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April/May 2017

Its Fiesta Time
Its Fiesta Time

By: Thu Nguyen and Monik Rodriguez



        Cinco De Mayo is a holiday celebrated in the US on May fifth. It's known as a day to celebrate the culture, achievements and experiences of people with a Mexican background, who live in the United States. It is a day of remembrance and honor for the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over the French forces at the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Schools here in the United states may hang up banners to celebrate. Other aspects of the day revolve around traditional symbols of Mexican life, such as the Virgin de Guadalupe by having a mass then attending a fiesta after church, and recognizing Mexican-Americans who have achieved fame, fortune and influence in the United States. Such as Benito Juarez, a lawyer and member of the indigenous Zapotec tribe—was elected president of Mexico. At the time, the country was in financial ruin after years of internal strife, and the new president was forced to default on debt payments to European governments. Today, Cinco De Mayo is not that important in Mexico and mainly celebrated in Puebla.

        This month, here at TeWinkle we are going to have an exciting Cinco De Mayo pep rally at lunch.


Q: What do you do with your family during Cinco De Mayo?

A: I have a barbeque and family reunion with lots of food. -Alessandro Perez


Q: Do you have any special traditions for Cinco De Mayo?

A: We have a family reunion and eat lots of food. - Emily Avila


Having Fun with a sticky toy
Having Fun with a sticky toy

Griffin Meyer



         The fun but sticky toy , slime , became popular at the end of 2016 and has quickly become one of the most popular internet fads of 2017 after thousands of youtube videos and social media posts on instagram. The two main ingredients in slime are glue and Borax . When these two ingredients are mixed together the Borax breaks down a polymer in glue known as Polyvinyl Alcohol . After this chemical reaction happens between the glue and Borax, The glue is no longer longer a liquid but a fun toy that you can pick up and play with . People have even decided to add extra ingredients such as shaving cream to make the slime feel soft or they will add cornstarch giving the slime a gritty texture . I decided to go out and interview Natalia Ariza about making slime .


Natalia Ariza

“ Why do you make slime ? ”

“ I make slime because I went to a friends house and they were making it for fun . ”

“ What kind of slime do you prefer ? ”

“ I prefer to make fluffy slime , because when you add shaving cream the slime is very soft and fun to play with .”

“ Why do you think slime became so popular ? ”

“ I believe that it became popular because of many social media posts and youtube videos .”

Jackie Duran

Ingrid Benitez

May 5, 2017


      For quite some time, the 8Th grade TeWinkle Middle School students have gotten the opportunity to go to Washington D.C and New York City for six days. They went on spring break, April 7th and came back on April 15. This trip was planned by 8th grade history teacher, Mr. Flores. Mr. Riggle and Ms. Woods volunteered to attend this trip and help supervise all the students that attended. Forty-Two students took the opportunity to go on this trip. The reason for this occasion was to educate the students in a fun way. The students got the privilege of going to the many museums and specific monuments provided by the tour guide. They went to the White House, the Capitol Building, Arlington Cemetery, Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell, etc. We interviewed 8th grade students Brianna Rios and Sandra Perez about how they viewed the trip.


Sandra perez

Q: “Why did you want to go on the trip?”

A: “I wanted to go on the trip because my friends went and it sounded like fun.”

Q: “What did you like about the trip?”

A: I liked the cities, museums, and our bus driver, Darrell. I also liked the late night shopping we got to do.”

Q:“Did you like NY or DC better?”

A:“ NY because there were more things to see”


Brianna Rios

Q: “Why did you want to go to the trip?”

A:“I wanted to see where my family lived”

Q: “What did you like about the trip?”

A:“I liked that I could be with my friends and grow closer to them.”

Q:“Did you like NY or DC better?”

A:Q:“NY because of the subway”


Run, Jump, Throw
Run, Jump, Throw


By: Tara Schroeder and Emelyn Tototzin


        Track and field started on April 17. The track and field coaches are Mr. Bordelon, Oscar, Mr. Heredia, and Ms. Vanderwal. They have their students practice three times a week. There are only three meets in the season. That will take place at Estancia High School on May 2, Costa Mesa High School on May 9, and Corona DelMar High School on May 16. The different events in track and field are 100, 200, 400, 800, mile, relay, high jump, long jump, and shot put.


Mr. Bordelon

Q: Why did you decide to teach track and field?

A: I started teaching track and field because I am a Physical Education teacher, so I know a lot about fitness and skill development in track and field. Also, I love athletics and being around student athletes.


Ms. Vanderwal

Q: Why did you decide to teach track and field?

A: I am so excited to be able to coach this year! Deciding to coach was an easy choice for me- I LOVE athletics. There is something very special about being part of a team and challenging each other to new levels. To be able to be involved in teaching alongside coaching is such a wonderful experience. I used to run competitively in high school and college (and loved every minute of it), it’s now my turn to pass the baton to the next generation and help them reach new heights.


Esttefany Quintana

Q: What is your favorite part of track and field?

A: My favorite part of track and field is shot put.
Q: Why did you decide to join?

A: I decided to join track and field because I’m good at running and throwing things.
Q: What events do you participate in?

A: The events I’m are the 100 and relay.
Q: How did the first meet go?

A: It was awesome but I was nervous.


Christian Strouse

Q: What is your favorite part of track and field?

A: I get to compete against other schools. I get to hang out with friends and it is fun.

Q: Why did you decide to join?

A: I like activities and running. It is the last sport they are doing.

Q: What events do you participate in?

A: Half mile and shot put.
Q: How did the first meet go?

A: We came in second. It was pretty good.


         Although there are only three meets in the season I know everyone will try to go to at least one. Even if you never do get a chance to go to a meet there is always next year’s meets to look forward to attending.


Get Ready for Testing!
Get Ready for Testing!

By: Madison Schetselaar

April 26, 2017


        You’ve probably heard that SBAC testing is starting soon. The rumors are true, testing starts sooner than you think, May 15th. During testing students are on block schedule and the first week of testing is Language Arts, while the second is Math.

        SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and it’s an online test that students take at the end of the school year. Both seventh and eighth graders take this test to test their skills on what they learned that year. Seventh graders are taking the test on their chromebooks, so don’t forget those, along with headphones. The eighth graders are doing their testing in the computer lab. Make sure you study to get good scores on your SBAC test! Now let’s talk to Mrs. McKenzie and Sofia Johnson to get their thoughts on SBAC testing.


Mrs. McKenzie:

Q: How do you feel about SBAC testing?

A: I think that it’s good that it makes students think and apply their skills in a form different than multiple choice questions.

Q: What’s your favorite part about the SBAC test?

A:  It’s very adaptive for students.
Q: Is there anything you’d change about it? Why?
A: It’s too long and too much math for students to remember. A student doesn’t get as far in math as the test goes.


Sofia Johnson:

Q: How are you preparing for SBAC testing?

A: I’m studying math and ELA extra hard to get prepared and taking good notes.

Q: How do you feel about the SBAC test?

A: I feel that you need to prepare for them to succeed.
Q: What do you think you’ll get on the test? Why?

A: I think that I’ll get really good scores because I’m studying extra and working hard.


By: Michael Mgerian and Natalia Araiza

April 28 2017


         The NBA playoffs have recently started, the NBA stands for the National Basketball Association. The NBA first started in New York June 6th 1946, and is still a sport watched by nearly all people living in the U.S. In the last few years, the Boston Celtics have not won a championship, however they have the most wins, 17 of them. Last year Cavaliers won the championship. Coming in second, the Golden State Warriors won with a score of 93 to 89. There are 16 teams that enter the playoffs, 8 teams from each division which are Western conference and Eastern conference. The teams that enter the playoffs are picked by most wins. Teams this year that have advanced to the second round of playoffs include Rockets, Cavaliers, and Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs & Washington Wizards.


Ben Sparks, Cameron Knickerbocker & Hayden Jones are all members of the TeWinkle Basketball team.


Ben Sparks

Q: What is your favorite team in the NBA, why?

A: My favorite basketball team are the Los Angeles Lakers, because they are local and very fun to watch.

Q: Who do you think is the one of the best players in the NBA and what makes him the best?

A: Kawhi Leonard because he is phenomenal on both defence and offence during any game.


Cameron Knickerbocker

Q: What is your favorite NBA team and what makes them your favorite?

A: The Lakers are my favorite team because they are a group of young adults trying to become great players.

Q: Who do you think will win the NBA playoffs, why? How many points do you think they will win by?

A: I believe that the Golden State Warriors will win the playoffs this year against the Cavaliers. This could happen because Golden State had some of the best guards in the league, and Cavaliers have Lebron James. They will probably win by 13 points with a score of 123 to 110.


Hayden Jones

Q: What is your favorite team in the NBA, why?

A: I like Oklahoma Thunder, I have loved them since the start and am a huge fan of Russell Westbrook.

Q: Who do you think will win the playoffs, why? By how many points?

A: I think that it will be like last year and it will end up with Golden State Warriors and Cavaliers, but this time it will be the Warriors that take the victory. They might win because they have some of the best shooters on their team; they will beat the Cavaliers by 17 points.

         In conclusion, the NBA playoffs have started and a lot of teams are doing their best to win the championship game. Many students at school believe the same thing as last year will happen, with the Golden State going against and winning the Cavaliers.

Come Get Your Yearbook Today!
 Come Get Your Yearbook Today!

By: Mayreli Abundis and Mariela Arellano

March 4th, 2017


        Our Publications class has been working very hard all year to make sure that that 2016-2017 TeWinkle yearbook is a memorable one. After months and months of snapping pictures and setting them in their pages, the yearbook is finally complete. You can order your yearbook today at the accounting window for only $35. We asked a couple of students from the publications class to see what they thought about working on the yearbook.


Destiny Radillo:

Q: Why did you choose to be in Publications?

A: The teachers recommended it, and I thought it was a good idea to try something new.


Q: What was your favorite part about Publications?

A: The fact that we get to help out for the yearbook is pretty cool.


Q: What was the most difficult part?

A: I thought it was all easy.


Q: What advice do you give to anyone new to publications?

A: Don’t get distracted and be creative in taking your pictures.


Ramiro Coyotzi:

Q: Why did you choose to be in Publications?

A: I like writing articles and taking pictures.


Q: What was your favorite part about Publications?

A: My favorite part are the parties and getting along with classmates.


Q: What was the most difficult part?

A: The yearbook program was hard to get used to but in the end  I got it.


Q: What advice do you give to anyone new to publications?

A: Try your best?..Yeahhhhhh.


Sydney Bantel:

Q: Why did you choose to be in Publications?

A: I chose to be in Publications because I like to take pictures and be active around school.


Q: What was your favorite part about Publications?

A: My favorite part about being in Publications is that we can all work together and still have fun.


Q: What was the most difficult part?

A: The most difficult part is keeping up with your deadlines.


Q: What advice do you give to anyone new to publications?

A: Be creative, get along with your classmates and work together.


By Destiny Radillo



        The cheerleading tryouts weren’t that long ago and it is already ending. The cheers were thrilling to see performed and for the cheerleaders, it was exciting to go up and cheer on the school! The cheerleaders performed in many rallies and sports games. They got the crowd and players pumped up with their cheers, and they did an excellent job on having an enthusiastic look on their faces. I interviewed a few students to learn what they thought about cheer ending, and on what they thought of the cheer team performances this year.


Kimberly Garcia

Q:What do you think of cheer ending?

A:I think now it’s less enthusiastic because there is no cheering during track meets.

Q:What was your favorite performance to watch?

A:My favorite performance was the first basketball game because there were cheerleaders cheering, and it was very fun because my friends went with me!

Q:Would you join next year? Why?

A:No, because it’s not what I like doing.

Q: What do you think about the cheer team?

A: They are nice, and they’re good at what they do.


Natalie Aguayo        

Q:What do you think of cheer ending?

A: I think cheer was fun and I really liked the experience.

Q:Why did you join cheer?    

A: I joined cheer with a couple of my friends cause I was interested in it and so were they.

Q:Do you think you’ll join cheer next year? Why?

A: I think I will because I really liked it, it was fun.

Q:What was your favorite performance?

A: My favorite performance was actually the first one all though I was nervous it ended up being fun and we did really good.


Welcome to LA!
Welcome to LA!

Blake Peck

May, 1, 2017


         The Chargers have been a San Diego team their entire life until now. The “LA” chargers will at their new stadium Inglewood in 2019, but their temporary home will be the Stubhub center, home of the LA Galaxy. Their first game starts in Sept. 11 facing their all time rival, the Broncos at Stubhub center. The LA Chargers are now back for their second time hoping to get a little more love than what they received in San Diego.

        The new practice field is in Costa Mesa just off of fairview. Their new practice field was their “best option” said the manager of the establishment and with being still so close to the ocean they said, “Feels like home”. Their new practice field in Costa Mesa is said to be disrupting the animals and  their living arrangement but yet the chargers feel it is the best spot for them at the moment.  And after months of planning the farm field was fixed up and ready to be played on.

        Some of the  players had an opinion on leaving San Diego like her, Antonio Gates said, “San Diego has always been my home, it's been all of ours so why would they make us leave our home.” So if you're in town, go check out our local team, the LA Chargers!


The Biggest Game of Year so Far
The Biggest Game of Year so Far

Ramiro Coyotzi and Alex Vega



         On April 23, Real Madrid played against Barcelona. Barcelona won a 3-2 victory. The game took place at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu located in Madrid, Spain. This game was so important because the two biggest teams were playing against each other and they are rivals.

         The first goal was made by Casemiro into the net and the fans went wild but not for long. In the 32 minute Messi scored a amazing goal passing it to Busquets, he passes it to Rakitic, and back to Messi who took on two Real Madrid defenders and shot it into the net. The next goal was made by Barcelona, Messi tries to shoot and hits off Nacho’s leg and Rakitic got the rebound, teased the Real Madrid defender, and shoots from a long distance and nailed it to the back of the net. The third goal of the games was by James Rodriguez when Marcelo centers it and Rodriguez shot it over the goalkeeper. The last goal was the best play of the game. In the 91th minute with 2 minutes extra time Sergio Roberto passed the ball to Andre Gomez who passes it to Jordi Alba, who passes it quickly to Messi who shoots it to the bottom corner to make the score 3-2 and his 500th goal for Barcelona.


We asked Kevin Flores some questions about the game:

Q: What team do you think is better?

A: I think Barcelona is better because they have MSN. ( Messi, Suarez, Neymar)

Q: What did you think about the game?

A: I though it was a surprise because Barcelona won in the last minute.

Q: Messi? Or Ronaldo?

A: Messi because he broke more records.

Q: What do you think of Messi scoring his 500th goal?

A: I think it was a historical moment.

Q: Who was your favorite player in the game?

A: Sergio Roberto because he took on the Real Madrid defenders.


By: Adlai Silva And Jack Nash

April 27th, 2017


        Fidget Spinners have become a new trend that is very popular among young students. These toys are spinners that are meant to relieve stress. The spinners have been effective on helping fidgeting problems with people who either have a medical condition, like autism or ADHD, or for people who have a hard time to relax. The spinners are usually made of metal, like brass and titanium, and plastic. They usually look like they have a bearing in the middle that you hold on too and have two or three other bearings that are used to spin. The spinners were created in 1997 by Catherine A. Hettinger in the U.S..

Ever since the creation, there has been a variety in shapes and designs. Depending on what type of you own, you could adjust the vibration, noise, and spin time. Many students in school, have started buying them either online, like Ebay or Amazon, or in nearby stores, like Walmart, and have used them as toys and distractions in class. We have many TeWinkle Trojans who own their very own fidget spinners and have their own opinions on them.

         Aidan Wallington, an eighth grader, has been in the middle of the trend. When we asked him if he got his spinner because of his needs or because he wanted one, he said, “The trend, duh, I’ve had mine before the trend got popular.” We asked him where he got his fidget spinner and for how much, he responded with, “I got mine in Amazon for 12.99.” We then asked him how many spinners he owned and he replied, “I own two.” Lastly, we asked if he saw them as distracting and he said, “Not to me, but they are distracting to others.”

         Next we Interviewed Harrison Jones, another eighth grader who has also been caught up in the trend. When we asked him if he got his fidget spinners because he wanted one or because he needed one and he answered, “The Trend.” When we asked him where he got his spinners and for how much, he replied, “Online for 6 cents.” Next, we asked how many fidget spinners he owned and he said, “I own 10.” Finally, we asked him if he felt that the spinners were distracting and he responded with, “It is only distracting if you don’t need them.”

         Then we Interviewed Jacob Potts, another eighth grader who was one of the first students to have these spinners.When we asked him if he got his fidget spinners because he wanted one or because he needed one and he answered, “I need them because if you see me in  classes, I like to tap and stuff.” When we asked him where he got his spinners and for how much, he replied, “Online and from a cousin and the ones online were a lot.” Next, we asked how many fidget spinners he owned and he said, “I own 3, 2 from online stores and 1 from one of my cousins as a gift.” Finally, we asked him if he felt that the spinners were distracting and he responded with, “It is for the people since they don't need them.”

         Lastly, we interviewed Ms. Aceves, a P.E. teacher, and asked her opinion on if she thought if fidget spinners were distracting, to teachers, staff, and students, and she replied, “Yes because now they come in variety and colors and some glow in the dark.” Then asked her if she thought that the fidget spinners were appropriate for the students in TeWinkle, and she answered, “Yes because they like toys, just like the skateboards (tech decks) and people just play with them.”

         These spinners are after all just toys, but the impacting the are having around people is very noticeable. It is hard to say how long this trend will last for, but it is very clear that as of now, this trend is staying at schools and kids for some time. Whether or not if these toys will cause more problems is hard to say, but it is safe to assume that we all have used one and enjoy them, even the teachers and staff! This was Adlai Silva and Jack Nash spinning out with another article for TeWinkle!

Ariadna Gonzalez and Mariah Rosales-Medina

April 28, 2017


        Amazon has been very helpful making it easy to shop without have to deal with crowds. We are able to have more time to enjoy some free time. Although Amazon has helped a lot it has not helped retailers like Kmart, Sears, Bebe, and JCPenney. These retailers have been closing because they have lost billions of dollars for failing to provide a fast and easy way for customers to compare prices and being able to buy online. When stores close we get the benefits of saving a lot of money from the sales the store provides to get rid of the items they have left. Not all locations will be closed there will be some that will be left open.

        We interviewed a few students and teachers if they prefer shopping online, in person, or if they prefer both. 42 students prefer to shop in person and 5 students prefer to shop online and 9 students prefer to shopping both in person and online. If we interviewed the whole school will have 5% like to shop online, 76% like to shop in person and 19% like both.

        Some of the people we interviewed told us that they like shopping online because the online provides better offers, gives you more time to do other things, and you don't have to deal with the crowds. The people who said they prefer shopping in person said they enjoy going out of the house more and they support local business people. They’re many people that have different opinions of shopping.


Thank You Mom
Thank You Mom

By: Alondra Alvarado

MaryCarmen Perez



        Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th and it's time to celebrate our wonderful mothers. Many people celebrate on different days in many parts of the world. It is  mostly celebrated on the months of March or May. Many people send cards or gifts such as flowers, chocolate, clothing or something handmade to their mother. Some families organize a special day just for their mother. Some schools make handmade small gifts for Mothers day.

In the United States Mother’s Day officially began in the early 20th century it was first celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother.


Person interviewed: Meliza Ibarra


Q: What will you be doing to celebrate this occasion?

A: We’ll probably go out for dinner and buy her roses and perfume as a gift


Q: Why do you celebrate it?

A: I celebrate it because she's my mom and I love her


Q: What do you think about your mom?

A:  She's very hardworking and very cool


Person interviewed: Maritza Gonzalez

Q: What will you be doing to celebrate this occasion?

A: Me and my family will probably take her out or do something for her


Q: Why do you celebrate it?

A: Me and my family celebrate it because it's the day we celebrate her


Person interviewed: Mrs.Laux

Q: What do you expect for Mother’s Day?

A: Nothing, I expect spending time with my family


Q: Are you proud to be a mom?

A: Yes it has changed my life drastically  

        Mother's Day is not the only day you should apreciate your mother. A mother can bring you happiness and many more things, so every day should be Mother's Day to appreciate all the mothers around the world.

The Golden Open House
The Golden Open House

May, 1st, 2017

Lily Shandalove & Grace Mits


         Open house will be amazing this year! With a theme of the California Gold Ribbon Schools award, this open house will be about our accomplishments and achievements. Open house will be on May 10th, from 5:15pm to 7:30pm. The schedule will include an introduction and then you can roam around and go to whatever class you want! You don’t even have to go to your own classes! We interviewed Ms. Hurst and Ms. Motamed to find out a little bit more about open house and their favorite parts.


Mrs. Hurst

Q: What are you going  to cover at the beginning of open house?

A: We will be showing a video of TeWinkle’s accomplishments and how we received the Gold Ribbon Award.

Q: Is there going to be food available?

A: Yes, there will be free BBQ, and this funded by the PTA Foundation. There will also be live music provided by a DJ!

Q: Why do we have open house at TeWinkle?

A: TeWinkle has open house because we want students and parents to have a little something leftover from elementary. This also gives parents a chance to see what their child has done all year.
Q: What is your favorite part of open house?

A: My favorite part is watching parents talk to teachers and staff, I love seeing the interaction.

Q: What is one thing you did to improve from last years open house?

A: Well, the Gold Ribbon theme is the biggest change. Usually we would talk about what's trending at TeWinkle or what's new at TeWinkle.


Q: How long does it take you to prepare for open house?

A: I have to prepare all year to get ready for open house.

Q: Are there any projects you will be putting up?

A: Yes, I will be putting up our equation/expression puzzle hexagon.

Q: Do you get nervous when talking to all the parents?

A: At the beginning I am nervous, but towards the end it’s no problem.

Q:What is your favorite part of open house?

A: I enjoy walking around and meeting other parents and families.


        In conclusion, open house will be a fun event for you and your family to attend. We will have food and it will end at 7:30pm. We hope you can attend and show your parents all your hard work.