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October 2017

October Broadcast

By: Ramiro Coyotzi



         This year at TeWinkle Middle School a lot of teachers left which means we have lots of new teachers to take their place. Some new teachers are Mr. Kim, Ms. Winkenweder, Ms. Ross, Mr. Porzio, Ms. Delgado, and Mrs. DaMirchi.  

        One of the new teachers is Ms.Ross a P.E. teacher. She attended UCLA and Cal State Long Beach. Her job before coming to TeWinkle was at Rancho Santa Margarita Middle School. Ms.Ross wanted to be a teacher here because she thinks we have a good school, we have potential, and have some athletic students. Ms.Ross always thought she was going to be a teacher because she never wanted to work in an office. She feels very fortunate because we have good students and staff.

        Another new teacher is Ms.Delgado and she was actually a long term substitute for Publication and ELA classes here at Tewinkle Middle School. She teaches ELA, attended Vanguard and Cal State Fullerton, and her job before TeWinkle was being a substitute teacher. Ms.Delgado wanted to be a teacher here because she did her student teaching here and the staff here is amazing. She always knew she would be a teacher to help students. She feels amazing being here and she's happy to be back and exited for this year.

        In conclusion, TeWinkle Middle School has new teachers.



By: Sarah Haddouch



        The best holiday is coming up…...Halloween, this amazing holiday originated from the festival of Samhain which came from Ancient Celtic. Halloween is a holiday in which children dress up in a costume and knock on peoples door to collect candy. Halloween is October 31, in 18 days. Halloween came from Ireland, The United KIngdom, and Northern France 2,000 years ago on November 1. Halloween is a fun holiday for celebrating by partying, having fun, and eating candy.

        Many students are in the Halloween spirit such as Jaylee Castaldo. When Jaylee comes back from trick or treating she can’t help herself she eats all her candy and even eats some from the candy bowl for the trick or treaters. Her favorite candy is m&m's. For Halloween, Jaylee’s going for a simple costume this year a cat. During Halloween, Jaylee won’t go to any Halloween parties she just enjoys staying home instead. Jaylee’s favorite Halloween song is “This is Halloween”. A candy that Jaylee dislikes the most is candy corn. Jaylee favorite Halloween activity is pumpkin decorating.

        Another person getting into the Halloween spirit is Liah Perez, her favorite candy to eat is nerds. Liah’s going trick or treating with her friends and her brother. Liah likes to save her candy for the next couple days. Liah’s favorite Halloween activity is pumpkin carving. To get ready for Halloween Liah decorates the house. Liah is going to be a cheerleader for Halloween but she doesn’t have her Halloween costume yet. The candy that she dislikes the most is candy corn.

        Angelina Barasch is in 7th grade this year. Her favorite candy is nerds and she’s going to be a poop emoji for Halloween. Angelina doesn’t have her Halloween costume yet. Angelina likes to spend quality time with her family during Halloween. The candy that Angelina dislikes the most is gummy bears. Angelina’s  favorite Halloween song is “This is Halloween”. Angelina says her favorite thing about Halloween is the candy.

        Iabi Ishida isn’t dressing up for Halloween this year she feels that she hit the age that she’s too old for Halloween. Iabi’s favorite candy is airheads. Iabi isn’t going to any parties she staying home. To get ready for Halloween she just buys candy from the store. Iabi is looking forward to stealing candy from her friends.

        In conclusion, many students at Tewinkle are getting ready for Halloween including Jaylee, Liah, Angelina, and Iabi.


By: Alex Vega & Jack Moyer



        NFL kneeling is when athletes kneel or sit for the National Anthem. The first person that kneeled was Colin Kaepernick during the anthem in the 2016 NFL Season because black people were getting killed by the police. People kneel because Donald Trump was calling athletes names and stuff like that. Some fans are reacting to it by stop watching football because of kneeling. Week 4 of the 2017 NFL season, more than 200 NFL Athletes kneeled or sat during the anthem. The number of fans are decreasing because more athletes are kneeling.


We interviewed Cameron Knickerbocker and this is what he had to say

Q: How does it make you feel about the NFL kneeling?

A: “There is too much of it going on on social media to make it happen.”

Q: If you were in the NFL would you kneel?

A: “I would not kneel because my grandpa was in the Navy and he served for our country.”


This is what Johnnie Godby a 8th grader at Tewinkle had to say about kneeling.

Q: Does it change your perspective of football?

A: “It changes my perspective by the athletes not giving respect.”

Q: If you were in the NFL would you kneel?

A: “No because kneeling does not show respect for the one’s that served for our country.”


This is what Colby LeCures 7th at Tewinkle had to say about kneeling.

Q: How do you feel about the kneeling?
A: “Very disrespectful to a country that pays to watch the athletes play.”
Q: If you were in the NFL would you kneel?
A: “No because I would never disrespect my country that gave me so many opportunities in life.”


By: Blake Peck and Samantha Gomez



        This summer had big changes, including one of Costa Mesa’s favorite football programs. The Friday Night Lights league had a big move from the farm field on to what may be one of the largest changes they have ever had, they relocated to Tewinkle Middle School, our school, this past summer.

        Friday Night Lights was founded in  Los Alamitos in 2006 by Mark Broersma. This league has over 30 teams and around 40 coaches. The age groups for this league are start from 1st to 8th grade. This league is a flag league played all over orange county. The games can take up to an 1:00 hour to an hour in a half. This new field has said to be a new beginning for the upcoming season. We have asked a few of the players about what they think of the new field.

        One of the few people we asked was Dane Dodge, Dane is in 8th grade and plays for the Raiders and told us that, ¨The new field just doesn't feel like football you know¨. Then we asked if he personally disliked or liked the new field and his response was clear, ¨Big dislike for sure¨.

        Lastly, we interviewed James Delao, who is in 7th grade also plays for the Raiders and told us, ¨I prefer the other field because the terrain is a lot softer and you can run a lot faster¨. He also told us that, ¨I was a little sad for the move but I think it will be a new beginning¨.

        As you can tell from are interviews that it can go either way, many people think this is a good start to a new beginning and many believe it is a step down.




Ms. Hurst Leaving Tewinkle
Ms. Hurst Leaving Tewinkle

By: Natalie Valladolid and Perla Martinez



        We have some sad news TeWinkle students. Some of you may or may not know that Ms.Hurst left TeWinkle. Although this may come as some news for you 8th graders and staff, we are very happy for her and the opportunity. She received a very amazing job offer to be a principal on a military base in Japan. Ms.Hurst left on September 15.

        Destiny Radillo 8th grader said “She was an amazing principal and she will be missed.” Destiny also mentioned, “Something positive Ms. Hurst did was help us achieve things for example win the gold ribbon.”

        Tara Schroeder 8th grader, “I was shocked when I heard the news but I am very happy for her.” Tara replied, “Something positive Ms.Hurst did was push us to do our best.”

        Last person we interviewed was Mrs. Laux, she replied, “I am very happy for her and her new adventure.” Mrs.Laux also mentioned, “One thing she did that was positive for this school was she really supported the sports programs.”


fall is here
fall is here

By: Elise Keane



        Fall is finally here! The weather is dropping and you can finally wear those big cozy sweaters. The official first day of autumn was September 22 and ends on December 21. That means that it is the season for leaves falling and pumpkin spice treats and drinks. There are the famous holidays Thanksgiving and Halloween. Fall activities include pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, apple picking, the balloon festival, fall diys, baking, and more.

        I asked Sofia Sihabouj a seventh grader some questions about the fall season. She said her favorite fall treat was pumpkin spice everything. She also said that the activity that she likes to do in fall is different types of diys like pumpkin carving and anything that is creative. The final thing she said was that her favorite thing thing she loves to wear is big fuzzy sweaters. Sofia conclude with the statement that she loves fall.

        At Tewinkle Middle school there are a lot of fall activities. Some of which include the Halloween door contest, the costume contest and the rally's. So make sure to be ready for those activities. Don't forget to also check out grace and Zoe’s article about fall fashion and Sarah’s article about halloween.



By: Aidan Mattingly and Eric Angeles



         The most amazing class in Tewinkle school is design and modeling teaching from the teacher, Ms. Woods. The class is planned for designing, modeling, sketching, for assigned projects. We collected information from that class so we could know what they are planning in the future. But first, students learn what they will be working on, then they would plan their design. The teacher would then give the supplies needed for the project enabling the students to start their procedure.

         Some projects only require a few materials, but then they’d have to figure out a plan with those limited materials. Some materials included in their designing and modeling are, cardboard, fabric, hot glue, paper, popsicle sticks, velcro, and bubble wrap. These are just some of the things they use.

         It would take a while to complete a project, designing, sketching, planning, drawing, modeling, and communicating. It usually takes a week to complete projects.

The students that we interviewed were Daniel Reyes, Nick Turner, and Gavin Roberts. They built little cars out of tape and popsicle sticks to test out. They also build leg braces for the kids who have Cerebral Palsy. During projects they would mostly sketch, draw, and explain their plans instead of building it.

         Gavin Roberts said, “It is a great experience, we get to work and communicate with many different people.” Then we interviewed Nick Turner who said, “I feel very doubtful and always think I won’t be able to get the job done, so those are my feelings.” And finally, Daniel Reyes explained, “I think of the projects as something to excelerate me, I am confident and always want to get the job done.”

         There were also challenges for the students working on the projects, difficult situations. The most common reply for the biggest challenge was honestly just building different things. Some people said that they had a difficult time sketching and planning their thoughts for their design.

         This is what it is like in the design and modeling class, in case you wanted to know what is included in this class, you join it next year.


Let's Go Trojans! Let's Go!
Let's Go Trojans! Let's Go!

By: Jessica Min and Olivia Shallahamer

Oct. 9, 2017


         This year, cheer got a lot of students to participate and that’s a great way to show pride for TeWinkle! Cheer is being coached by Ms. Pabon, a Special ED teacher here at TeWinkle. Their first practice was on September 27 and there are about 41 students on the team. Woah, that’s a lot. Cheer practices will be on Wednesdays in Boswell Hall. Cheer started early this year, so they can get their uniforms on time, be more prepared for the year, and start performances earlier. They don’t have their first performance planned yet.

        Seventh grader, Makena Ray said that cheer is fun because they got to learn new cheers and she is definitely liking cheer so far. She stated how the dances aren’t challenging since she has done cheer before coming to TeWinkle.

        Mia Fullerton, eighth grader, said that cheer was different this year since it is more organized, more challenging, and has more regulations. She said that the tryouts were harder, “because less people made the team and the dance for the tryout was harder to perform.” All in all, cheer seems to be exciting and is off to a great start.


Don't make the 12 men angry!
Don't make the 12 men angry!

By: Elle Romine and Quincy Corbean



        On October 18th ASB and Publications went on a field trip! We all went to the play “12 Angry Men”. We attended the play at the playhouse in Laguna Beach. This play is about 12 men on a jury for a murder trial. Originally, the play was written as a television play in 1954 and developed for the stage in 1957.

        For this article we asked Victor Aguilar, Zoe Reynders, and Alberto Tapia some questions about the play before we saw it. Victor Aguilar thought  that the play was going to be boring at first, but better as it progresses.Victor has been to a couple plays before and he sometimes enjoys them based on what the play is about  Next we talked to Zoe Reynders and she is excited because she enjoy watching plays. Alberto Tapia does not  know what the play is about but his best guess is that it's about 12 angry men in court.  

         After the play we interviewed Lauren James and Valerie Madrid and asked them some questions. Lauran liked the play and was very inspired and loved how the characters  stood up for each other and the leadership roles they played. Valerie believes that plays are better a better perspective than books and movies. Both of them think that the play taught them that it takes one person to make a difference. In conclusion this was our view on the play.




BY: Diana Granados and Penelope Cabrera


         The Las Vegas Shooting was a tragic event. On Sunday August 1, 2017 from 10:05 - 10:15 a very awful thing happened. Country music singer Jason Aldean was giving a performance when a man named Stephen Craig Paddock started to fire gunshots to a crowd of approximately 22,000 people. Up to now it is known that 58 people were killed including the shooter, and 489 people were injured.  At first the motive was unknown, until they discovered he had severe mental illness that was undiagnosed.  

We interviewed Joanna Santos  and she said that it was an immature and pointless act. Her step sister Hailie was there and luckily she is ok but someone was shot in front of her and it was mentally disturbing. She believes the motive was that the shooter was miserable and wanted to make other miserable. Joanna also told us that she believes this will happen again because people have issues and don't know how to deal with them.

         Another person we interviewed was Mrs. Millam. She thinks that even though this was a tragic event we need to think about all the people that helped others even though they did not even know each other hundreds did the right thing that night. She knows friend of friends that were there and they are all okay. She believes the reason it happened was that someone was not happy and mentally, socially, and emotion or had problems and never asked for help or never got help. Finally she believes this might happen again because people who don't get help or people don't help others will will happen.

         Someone else we interviewed was Jennifer Basurto. To her this was a wrong act because there were innocent people attending an event. She believes the motive was maybe because he was not in the right state of mind and he did not know what he was doing. Jennifer also mentioned she believes this could happen again because there are crazy people in the world.

         Another person we interviewed was Mrs. Yvette Tufuga. She says it was a tragic event and the people she knew there are luckily okay although sadly someone's sister is in the hospital. SHe believes the motive was that people have mental issues. FInally she hopes this will never happen again and we should have restricted gun laws.

         Finally we interviewed Mrs. Jahangiri and she said that violence in Las Vegas is horrendous and unimaginable. She also quoted  ¨I do not understand how one person can hurt so many people and have such a disregard to human life.¨ She knew about ten people who were there at the concert during the shooting spree. Her best friend since middle school was there with her boyfriend, thankfully they were able to make it out safely. They also knew a  friend’s mother who was shot in the arm and broke her knee trying to get away. Luckily after a quick surgery, she was able to go home. She also said that she does not know why this man would commit such a heinous act but hopefully his motive will be discovered within the next couple of days. She also let us know that unfortunately there are cruel people on this earth, so there is a chance for another mass attack to happen. But she is hopeful that our government and fellow citizens will make changes to certain policies to better protect our nation.



By: Thu Nguyen and Kaya Pagard



         It’s the start of the boy’s 2017-2018 volleyball season. Tryouts were on October 7 - 8th. This year, Coach Campbell is coaching the 8th grade boys, and Coach T is coaching the 7th grade boys. Boy’s volleyball is the first sport of the year here at TeWinkle. They have practice every week day. Their first game was against Costa Mesa, on September 27th. Unfortunately, the 8th graders lost by one set, but the 7th grades boys came out with the win against Mesa. Their last game was against Harbor Day. In their next game, they will go up against Sowers. Most of their games are on Wednesdays, and they usually have one each week.

        In a game of volleyball, they play games that go up to 25 points maximum. If each team wins one game, they will play a third game to 15. If one team wins both games, you will not play a third game.

        Dane Dodge, and 8th grader thought that tryouts overall went well, and great as a whole team. On the other hand, Brodi mentioned that there was a lot of tough competition, but he did good. This year, both boys decided to join volleyball because they were in volleyball last year and enjoyed it a lot. Dane likes that the team this year is very well rounded, and Brodi thought they are very hardworking and positive. This year, Dane looks forward to try to make the playoffs and Brodi is looking forward to the pizza party at the end of the season.


Alley Oop to the Hoop
Alley Oop to the Hoop

By: Denise Zecua and Kim Palacios



         We have some things that are happening this year like the girls basketball team. The tryouts for the girls basketball team was on September 12 on the gym. Their last game was on October 5.Their next basketball game is going to be on October 19 and they are going to be playing against Sower, Good luck to them!

        The coach of this year’s 7th grade basketball team is Oscar Valencia. Mr.Oscar is really cool and we had the opportunity to interview him about his thoughts on the team.Did you know that the girls basketball team have participated in the finals every year and that the last time they won the finals was 7 years ago.Oscar Valencia is a great coach and he has been coaching for 15 years and 7 of those years have been at TeWinkle. He says that he enjoys coaching because he likes how he sees the kids get better and better throughout the time. He likes to see the kids having fun doing what they love and he also likes to motivate them to get better. He says he also coaches the 8 graders,boys soccer, and the track and field team too.

        We also had the opportunity to interview Maria Ceja. She is a player of the girls 8th grade basketball team.She says that being on the basketball team feels fun because you are playing with people that you don’t normally talk to. All you have to do is work together without talking. She said that in practice they get ready for the games by running and dribbling the ball. Maria plays basketball because it’s her passion and she enjoys the fun of it.

        This was one of the things that is happening this year like the basketball team. The basketball team is doing great, keep it up guys!

Let's Come Together
Let's Come Together

By: Tara Schroeder



        The Huddle is a meeting every month that is sponsored by the FCA which stands for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. To join you don’t have to be Christian or an athlete. There are games and guests speakers that are some of the best athletes in our area. Pizza, cookies, and water are provided to the people who attend. On the weeks when there is no Huddle they meet for Prayer Warriors on Fridays in room 9. The Huddle was formed to teach people more about God, prayer, the Bible, and Christianity. The first Huddle was October 13, at lunch in Mrs. Davis’ room 8.

        Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Davis are the teachers here that co-lead the Huddle. Mrs. Shannon decided to co-lead because a dear friend of her’s started the Huddle many years ago, and she helped her with it. Her friend inspired her, and she likes how it has blessed students lives. Mrs. Shannon says that she really enjoys seeing students learn about their Heavenly Father and His love in their lives. Mrs. Davis’ favorite part of the Huddle is seeing which students have chosen to attend and learn more about God’s love, and His perfect plan for their life.

        If you haven’t joined the Huddle you should. It’s never too late to go there. So many more Huddles are going to happen this year. You get pizza, cookies, and an inspiring message. Who would want to turn that down?


By: Zoe Anderle & Grace Mits



         With every new season, people are dying to know the trends, so we asked some of the trendiest students at Tewinkle what they’re looking forward to this fall season.

        Ally Fitzgerald, a 7th grader, is excited to break out her big sweaters. She likes to pair them with her favorite shoes, checkered slip-on Vans.

        Another fan of the checkered Vans trend is Cameron Knickerbocker. Aside from the clothes aspect of the season, Cameron is also excited for the pumpkin trend. “I get my PSL every year.” We’re excited about this seasonal Starbucks drink too, Cameron!

        We also asked Kaya Pagard, an 8th grader what she expects to see this year. “Clouts. They’re always in season,” she responds. Kaya is referring to clout goggles, a popular shape for sunglasses this year, and also her signature look.

        There you have it, some of the trends you can expect to see this year, so make sure to head to the mall to get these seasonal items!


By Destiny Radillo and Emelyn Tototzin



         On September 5th it was the first day of school. Our new 7th graders came and were excited to get to class. When they first arrived ASB greeted them at the door.They were very confused, but luckily the Eighth graders and staff helped them get around and made sure they all knew where to go. The seventh graders learned  pretty fast and by the third week of school got the hang of where their classes were. So we went ahead and asked a few 7th graders how they felt about this new school year.


Jacky Diaz

Q: What do you like about this school so far? Why?

A:I like that all the teachers are nice because they don’t give as much homework.

Q: What classes do you enjoy? Why?

A:I enjoy History , because the teacher makes learning fun.

Q: What is something you like about your teachers? Why?

A: I like that they're all nice and funny.


Morelia Espinoza

Q: What do you like about this school so far? Why?

A:I like basketball because it is a fun activity

Q: What classes do you enjoy? Why?

A:The class I enjoy the most is science because it is interesting

Q: What is something you like about your teachers? Why?

A: Some thing I like about my teacher is that they are not mean.


Jonathan Gomez

Q: What do you like about this school so far? Why?

A:The food because it is better than elementary food.

Q: What classes do you enjoy? Why?

A:The class I enjoy the most is Math because it is my favorite Subject

Q: What is something you like about your teachers? Why?

A: I like that the teachers are nice and they help us if we need anything