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April 2018

April Broadcast

By, Ramiro Coyotzi



       Fortnite is a 3rd person survival video game. The creator of the game is EPIC GAMES. The most popular game mode is Battle Royale. The Battle Royale modes objective is to battle against 100 other people. The last one alive wins the game. There is a huge map where you can land in popular places like Tilted Towers or Pleasant Park. You can play solo, duo, or squads where you can play with friends. When you land somewhere there will be chests containing material you can use like wood to make a fort or weapons to protect yourself.

        I interviewed Kevin Flores and Alex Vega about the Battle Royale mode. I asked Kevin why he likes Fortnite and he said he likes it because he likes playing with his friends. He has 80 wins so far. His favorite place to land on the map is at Tilted Towers. Next, I asked Alex the same questions and he said he likes Fortnite because it's fun and competitive. He has 91 wins right now. He likes to land at Pleasant Park because there is lots of good loot (materials and weapons) and a lot of people ready for action. In conclusion, Fortnite is a survival video game that is fun to play with friends.


Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!

By:Gabriella Lopez & Perla Martinez

March 29, 2018


        What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Easter? Sunday, April 1st some people like to celebrate Easter! Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus three days after his crucifixion, and remembering the resurrection of Jesus is a way to renew daily hope that we have in us. The holiday started when the early Christians began remembering the Resurrection one Sunday following it’s incident. The origin meaning of Easter is because of a goddess either, “the season of new birth”, “the season of the growing sun”, or “white week”.

        8th grader,  Andrew Valladolid celebrated Easter by  “I went to Church and after me and my family got dinner.” Also he said, “My family is religious and I have to do everything like them.”  

        With this being said, hope you had an amazing Easter and spent it with your family!    



Jokes On You!
Jokes On You!

By Emelyn Tototzin and Destiny Radillo


        April fool's is a day where people spread hoaxes and jokes for fun. After they play out their prank or joke they shout “April fools!!”  announce it was a joke. We celebrate April fools day so we can do jokes on our friends and families. Another reason we celebrate April fools day is because it was celebrated in Ancient Rome. This is because when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, as called for by the Council of Trent. April fools day is celebrated on April 1st. Many people around the world will be celebrating April fools day because it’s the only time it’s okay to pull a hoax. This special day is most celebrated in European and Western countries.

        April fools is a great time to get your fun on by pulling pranks on people that you might have just been waiting for to pull a prank on, It is also a harmless way to have fun, and it has been celebrated world-wide in many places for years now. An epic prank you can do on your own is an insect lamp. All you do is cut out a picture of an insect and tape on a lamp turn on the lamp and it looks like a huge bug is on their lamp! Another prank you can pull is making caramel onions and offering it to them as caramel “apples”. When they come in for the bite they will actually be taking a bite out of a juicy onion. Finally, the last prank is getting an oreo and replacing the middle part with toothpaste or something close to the color. Hope you enjoy and try out these funny pranks and have a great April Fools!


Mariela Santiago-

Q-What will you be doing on April fools?

A- I will probably prank a few of my friends and my older brother.

Q-What is a prank you pulled or has been pulled on you in the past?

A- Once I cracked an egg on my friends head and said “ You just “crack” me up” it wasn't funny but it was a good opportunity to crack an egg on his head.

Q-Who do you think is the best prankster in your family?

A-  I think that my brother and I are the best pranksters in my family.


Emily Palmas -

Q-What will you be doing on April fools?

A-I will be pranking a few of my family members

Q-What is a prank you pulled or was pulled on you in the past?

A- A prank that was pulled on me was that someone told me to blow on a dandelion, and I did, But when I was blowing the dandelion, they put it in my mouth.

Q-Who do you think is the best prankster in your family?

A-I think I am the best prankster in my family


Off to the White House
Off to the White House


By: Tara Schroeder

       Over spring break some 8th graders are going on a trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York. They are going to see national monuments and a Broadway show. Students are going to stay in hotels where they will share a room with their buddy. The school is not paying for the students to go, their parents are. Mr. Heredia, Miss Delgado, and Miss Winkenweder are going to chaperone the trip.

       An 8th graders James Ruorock and Brodi White are going on the trip. James says that he is going because he might not have another chance to go. Brodi wants to go because it could be an eye-opening experience. James is most excited to see the Twin Towers Memorial in New York, while Brodi is looking forward to seeing all the different monuments.

       We hope that everyone has a good time on the trip. The 7th graders can start to save up money to go on this trip next year as 8th graders.

By Grace Mits & Ramiro

April 9, 2018


        This year the boys' soccer season was a big surprise. The 7th graders won the championship while the 8th grade boys didn't make it to the finals. They played 5 games in total. In the season we played against Sowers, CDM, Ensign, Dwyer, and Costa Mesa. The coach for the 8th grade boys team was Miss Ross. The 7th grade boys coach was Mr. Oscar. Throughout the season there were many memorable things such as amazing shots on goal and fantastic plays.  

        Jairo took three shots on goal during the season and did score once. While Kevin took about ten shots on goal and made around 6. Marcos shot once and scored once. Cesar took around 100 shots and made around 8.

        All of these boys have amazing memories, but here are their favorites. Jair´s favorite memory was interacting with his teammates. Kevin found that he liked playing as a team was his favorite part. Contributing to the team and becoming like a family was Marcos´s favorite part. Cesar enjoyed hanging out and making new friends.

        One thing that these boys would change about the season would be that Jairo would change the way his team was positioned. Training harder would be the thing the Kevin would change. Marcos would change which kids were cut. Caesar would change the score against Ensign.

       Here is just a little about the boys' soccer season.  

Craziness in March
Craziness in March

By: Jack Moyer & Alex Vega



        Some people may say that March is one of the most boring months,but March Madness makes it the one of the greatest months of all. What is March Madness you may ask? Well, it is a men’s college basketball tournament, and it is single elimination. 68 college teams enter the tournament. North Carolina Tar Heels won the tournament last year.

        The biggest underdogs in the this year's tournament was Texas Southern, Penn, UMBC and Radford. The teams that were most likely to win were Villanova, Virginia, Xavier, and Kansas. The Elite 8 were Florida State, Michigan, Kansas, Duke, Villanova, Texas Tech, Kansas St., and Loyola Chicago. With four teams left, two of the number one teams were still in the tournament, Villanova and Kansas along with Michigan and Loyola Chicago. Michigan was ranked 3rd and Loyola was ranked 11th. In the championship was Villanova and Michigan. Villanova ended up on top with the win. It was one of the best March Madnesses of all time.


Spring Trends
Spring Trends

By: Alyssa Garrett and Monik Rodriguez

March 29, 2018


        Young people in society these days are all about being trendy in different styles of clothing and accessories. The definition of trendy is to be up to date with bigger inspirations and bring back olden day’s styles. Some inspirations in our society today are Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls, and Alexa Chung. Major trends that started in 2017 till now were jean jackets, smaller styled sunglasses, mom/boyfriend jeans from Levi’s, overalls, soft puffy jackets, jean skirts, Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, and old school Nike shoes, such as Cortez’s or Air Max. These startup by popular people who many people look up to like celebrities or bloggers. They also come from France. The country is home to legendary designers including Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy.

        We got the chance to interview some trend followers Zoe Anderle, Hank Hernandez, and Elise Keane.

Zoe Anderle-

Q: What was your favorite trend from 2017-2018?

A: My favorite trend is bringing back Champion and overlaying tank tops on shirts.

Hank Hernandez-
Q: Who inspires you?

A: I have many, but my favorite is Tyler the Creator or Steve Lacy.

Q: What do you consider trendy?

A: Anything old school or sportswear are cool too.

Elise Keane-

Q: What are some of your favorite spring trends?

A: I would say anything floral or light.

Adaptive P.E.
Adaptive P.E.

BY: Quincy Corbean, Elle Romine, and Elise Keane



         APE stands for Adaptive Physical Education and is a class for kids with special needs. In this class, they go out and do PE during 2nd and 3rd period and run with everyone else but play their own games and do their own exercises. They focus on motor developing skills like interacting with other people and skills of the games that they play. Over the past few weeks, they have also been preparing for the special Olympics coming this June

        We talked with Coach Nikki, the APE teacher at TeWinkle Middle School, and she has been coaching the special needs PE class for 11 years and loves it.  They play different games like WII Just Dance and regular sports like soccer, golf and much more. She explained that lots of the students are improving and will try to join a regular PE class and see how it goes.



By:Denise Zecua and Natalie Valladolid



       Welcome back Trojans, some of you may not know but Toys R Us will be closing very soon.

        Toys R Us was found in June 1957 by Charles Lazarus in Washington DC. There are 1,758 stores in the worldwide, the mascot is a giraffe named Dr. G Raffe then changed to Geoffrey. The owners are KKR Co.L.P and Vornado Realty Trust. Toys R Us announced on March 14, 2018, that they were closing. Did you know that every store in the United States will be closed except for the stores in Canada? The stores that are staying open in the United States is Puzzle Zoo in South Coast Plaza, Ambassador Toys in San Francisco, Toy Joy in Austin Texas, Archie McPhee in Seattle Washington, and lastly Dinosaur Farm in South Pasadena.Toys R Us will be closing because not a lot of people are shopping there, they are getting most of their toys at Target, Walmart, and online stores.

    Mrs.Davis mentioned, “If I were to tell my kids that Toys R Us is closing they will be sad and devastated.” She also told us, “I personally never shopped there as a kid because I didn't have one where I lived.’’

    Mrs.Laux replied, “My kids will be disappointed that such a popular store is closing and they will have to look at the toys from a screen and not in person.” She also mentioned, “I think it’s sad because such a big store is closing, but I personally never shopped there.”

    7th grader Debora Cabrera told us, “ I loved to shop at Toys R Us as a kid because they had barbies and I was in love with barbies.’’ She also mentioned, “ I have a little brother that will miss Toys R us because he loves Thomas and Friends and they have so many toys for that.’’

    This is all we know so far about Toys R Us closing. Don't be so sad, Toys R Us hasn't closed quite yet and having a sale to sell off their inventory.


March For Our Lives
March For Our Lives

 By: Kaya Pagard

April 3, 2018   


        March For Our Lives, is a movement created and inspired by Parkland, Florida students, aimed at protecting all students across the United States. The march is about students taking action to fight for gun control because Parkland students believe that too many legislators are controlled by the NRA. The March For Our Lives mission statement says that school safety is not a political issue and no child should go to school wondering if it will be their last day. The goal is to get politicians to work for the people, not the NRA and enact sensible gun safety laws. I interviewed Zoe Campagna and Ruby Uchytil, on what their thoughts were on the march.  

        What was your favorite part? Zoe answered, “My favorite part was seeing everyone join together for a good cause.” Ruby answered, “My favorite part was looking at all the nice posters that people created.”

Why did you decide to participate in the march? Zoe answered, “I decided to participate in the march because I believe that students should not be afraid to go to school.” Ruby answered, “I decided to participate in the march because after I saw what happened to those students in Florida, I wanted to stand up and make sure that that never happens again.”

        In conclusion, the March for our lives is an event that is trying to positively push towards gun control around the world.


By: Eric Angeles



        The 8th grade Avid field trip was on March 27 and they went to Cal Poly Pomona and learned about history behind the school. Our friend Luis Camarena went on the trip and told us all about the school. You have to bring your own lunch because that's better than eating a jelly sandwich. When they got there they had the chance to explore the school and got to see some big buildings and new students. The school was huge and had many rooms. The students were lucky because it was fun and they got to learn why they built this school. Lucky for them it was just our school that had their whole buildings to themselves. Hopefully, the future 8th grade students will go to Cal Poly Pomona.


The Basic Need Hub
The Basic Need Hub

By:Alejandra Gonzalez



        Welcome Trojans, what would you do if you got free food? This food is to help students who need it.  Some college students at UIC go hungry or sometimes have to skip meals. Some could only afford the dining plan with 100  meals a quarter which in fact is the cheapest meal. This food pantry is at UCI ( University of California, Irvine ). Some students started this program in 2015. Is there a fee that they have to pay? Well yes, they have to pay a small fee of $3 per quarter. This program is happening because  44% of UC Irvine students lack access to nutritious food. Nearly 19% of those students are having to skip meals and go hungry, while 25% eat regularly but get by on cheap items that are non-nutritious like ramen or fast food.


We can find some of these local food pantries in

  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

         8014 Marine Way, Irvine

  • Orange County Food Bank

        11870 Monarch Street, Garden Grove Pantries

  • Catholic Charities of Orange County

        3631 W. Warner Avenue, Santa Ana


        These local food pantries are a help to others who need it and whoever started the first food pantries is or was a great person.  

Ending with that I wish you all a great day. See you guys another day!


By: Kimberly Palacios



        Hey Trojans, I think all of you already know what a talent is but for the ones that don’t know a talent is something that you are really good at. For example, if you are really good at soccer then that’s your talent. A secret is something that not a lot of people know. Now you know what a secret talent is.

        A lot of people from this school have pretty cool secret talents like Julianna Armand. Julianna is in 7th grade and her secret talent is gymnastics. I had the pleasure to interview her and she told me, “My mom actually put my sister and me in gymnastics class when I was 3 years old, and I have been competing ever since. Since I’ve been competing I’ve been winning a lot of first places and some 2nd and 3rd places. I’m on a team where we compete for level 1,2,3,4,5 etc, and like diamond, gold, bronze, and those categories.”

        I had the honor to also interview Lauren James. Lauren is in 7th grade and she says it’s not necessarily a secret but she can dance, sing, and act. She actually found out she could sing when she took singing lessons when she was 9 years old. She found out she could dance in her first play when she was 12 years old, and she found out she could act when she did her first play.     

        Thank you, Trojans for taking time to read my article. Also, take a moment to find your secret talent.  It doesn't matter what it is because it’s your talent, and you’re good at it.


By: Blake Peck



        This 2018 year has had a very good start to a beautiful season from new rookies, to the Dodgers lefty pitching staff. With the new season comes a new draft including, Willy Adames, Franklin Barreto, and Jake Bauers.

The Dodgers lefty lineup has been the first since the Yankees in 1949.

        This season we are hoping to see more improvements coming from the Diamondbacks with Gold Glove winner, Zack Greinke, back from injury and back into the game. The first postseason game was on April 2 and went into extra innings, 13 in fact with the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks.

        We asked a few students, James Da La O and Kaiden Kahkosco, about their thoughts on the new season and Kaiden said, “New players mean fresh blood to improve a team”. James explained, “I believe the new lottery picks will be a good add-on to teams all over”.

        In conclusion, this is the 2018 MLB season. If you are interested in watching one of these new and upcoming games, there will be games on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday so don't miss out.


By: Diana L. Granados Ruelas



        Mrs. Kling, our librarian, started a book club. The first meeting was on Tuesday, March 13. There are a total of 18 students who decided to join the book club Mrs. Kling has created. They are reading the book called “The Red Sun” by Alane Adams. The students meet every Tuesday during study groups in the library to enjoy some time reading the book “The Red Sun” and discuss their thoughts on the book. The book club will last a total of 7 weeks. Also, on May 3rd they will have lunch with the author herself. This book club is to encourage students to read more. The book is about a boy named Sam who needs to discover who he really is in a fantasy world and at the same time decide whether to be good or bad. They read 5-10 chapters a week on their own time or during the book club. Then they get together on Tuesdays and talk about what is happened in the chapters read.

        For some, reading at their own pace appears to be best, while others prefer to continue reading 5-10 chapters. What some found interesting is not only does Sam find himself in a fantasy world, but has to pick between saving his friends or saving the 9th realm where he himself is the lord.

By: Zoe Anderle

April 2, 2018


        Spring break is from April 16-20, only a couple weeks from now! Lots of people have made fun vacations and plans, and we’ve asked some TeWinkle students what they’re doing. Many 8th graders are going to the annual D.C. trip, including Mia Fullerton.

        She thinks her favorite part of the trip will be the Smithsonian Museum because she really likes history. Going to a museum sounds like fun.

Some other activities people are doing is going to the beach. Ruby Uchytil is planning on spending a lot of time out on the sand this break. “I’m going to Hawaii. I want to snorkel and hike, and the beach is definitely one of my favorite places to go.”

        Another student, Amariah Raphoon will be soaking up the sun as well, but in Mexico! “I’m going there to ride ATVs and snorkel.” she says. If you don’t want to go as far as Mexico, you can go to the movies to watch some of the newest movies such as A Quiet Place if you want to be on the edge of your seat. Avengers: Infinity war is coming out on April 27, so get ready by watching the Marvel movies like Iron Man and Captain America. Some students will be spending their time skateboarding or playing soccer. Whatever you want to do, vacation time is coming up and there’s a whole week to figure out how you want to relax or have fun!


Goodbye Mr. Powers
Goodbye Mr. Powers

By: Elise Keane, Quincy Corbean, and Elle Romine



        March 31st was a very sad day for 8th-grade AVID students and 7th grade ELA students. A great legend at the school of TeWinkle had left campus… Mr. Powers. Mr. Powers was a long-term substitute for teacher Misty Smith and he has been here for six months. The reason he was here was that Mrs. Smith’s mom was affected by Hurricane Harvey and got really sick so she had to go out on leave.

        Mr. Powers said that he enjoyed teaching ELA because he had more knowledge of Language Arts. He also said that if he could have kept teaching for Mrs. Smith he would have. Mr. Powers was a great long-term sub and he was everyone's favorite. Mr. Powers, you will be missed but don't worry he will still be on campus subbing for other teachers the rest of the year.


Girls Soccer Season
Girls Soccer Season

By: Paulina Abac and Sarah Haddouch


        The soccer season has unfortunately ended, but it will be a season that we won’t forget.

        Lyla Kibin a 7th grader, thought that their best game was against Mesa because they were getting the hang of things. 7th grader Carmen Ocampo said her favorite highlight was getting to have fun with friends. 7th grader Ayushi Shah is thinking about trying out for soccer again next year because she enjoys the sport.

        8th grader Nicole Jewett said that her favorite highlight with the team was making new friends because she didn’t know all of them, and now she gets to hang out with some of them. 8th grader Kara Hernandez said that the season didn’t go really good, but her teammates had fun and that is the important thing when playing sports. 8th grader Mariana Rabanales said that the best game was against Mesa because that they tried their hardest and didn’t give up.

        In conclusion this soccer season is one that we all won’t forget.