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March 2018

March Broadcast
Cole Domino
Cole Domino

By: Kaya Pagard and Monik Rodriguez

March 9, 2018


    Cole Domino, former TeWinkle student, was hit by a vehicle on Saturday 24, 2018 on 19th Street at Monrovia Avenue in Costa Mesa. He was rushed to the Children's Hospital of Orange County and underwent a two-hour emergency brain surgery because of his major fractured skull and brain swelling. On the Thursday after the accident, the Go Fund Me page had over $37,000. Doctors had later removed a piece of Cole’s brain, which they will keep in a freezer until they feel it is safe to put back in.  Cole’s family is very worried that surgeries will affect Cole’s ability. He is now doing better and recovering from all of his surgeries.

By: Grace Mits and Zoe Anderle

March 8, 2018


       Get ready, because boys soccer is coming up! The first game was on March 6 against Sowers, and our 7th-grade team, coached by Oscar, scored a victory 5-0. The 8th graders, coached by Ms. Ross, unfortunately, lost, but we’re pumped for the next game. We asked some of the players about their experiences on the team and why they joined.

        Patrick Goodfellow, an 8th grader, says he joined because he likes the game and has been playing his whole life. “I play the right wing position, and I would’ve been on the team last year if I didn’t have to keep up with my grades.”

        Another 8th grader on the team, Matthew Duarte, wasn’t on it last year either due to being sick during try-outs but joined this year saying, “I really wanted to [join] because I thought it would be fun. We’re definitely looking forward to having fun during the games too!”

        7th grader Chris Sollano joined because he was looking forward to the fun too. “I love soccer and I play on a club team.” That experience will surely help us in the upcoming games.

        The next game is on Tuesday, March 15 at TeWinkle, so be sure to be there and support our players. Go Trojans!

By: Diana L. Granados



        On the March 1, many students received an invitation to attend a ceremony in which they were to receive awards for the achievement of their G.P.A., or in other words Grade Point Average. The awards ceremony was held in Boswell Hall on a Thursday to congratulate those who took the effort to work hard and accomplish their goals. The awards were presented by Mrs. Milam. Students got a magnet with their award. There were about 300 students in total. The award assembly was recognizing students with an accumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and with good citizenship. The next Awards ceremony will take place during the 4th quarter. It will recognize students with an accumulative GPA for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter. A special award will be given to 8th-grade students that have had an accumulative 4.0 GPA during both 7th and 8th-grade quarters.

         For some students, it took a lot of effort to keep their grades up. For some students, the most important thing to do was to find full concentration during class times. While some others kept their 4.0 grade by adjusting and becoming more comfortable in classes. Some claimed to have realized how important their grades have become for them now. Either way all honors or no honors, those who are recognized for the achievement should enjoy the ceremony.   


Spirit Run
 Spirit Run

By: Elle Romine, Elise Keane and Quincy Corbean



        Are you ready to run?! On Sunday, March 18th the 35th annual Spirit Run is taking place! The Spirit Run will be held at Fashion Island in Newport Beach all day long. This event is calling all adults, youth, kids, and dogs to join several runs and walks. The races include a 10k, 5k, 1 mile, ½ mile, and more.

        Newport-Mesa school district hosts this event that everyone is invited to. They host these things to promote childhood fitness, provide scholarships, provide opportunity but most importantly to raise money for the Newport Mesa schools. Over $2,000,000 has been raised for local schools. If you're interested, go on down to Fashion Island on the 18th and participate in a run or walk!

Los Angeles Angels New Team
Los Angeles Angels New Team

By: Jack Moyer & Alex Vega



        This year’s LA Angels team is looking a lot better than last years team. They basically have the same team but over the break, they got Shohei Ohtani, who is one of the best players in Japan. He is a starting pitcher and a power hitter. His first plate appearance of Spring Training fell behind 0-2 and ended up drawing a walk. He is not doing that good in Spring Training but Mike Scioscia the manager, stated he is going to wait patiently for him to do good. They also signed Justin Upton for the playoffs last year for 5 years from the Detroit Tigers.

        Last year, the best hitter on the team was Mike Trout because he had the most home runs, best batting average, and best on-base percentage on the team. The best pitcher last year was Ricky Nolasco. He had the best-earned run average and most strikeouts on the team. The best 3 hitters last year were Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and Andrelton Simmons. Their catcher Martin Maldonado had the most starts out of all the catchers in the league last year.

        Their first game is March 29th against the Oakland Athletics in Oakland. Their first home game is April 2nd against the Cleveland Indians. They won the World Series in 2002 and hope they win it again this year.


Alyssa Garrett and Thu Nguyen

March 5, 2018


        The amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm is holding Physics Day for schools’ science classes. On March 15th our school gets to choose the top 5 roller coasters and those five are brought to Knotts and entered into the competition on physics day. Some of the requirements are that the roller coaster needs at least one loop with other twist and turns as well. Another requirement is that the width and length have to be a certain length in order to not be disqualified.

        At Knotts Berry Farm, there are thrilling roller coaster rides that are fun for kids and adults of all age. Students get to attend the whole day at the amusement park feeling the thrill of the rides and comparing them to the ones they created.

        Eighth graders Kelsey Lopez and Kaya Pagard gave us an insight on the trip and what their roller coaster designs were. We asked Kelsey Lopez if she was excited about the field trip and why? Then she responded Yes because she gets to ride the rides with her friends and also have a chance to win one of the categories with her group's roller coaster project. Next, we asked her what her favorite part of the process was when beginning the project, and she replied, “I liked to build and test out my roller coaster to make sure it met the requirements and was able to function correctly.”    

        Then we asked another 8th grader, Kaya Pagard some questions. First, we asked her what her roller coaster design was, and she said it involves many loops, turn, bumps, tunnels, and maybe an upside-down loop as well. Secondly, we asked what she got to do at Knotts, and she replied that they get to wander with their friends in the park and go on the many available rides,  but then at a certain time they meet up somewhere in the amusement park to watch the competition.

        In conclusion, the Knotts trip sounds very fun, and it seems like all the 8th graders are very excited.



By Destiny Radillo and Emelyn Tototzin

March 8, 2018


        On March 23 the publications class and a few from ASB will be going on a field trip to UCI called Walk in My Shoes. Walk in My Shoes brings together schools from all over Orange County to attend a fun conference to learn about positive change and empowering students to change the world. Students attend three one-hour workshops, choosing from over 20 different sessions including interactive workshops, theater, panel discussions, and presentations by students and community organizers. We asked a few publication students their thoughts about on the field trip.


Perla Martinez

Q: What do you think you will learn about on the field trip?

A: I look forward to learning something new


Gabriella Lopez

Q: What do you think you will learn about on the field trip?

A: I think we will learn about new stuff at every workshop.


Alejandra Gonzalez

Q: What do you think you will learn about on the field trip?

A: I think we will learn about college.

Real Gold
Real Gold

Kimberly Palacios and Perla Martinez



        Welcome back Trojans, in this article we are going to be talking about something that coming up soon, St. Patrick’s Day. The legend behind the holiday is that Saint Patrick ministered Christianity in Ireland in the fifth century. Even though you might be thinking this event was first held in Ireland, it was actually held in New York in 1762. It was held in New York because of the increase of the Irish immigration to the United States in the mid-19th century. As you might already figure it out people of Irish culture celebrate this day, but of course, other people also celebrate this day. Other people celebrate this day because if they don’t wear green they will get pinched. The story behind pinching is that if you wear green you will be invisible to the mischievous fairies, but if you are not wearing green then the leprechauns will pinch you to remind you. 

        We had the opportunity to interview some students about this topic. We first interviewed the 8th grader Diana Garcia and she said, “I celebrate St. Patrick’s day by wearing green to school. This St. Patrick’s Day I will be wearing green because I don’t wanna get pinched and I’m showing school spirit.”

        We also interviewed the 7th grader Shamira Orozco. She says “I celebrate St.Patrick’s Day by wearing green that day and plus I don’t want to get pinched.”

        Thank you Trojans for taking time in your day to read our article. St. Patricks Day is coming up. Make sure you wear green, so you don’t get pinched.


Fortnite: Battle Royale
Fortnite: Battle Royale

By, Ramiro Coyotzi



        Fortnite is a 3rd person survival video game. The creator of the game is EPIC GAMES. The most popular game mode is Battle Royale. The Battle Royale modes objective is to battle against 100 other people. The last one alive wins the game. There is a huge map where you can land in popular places like Tilted Towers or Pleasant Park. You can play solo, duo, or squads where you can play with friends. When you land somewhere there will be chests containing material you can use like wood to make a fort or weapons to protect yourself.

        I interviewed Kevin Flores and Alex Vega about the Battle Royale mode. I asked Kevin why he likes Fortnite and he said he likes it because he likes playing with his friends. He has 80 wins so far. His favorite place to land on the map is at Tilted Towers. Next, I asked Alex the same questions and he said he likes Fortnite because it's fun and competitive. He has 91 wins right now. He likes to land at Pleasant Park because there is lots of good loot (materials and weapons) and a lot of people ready for action. In conclusion, Fortnite is a survival video game that is fun to play with friends.


By: Alejandra Gonzalez & Gabriella Lopez

March 1, 2018   


         What would you do if there was a shooting at your school? Can you imagine that happening here at Tewinkle, well we’re going to tell you an actual tragic event that happened in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, on February 14, 2018.The tragic shooting started when Nikolas Cruz pulled the fire alarm to get an easy shot of the students and teachers. Teachers and students came out thinking an actual fire was going on and that's when Nikolas Cruz stated shooting. 17 people were killed by Nikolas Cruz. Police got to the school and couldn't find Nikolas, but then a police cruiser passed by and saw Nikolas wandering, the police cruiser noticed Nikolas did not run, he just laid on the grass waiting to be handcuffed.

        What can we do to prepare for something like this? Is to have practice drills and take them seriously, which we have every month, and if any student sees someone with a dangerous weapon to report to the office immediately.  

        We asked  Dalilah Alatorre a 7th grader, what she thinks about the shooting? “That it was a really tragic event in a High School.”

         Another 7th grader that we interviewed was Nataly Tamayo and we asked her why she thought the shooting happened in a school? “Probably because there were more people to hurt.”

         That is all for now Trojans! Thank you, and have a nice day!


By:Elle Romine, Quincy Corbean and Elise Keane



        On March 9th TeWinkle invited all the 6th graders from the feeder schools to come and have a tour of our school. Students at TeWinkle introduced all of our electives and gave them a paper to fill out which electives they wanted to be a part of this September. TeWinkle representatives also introduced the sports we have to offer at our school. We had a rally, and we picked some of the 6th graders to play a balloon popping game. 6th graders also learned what is to be expected of their behavior and performance when attending this school. After the tour, the sixth graders ended their trip with some yummy popsicles.

        We interviewed 6th graders, Evan LeCours and Dean Romine. Dean said that he was excited for all the athletics but nervous to enter a new school. Evan said that he is going to apply for Robotics because he likes putting things together and learning new things. Both of these 6th graders have siblings in 7th grade this year and are anxious to go to school with their older siblings. We are so excited to have these 6th graders coming to our school next year!


by: Eric Angeles



    Golf is a popular sport. So popular that there is now a club at TeWinkle all about it. So if you are interested, you might want to read this. They meet Wednesday at the Costa Mesa Country Club. If you're worried that you might get hit well there are not many accidents so it's a good sport to play if you're not a fan of getting hurt. Joining golf with a friend will make it extra fun. You can also make new friends. They are really friendly and would like to help you. If Mr. Heredia is your favorite teacher then you’re in luck because he's the golf coach. Golf looks hard, but practice before you go hardcore on that ball because ‘Practice makes perfect’. The most enjoyable thing about this sport is that if you practice then it's` not hard. Because it's a club, anyone can join. You could talk to your friends and have a good time while playing golf.


The Games Have Now Ended
The Games Have Now Ended


By: Tara Schroeder


        The 2018 Winter Olympics was held in PyeongChang, South Korea. The Olympics started February 9 and ended February 25. Some of the more popular sports in the games are figure skating, snowboarding, and ice hockey. In all there are 15 Winter Olympic events. There are over 200 countries competing in the Winter Olympics. The country that had the most medals by the end was Norway with 39 medals. The United States of America came in 4th with 23 medals. The US got nine gold medals, eight silver medals, and six bronze medals. The gold medals came from the men's curling team, women's ice hockey, David Wise, women’s cross-country skiing team spirit, Mikaela Shiffrin, Shaun White, Chloe Kim, Jamie Anderson, and Redmond Gerard.

        The first Winter Olympics was in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The 1924 games started January 25 and ended February 5. There were 16 countries, 16 events, and over 250 athletes. The U.S. got two medals in those games. Anders Haugen got 3rd place in Normal Hill Individual Men's event. Charles Jewtraw got a gold medal in speed skating 500m.   

        Esttefany Quintana and Nadine Humbert are 8th graders who watched the Olympics. They both enjoyed watching figure skating. Esttefany thought that the most surprising thing that happened in the games was when two gold medals were given in the 2-man bobsleigh event. The top two teams got the same exact time. Nadine thought that the women’s ice hockey team winning gold was exciting. Esttefany thought that the most exciting thing in the Olympics was watch the aerials skiing events.

        It was fun to watch and cheer on the United States of America in the Winter Olympics. We can look forward to doing the same thing at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.


By Blake Peck and Samantha Gomez



        The week of February 19, 2018, teens that survived the Florida shooting took part in a protest against the gun laws. They believe it is very unfair that these gun laws have not changed.

        The teens will begin to protest on March 14 and will march for 17 minutes because that was the number of casualties in the shooting. Many students have spoken up about these laws and many teachers and adults have taken part in protesting these laws.

Many students don't want much, just better laws such as not letting an underage kid buy a weapon especially when they are mentally unstable. Stores all around have taken part in this protest by not selling any weapons relating to the attack such as m40s and such.

        We spoke to a few students, Tyler Humphries and Royce Thompson to ask them about their thoughts on the protest. Tyler said, ¨I believe what they are saying is courageous and is strong and is definitely within their rights¨. Royce explained, ¨They are in their right to express what they are saying.¨

        If you are concerned about the protesting and want to know more, contact local websites and keep up with the news to stay in the loop.


By: Denise Zecua and Natalie Valladolid



    Good afternoon Trojans, some may not know but 7th and 8th-grade girls soccer has started. Did you know soccer originated more than 2,000 years ago in Ancient China, Greece and Rome? England made is popular, then other places started playing this sport.

    The coach for 7th graders is Mrs.Winkenweder and for the 8th graders, it’s Carrie Richard.Their 1st game was on Tuesday, March 6th vs Sowers and then their next game is on Thursday, March 8th vs Corona Del Mar. 7th graders and 8th graders practice on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  

Here are the 7th-grade girls soccer team:

  • Yassuny Pichardo

  • Makayla Muniz

  • Wendy Ocampo

  • Elly Goan

  • Ally Fitzgerald

  • Yvonne Padilla

  • Jennifer Basurte

  • Ayushi Shah

  • Yadira Orellana

  • Stephanie Castellon

  • Suly Alvarez

  • Lyla Kibin

  • Destanie Garcia

  • Kayden Vasquez

  • Yennifer Lopez

  • Aurora Gonzolez

  • Souheeilah Vargez,

  • Carmen Ocampo

  • Makena Ray

  • Daphne Romo

  • Sherlyn Sandoval

Here are the 8th grade girls soccer team:

  • Iris Aguilar

  • Danna Arroyo

  • Diana Garcia

  • Alyssa Garrett

  • Kara Hernandez

  • Sofia Hernandez

  • Nicole Jewett

  • Grace Mits

  • Ashley Nieto

  • Estefany Quintar

  • Adriana Rabanales

  • Mariana Rabanales

  • Jocelyn Rios

  • Ruby Uchytil

  • Roxanna Zarate

The team captains for 7th grade is :

  • Yassuny Pichardo

  • Elly Goan

  • Ally Fitzgerald

  • Jennifer Lopez

The team captains for 8th graders are:

  • Alyssa Garrett

  • Ashley Nieto.

    7th grader Suly Alvarez told us, “I enjoy playing soccer because I get a lot of exercise and it helps me get stronger.” She also mentioned, “I want to play soccer as a living because it is the best sport I have played since I was small.”

    8th grader Alyssa Garrett  reveals, “ I enjoy playing soccer because it is a good competition and It gives me good exercise.´´ She also told us´´ I would like to play soccer as a hobby because I want to stay fit and keep myself busy.”

    Lastly, we interviewed Mrs.Winkenweder and she mentioned, “I decided to coach soccer because I wanted to share my love for soccer with the girls.” Mrs.Winkenwerder also revealed, “I have been playing soccer ever since a child all the way to college in UC Davis.”

    In conclusion, we wish the teams good luck and never give up.