.


Mr. McFadden

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching music?

A: My favorite part about teaching music is seeing kids that love music as much as I do.

Q: How do you come up with songs to perform?

A: I choose music that is from a variety of time periods and expose my students to different styles of music. I like to choose music that is challenging enough but not too hard.

Q: Why did you become a music teacher and if so, is there anybody who inspired you?

A: I became a music teacher because I love playing music so much and I want to teach that to kids. I was inspired by Mr. Mahaffey, my high school band teacher, and Mr. Reynolds, my college band director at USC.


        Like all good things, the concert came and went. We hope that there will be another concert some time later this year. Thank you, Mr. McFadden for letting everyone hear the wonderful music your students learned. We hope that these students will take something away from this for many years to come.

By: Mariela Arellano and Ariadna Gonzalez

March 17,2017


        This month the science classes had a very difficult and fun assignment to build a rollercoaster to learn about Newton's laws of motion. The honors students had to build a rollercoaster  and 5 were chosen to enter a competition at Knotts Berry Farm. The mainstream students would just make the roller coasters and a marble had go down the roller coaster without  falling . The competition at Knotts took place on Thursday March 16th and 95 students attended. The roller coasters had to be 25cm by 80 cm and the complete roller coaster must fit in a box that is 25cm x 80cm x 85cm.

        Our school proudly accepted a second place award for the most creative roller coaster. All the roller coasters were amazing. We interviewed one of the competing groups to see what they thought about the project.


Breana Figueroa, Lexi Thorpe, Colleen  McNamara

Q:What was your favorite part about the roller coaster project?
A:Building the roller coaster.
Q:What did you learn about?
A:We learned a lot about motion and Newton's laws.
Q:Did you have fun?
A:Yeah because it was fun competing with other schools.
Q:How difficult was the project for you? Why?

A: Building the support for the project.

by: Mariah Rosales-Medina and Alondra Alvarado

March 16, 2017


       It’s SPRING TIME! In the spring seeds take root and vegetation begins to grow. The weather is warmer and often wetter. Animals wake or return from warmer climates often with newborns. Melting snow from the previous rainfall can cause flooding water ways. Farmers and gardeners plant their seeds and temperatures slowly rise.

        It is also the start of daylight savings time in the United States. It is the practice of  setting the clock forward by one hour during the warmer part of the year so that evenings have more daylight.


    Mrs. Newcomer’s Answers:

Q: Did Daylight savings affect you?
A: No, I Love it!
Q: What do you think is important about spring?
A: The weather, the flowers, and the birds!
Q: Do you like spring why or why not?
A: Sure, I love spring because it comes right before Summer and I love it!

Meliza Ibarra’s Answers:
Q: Did Daylight savings affect you?
A: Yes, because I sleep less.
Q: What do you think is important about spring?
A: The new baby animals because they are cute!
Q: Do you like spring? why or why not?

A: Yes, because everything is new the grass, the trees, and the flowers and everything’s bright and happy!
    Cameron Knickerbocker’s Answers:

Q: Did Daylight savings affect you?
A: It affected me by losing sleep and didn’t let me have enough time to get ready.

Q: What do you think is important about spring?

A: Spring break because the students get a break from school and hard work.

Q: Do you like spring why or why not?

A: I do like it because the weather gets warmer.

Here Comes the New Sevies!
Here Comes the New Sevies!

March 24, 2017

By: Alyssa Garrett and Emelyn Tolotzin


       On March 10 the feeder school visit took place, where all the 6th graders come to see TeWinkle Middle School. Many schools came that are local to Tewinkle, which are California, Wilson, Pomona, Victoria, Rea, and Adams Elementary. They did a cycle of stations to see our campus. The main presentation was held in the Gym and Boswell Hall. During the main presentations they talked about rules around campus, honors classes, electives, teachers, and sports. Then, the 6th graders toured the school to the different electives and passed by the classes. What they mainly saw was the important places like the library, computer labs, and then the electives held a little presentation.

        This prepared the 6th graders for a big change into Middle School and not to be so frightened of it.


Nicole Jewett (7th Grade):

Q: Do you think the feeder school visit changes the students perspective on Middle School? If yes, how?

A: Yes, I think it did because students are usually scared of coming here but when they see it and get a feel of it before they come, they will be less scared.


Mrs. Milam:

Q: How do you feel about having new students at our school?

A: I feel happy and excited to have new students come. I love having new faces every year and to meet so many new students.  


Jackie Duran (8th grade):

Q: Did you enjoy telling the students about the elective Publications, and what you did mostly talk about?

A: Yes, I enjoyed talking about Publications and we mostly talked about what we do in class such as the yearbook, and what you can do to get in it.

By: Michael Mgerian, Alex Vega

March 20th, 2017

        As the weekend of March 6th concludes, Mrs. Benson left for maternity leave leaving Mr. Obey to become our substitute for the rest of the year.

        Before Mr. Obey was a substitute, he was a guitar player in a band that played live concert at restaurants and other local food places. He was also a worker on a construction site for a few years that he said was very hot and was a very interesting experience. Lastly, he had his own painting business that he started by becoming a painter. Then he wanted to have his own business so he started one. After his many careers, he became a student teacher for Costa Mesa Middle School and has learned a lot and has many different stories about his life before TeWinkle.

        As for his personality, he is a very interactive teacher that gets everything done in class leading us to not have homework. He is also very helpful and nice during class and allows us to talk with other students and ask for help.


Mr. Obey

Q: What is different about TeWinkle compared to other schools you have subbed at?

A: TeWinkle has more access to technology and the kids are a lot more structured compared to other schools.

Q: What encouraged you to become a substitute for middle school students?

A: My goal is to become a permanent teacher, I did my student teaching in middle schools and I liked it.

Q: How is it being a substitute?

A: Very scary, but at TeWinkle I feel very welcome by all students and staff.


Liliana Figueroa Perez

Q: What makes him different from other teachers and why?

A: He gives more info compared to other teachers, and keeps us informed on what we are learning and finds online facts and shares it with us during class regarding the topic.

Q: What do you like about him and why?

A: He talks a lot about education, and how he always goes to museums regarding the education and uses our language rather than words that we do not understand. He also throws in some things in his point of view.


Jared Jimenez

Q: What makes him different from other teachers and why?
A: He is fun and does not just talk about history, but brings up real life stories.

Q: How are some ways he teaches in your point of view?

A: He is fun and puts history in his point of view. He allows students to interact with each other after he asks a question. He also lets us ask other students for help during class.

Q: Do you enjoy his class and why?

A: Yes, because you learn about him and history and it is fun being in his class.


        These students , and many others, have the same thoughts about Mr. Obey. Overall, TeWinkle has given Mr. Obey a very warm welcome.

Are you in on the new trends?
Are you in on the new trends?

By: Olivia Shallahamer

March 20, 2017


        For the past three months there’ve been some new trends going on throughout TeWinkle in fashion and social media. One major fashion trend actually came back into style from over 47 years ago. On August 18, 1949, in Herzogenaurach, Germany Adolf Dassler invented the company Adidas and 20 years later adidas superstars came out. Now they’re back in style.

        Another fashion trends that has been seen a lot lately around TeWinkle is chokers. A broad variety of chokers became in style starting in the 29th century. There’s also a couple other fashion trends around school such as ripped jeans, white vans, and wind breakers.

        The top two social media trends going around are snapchat streaks and instagram livestreaming. Snapchat streaks are pictures of anything that you send back and forth to each other and you try and send the most. Instagram livestreaming is when you’re videoing whatever you're doing and your followers can see it live.  On May 9, 2012 Co-founder Evan Spiegel and CEO Bobby Murphy lanched snapchat. Since then Snapchat has been a great success and last year they made a little more than $50 million dollars. In 2010 Kevin Systrom, and Mike Krieger launched instagram. In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. Since then, instagram has had many updates including new formatting, instagram stories which are like slideshows of pictures you’ve put on there and you’re followers can view it, instagram live streams, and much more. All in all, you are now in on the new trends.


Rachel Rucknagel:

Q: In your perspective what’s trending in fashion?

A: Vans, windbreakers, and high waisted jeans.

Q: Do you wear any of these trends and if so what are they?

A: Makeup, windbreakers, and high waisted jeans.

Q: What’s trending in social media?

A: Snapchat and beach pictures.

Q: Do you think any of these trends will ever come back in style?

A: Yes, because that’s what happened with the 80’s.


Kim Carranza:

Q: What’s trending in fashion?
A: Ripped jeans and pastel colored hoodies.

Q: What’s trending in social media?

A: Urban themed pictures.