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May 2018

May Broadcast
America Belongs to Corn
America Belongs to Corn

By Blake Peck & Ramiro Coyotzi



        Corn has been a part of human history since early B.C. and has been recently used in everything we eat. Corn is many products such as cereal, soda, cookies, chips, and many other products and most fast foods because of the taste. Most foods or meats taste better when there is corn in it, or more specifically high fructose corn syrup.

        High fructose corn syrup contains the following ingredients, corn starch,  mercuric chloride, Amylase,  oligosaccharides, Glucoamylase, etc. High fructose corn syrup can be found in 86.9% of the food in stores such as Target, Stater Bros, Walmart, and the frozen food section of Vons.  

        Since there is a lot of corn made in the U.S. they are feeding animals a lot of corn. Most of these animals aren't used to eating corn because it’s not in their normal diet. They also feed animals a lot of corn because it’s cheaper and faster to sell the animals. They are also teaching fish how to eat corn which is bad because fish are not supposed to eat corn.

Corn syrup was founded in 1923 by a scientist Michael Bloomberg, a man who thought to put corn syrup into what we eat, would be an economic breakthrough because corn is so cheap. Today many kinds of different corn products have been made but none will ever be as huge as high fructose corn syrup.

        We had asked Ms. Newcomer a few questions on her opinion and she explained, “Corn is not taking over the US but it is an issue and needs to be taken care of”. She also said, “I believe animals should be fed the natural way”. Lastly, “ I will not buy products containing high fructose corn syrup”.

        In conclusion, corn has a big part in our human history and should not be in what we eat in our everyday lives.


By: Elise Keane



        Shoot! The gun goes off and the team goes running. The first track meet was on May 2nd.  The categories include the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, the mile, and relay. The coaches include Oscar, Miss Ross, Miss K, and Miss W. Track is a game that involves running, jumping, and shot put. A track meet is pretty much a competition or their game day. The track game is a very intimidating game because you are competing with the other teams right next to them, striving to be in the lead. Our TeWinkle track team has been doing very well, getting in 1st and 2nd place overall.

        For track we interviewed Ally FitzGerald, Elly Goan, and Dameon Rosales. Dameon enjoyed their first meet on May 2nd and they placed 2nd overall for 7th grade boys. His best times in the 100 meter is 13:07 seconds. Ally’s favorite category is the relays. She liked how you have to work as a team with your friends to win. One of ally’s best time is 1:11 in the 400 meter, which is lap around the track. Elly feels nervous and excited right before to gun goes off, wondering if she will win the race. Ellys best time in the mile is 5:50. They are all excited for the prelims on the 30th.


The Getty Museum Field Trip
The Getty Museum Field Trip

By: Thu Nguyen & Jessica Min

May 14, 2018


        On May 3rd, some of our 8th graders had the opportunity to visit a well known museum called the J. Paul Getty Museum. The Getty Museum is located in Los Angeles and is approximately an hour away, but is about two hours with traffic. The Getty Museum has a ton of exhibits ranging from the Egyptian period to modern day photography. At the Getty Center, they have a big and beautiful garden filled with different plants. During the field trip, students got to explore almost all the different work of art by famous artists, unique architectures, and a garden. Honors students from Mr. Flores’ and Ms. Newcomer’s class were invited to go so they can learn about the works of art with outstanding quality and historical importance.

        The most exciting thing for Mr. Flores was watching the students interact with the art in a way they could not in a classroom. Sofia Johnson thought that getting to see different artifacts from different cultures was exciting to her and for Alyssa, she thought that the garden and all the beautiful art was exciting. We asked them what was the most interesting thing they saw on the trip. Mr. Flores loved the mummy or the Egyptian medical script while Sofia loved the Egyptian exhibit altogether. Alyssa Birch found that the porcelain exhibit was the most interesting to her. All three would definitely go back because there’s so much more to see there!

        To conclude, the Getty Museum sounds like a very enjoyable and interesting trip, that many of the 8th graders would enjoy and revisit again along with some 7th grades who went the previous week.


By: Natalie Valladolid and Denise Zecua



        Welcome back Trojans, some of you may not know but there are some fun activities for the end of the year. The 8th graders are are going to Boomers on June 6th, Award assembly on June 7th, Promotion on June 20th, and the Promotion Party on June 21st. These events will all take place at Estancia High School Speaking of Boomers there are only going to be two staff members are attending, Mrs. Millam and Ms. Eggo that means that the 8th graders have their freedom to hang with friends with no teachers, that sounds so fun. However, with all of these exciting activities, there are requirements to be able to go, like a good G.P.A of 2.00 or higher, you can not have more than 3 suspension or tardies or 3 zeros, and no overdue books. The 7th graders will have an award assembly and a pending field day. A field day is the 7th graders get to do fun activities the whole day with their friends and the staff members.

        8th grader Andrew Valladolid reveals, “I am looking forward to promoting from 8th to 9th and starting a new chapter in my life.”  He also mentioned, “I am really looking forward to making a memory with my friends and dancing my heart out.”
       8th grader Xamantha Rocha told us, “I'm nervous and excited to be promoting to Estancia to meet new people and to become an Eagle after all these years.” She also included, “I'm excited about the 8th-grade dance because it’ll be me and all my friends together before we go our separate ways.”
        In conclusion, we hope the 8th graders have an awesome time and enjoy these last weeks in middle school.

The Best New Collabs
The Best New Collabs

By: Alex Vega & Jack Moyer

May 14, 2018


    Two of the newest and hottest collabs of this month. The newest update on Fortnite is Thanos Mode but it is only out for a limited time. This new mode is where you can play as Thanos. Thanos is an animated character made by Marvel. To become Thanos you have to find his glove. Once you become Thanos, he has very power moves and has 500 health plus 300 shield.

    Primitive made a collaboration with Dragon Ball Z, this began May, 7. Primitive is a skateboarding company founded by Paul Rodriguez and Dragon Ball Z is an anime created by Toei Animation. The collaboration includes skateboards, tees, hoodies, hats, socks, pillows, and grip tape. The pro skaters that are included in this collab are Wade Desarmo, Devine Calloway, Nick Tucker, Trent Mcclung, Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill, Diego Najera, Bastien Salabanzi, Carlos Ribeiro, and Brian Peacock, these skaters are all sponsored by Primitive Company.

    In conclusion, those were only two hot collabs that happened this month.


By: Elle Romine



        Have you heard of the Met Gala that recently happened on May 1st? You've come to the right place to hear about it! The Met Gala is an extravaganza that is always held on the first Monday of May to raise money for the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute. At this event, they displays their new spring fashion line and also holds it at their museum. People like Kendall Jenner, Zendaya and many more are invited to this gala because they are a part of the fashion world and either a designer, model, celebrity or an editor. In order the attend this event you have to be invited and pay 30,000 dollars to get it. Celebrities that are invited and attend this gathering get to walk through the exhibit of clothes before it is released to the public and have dinner that is followed by dancing and performances.

        Of course, there is a red carpet where all the celebrities go and show off their marvelous dresses and suits. According to Vanity Fair people voted that the top three best-dressed people that walked the red carpet were first, Cardi B, an artist, second, SZA, also an artist and third Zendaya, an actress. All of these people had amazing outfits with colors of blue, white and beige. Every year the met gala has a theme and this year the theme of it was “Heavenly Bodies” to represent Catholic imagination and the masterworks of religious artwork. If you haven't watched or seen the outfits at the recent met gala go head on over the internet and look at all of the fantastic things that went on at the met gala.


Let's Go Whale Watching
Let's Go Whale Watching

By: Sarah Haddouch and Paulina Abac



        Have you ever gone Whale Watching? Nature Academy was able to go. The trip was originally in February but got postponed to May 2nd. This field trip was led by Mrs. Shannon. Forty students were allowed on the trip and they traveled by bus.         

        Unfortunately, we saw no whales but we did see sea lions and dolphins. While we were on the field trip we were able to stand at the front of the boat, and it was cold because the waves were splashing on us.

        A couple things we learned about on the trip was that Sea lions are mammals who feed on more than 50 species of fishes and cephalopods, feeding primarily on squids, octopuses, hake, northern anchovy, opaleye, and herring. Sea lions are very social endangered animals. Dolphins are carnivores who eat fish, squid, and crustaceans. A dolphin mom nurses her baby for up to two years. Dolphin babies stay with the mothers anywhere from three to eight years. Bowhead whales can live beyond 200 years and they eat 2 tons of food per day.

        We have the opportunity to go next year, so don’t worry if you missed the trip.


Fish Fry Carnival!
Fish Fry Carnival!

By: Gabriella Lopez & Emelyn Totozin



        Have you ever been to the Fish Fry Carnival? From September 21st through the 23rd, you will be able to attend the yearly Fish Fry Carnival, and enjoy rides, eat delicious food, and spend the day with your friends and family. The Fish Fry will be held in Costa Mesa Fairview park, right next to the High School, Estancia. This carnival is done to help raise money for local schools, clubs, and other organizations in the community. A bunch of people from mostly Costa Mesa will be going the fish fry. There will be multiple fun rides, most rides will be all about spinning, and going up and down. Hope you can attend the Fish Fry and have a great time!


Kaydy Garcia:


Q: What are you looking forward to for the Fish Fry?


A: I am most excited for the rides and spending time with my friends.


Jazmin Martinez:


Q: What are you looking forward to for the Fish Fry?


A: I am looking forward to getting on the rides and eating funnel cake.


Lizbeth Sanchez:


Q: What are you looking forward to for the Fish Fry?


A: I am most excited for all the rides with my friends and having a good time.


Open House
Open House

By: Grace Mits & Alejandra Gonzalez



        Tewinkle Middle School open house was on May 9th, 2018 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. You would start in the gym and then move on to your classrooms while parents can talk to teachers. To start out the night in the gym Dr. Potnis spoke while Mrs. Millam translated into Spanish. After they finished the TeWinkle Cheerleaders performed as so as the TeWinkle Jazz Band. Representing Publications Jessica Min and Thu Nguyen made a great video about the 2017-2018 school year.

       We speak to Naomi we asked a few questions like what are you most excited about? “Cheer that I would perform and show off classes” Another question was what would you change. “teachers presented more to show off students.” Thank you, Naomi, for answering that questions we had for you!

        We also speak to Dane and we asked him some questions like What does ASB do for open house? He said “posters and signs and we escort people.” Another question was what food would be there? “ Pizza from Papa Murphy's and Kona ice.

Open house was a great time have to show your parents the school we go to and for them to meet your teachers. This is all we have for you today.       

Lazy Vloggerz
Lazy Vloggerz

By: Aidan Mattingly Eric Angeles



        Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Lazy Vloggerz here introducing me, Aidan Mattingly, and my friend, Gavin Roberts, and we just started a YouTube channel. Since Gavin and I are constantly active, I thought it would be a great idea to start a vlogging channel on YouTube and share the things we do with everyone. We call it Lazy Vloggerz, not because we’re lazy, it’s sarcastic because we are not actually lazy, we will actually be posting how active we are. I will be posting with Gavin whenever we have the time to post and create the vlogs.

        If you don’t know what vlogging is then it’s basically just a video blog that is shortened to vlog and it’s a form of web television including pictures and words that support it. On our channel we will record random things, including airsoft, biking, sports, trick shots, reviews, epic fails and epic moments, video games, and much more. So as we advance we want to get as many views on our videos as we can and we really need subscribers and followers to successfully . But if we want that to happen we need to increase in popularity which means we need to post videos often that have good content and quality and videos that are not cringy. We also have to do something cool on our vlogs which means there will be a lot of clickbaiting titles that will be real.

        Part of our inspiration came from his earlier works of vlogging when he used to post videos. Lando Vlogs, has recently not been posting any videos and rumors flying around whether he’s quitting YouTube or not, in this case it has not been confirmed. But now Lando Vlogs is concerned what he should do, he enjoys vlogging, but doesn’t really know what to post anymore.

        At the beginning of our channel there were some challenging situations we had to figure out like figuring out our YouTube channel name, and what content we have to post, and editing, and so on. It was worth it though because even though we are not a popular YouTube channel yet, we will be able to earn a little bit of money every month. We also have to do things for our channel to get a good channel including, clickbait, good quality filming and editing, interesting content, and content that has appropriate and legal activity. We will also need to improve the videos, so we need Go Pros, drones, skills for vlogging, filming and editing helpers, and our quote “huck it.”

        To finish this off we encourage everyone to go check out Gavin’s and my YouTube channel, Lazy Vloggerz, with 38 subscribers and over 90 views. Go and subscribe to the channel and leave a like on the videos and make sure to always keep track of our posts so you don’t miss any of our videos. Finally the link for our YouTube channel will be down below.

Reading Buddies
Reading Buddies

By: Diana L. Granados and Penelope Cabrera



        Have you ever read a book with a buddy? You can, if you go to book club. The book club is every Tuesday during study groups. You can go with a buddy or find a buddy at book club and then pick a book to read together. The first book club was taken place on Tuesday, May 8th during study groups. There is a choice of different books to read from. Some may pick a book they already have or a book offered at book club. Some of the options for books to read are Abduction, Old Yeller, The Maze of Bones, Hatchet, and Loser.

        We interviewed Giselle Vazquez about her experience in book club. She told us that she joined book club because she likes to read. She is reading the book titled The Beatrice letters,” by Lemony Snicket. Giselle had also previously been in the Red Sun book club. She said she enjoyed it because she is a person who loves reading.

        Another person we interviewed was Aleyda Casillas. Aleyda decided to join book club because its a claim and nice place to read. She is reading the book called, The Beatrice Letters, by Lemony Snicket. She was also in the last book club and liked it  because the story was interesting.

        We talked to Fernando Barranon about his experience in book club. He said he joined book club because he likes to read. In book club he is currently reading the book titled Pokemon Adventures Firered and Leafgreen, by Hidenori Kusaka. Fernando was also in the previous Red Sun book club and said that the story was interesting.

        Finally, we interviewed Adam Nova. Adam enjoys reading and wanted to get back into reading so he joined the book club. Adams is reading The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan. He had joined the previous book club and found it interesting because the story was different to the books Rick Riordan writes. The mythology is different and he loved how in the book club he got to meet more people in a group.

        The book club is a fun way to get with a friend and read a book, and it looks like the students in book club enjoy it very much.


The Not Too Great Surprise
The Not Too Great Surprise

By: Alyssa Garrett & Monik Rodriguez

May 17, 2018


        Still erupting at the moment, the Kilauea volcano, is pouring out hot lava nonstop. This volcano is the most active out of the top 5 in the world. The first eruption of this volcano was in 1790 and the last eruption was on January 3, 1983, and has been active for 30 years. It is located on the island of Hawaii, US, along the coast. The reason why the volcano is not stopping is because, according to, “As of now, scientists aren’t sure whether the newly opened fissures and increases in lava flow are being caused by an increase in magma supply, but they do know that as long as there’s magma in the system, it’s not going to stop.” As for the residents living there, this is truly devastating because they don’t know whether they will ever see there home again, or even go back.

        The horrible effects that come with this volcano are people losing their homes around the area, approximately 2,000 have to evacuate and 26 homes are already lost, inhaling the bad toxins, and national parks and businesses. With this lava is sulfur dioxide gas being exposed to the air with the smoke. They encouraged everyone near to stay inside their homes to limit the breathing of the toxic air. In conclusion, Kilauea Volcano is a very devastating surprise in Hawaii right now and pray that everyone stays safe.


Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun

By Destiny Radillo



        School is coming to an end, and summer is right around the corner! Everyone is looking forward to June 21...the last day of school so they can start their summer fun. There are so many cool things to do in the summer. A couple of interesting things you can do with your family and friends this year are: see a movie at a drive-in near Riverside or Paramount, have a bonfire with all your friends, win a prize at the OC fair, make smores at the beach, have a barbecue, read a book, watch the sunset, have fun in the park, collect seashells, go stargazing, or simply make a cool summer playlist and sleep in all day listening to your favorite jams.

        I asked a few excited students for their opinion on summer and this is what they thought.


8th Grader: Valeria Mojica

Q: What will you be doing this summer?

A:  I’m going to visit my relatives in Mexico and go to the Island of the Dolls and many other places in Mexico.

Q: Where is the coolest place you’ve gone to in the summer?
A: The coolest place I’ve been to is Palm Springs because I did so much stuff there with my family.

8th Grader: Steven Colindres

Q: What’s your dream summer vacation?
A: I would like to play videogames, football, and go somewhere cool.

Q: What is a fun activity to do in the summer?
A: Something fun to do is play Fortnite and go place with your friends.

8th Grader: Naomi Castaneda
Q: What is something cool you’ll be attending or going to this summer?
A: I will go to Estancias Tennis summer camp.

Q: What is your idea of a perfect summer vacation?
A: My perfect summer would be going to an island or another country.

7th Grader: Emily Palmas
Q: What are 3 fun activities to do in the summer?
A: 3 things to do in the summer are going to concerts, traveling to different places with friends, and attending a camp.
Q: What’s your favorite part about summer?
A: My favorite part is spending time with my family and friends.


Mother's Day
Mother's Day

By: Kaya Pagard

May 14, 2018


     Mother’s day was on Sunday, May, 13. Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. From then on, people across the world have given presents, jewelry, cards, and breakfast in bed, in thanks of their mother.  

     I interviewed Lily Shandalove and Bree Anderson to see what they did/got their mother. What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day? Lily said she got a lot of beauty things and Bree had gotten the same things like makeup and a face mask. What did you do on Mother’s day? Lily had gone to the beach with her family and had a pretty mellow day. While Bree had gone to her grandma’s house

     Mother’s day is a day devoted to our Mothers. Since our moms do so much for us, we can give back doing nice things and glorifying our mom. In conclusion, Mother’s day is all about moms.


Testing! OH NO!
Testing! OH NO!

By: Tara Schroeder



        It is that time of year where all students have to do SBAC testing. SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The SBAC is when students take language arts and math test for the state. In addition to that the 8th graders will have to take a science test.

        Testing will start Tuesday, May 29 and end Friday, June 8. The schedule for school during testing will be block schedule. On Mondays and Thursdays, it will be periods 1, 2, and 3 for two hours. On Tuesdays and Fridays, students will go to periods 4, 5, and 6 for two hours. On Wednesdays, the schedule will be normal. Students are only allowed to be taking the SBAC here at school.

        Some 8th graders, Nadine Humbert, Felicity Ramirez, and Esttefany Quintana said that there is nothing good about the SBAC. Nadine says that her least favorite thing about the testing is having to stay focused on the test for such a long period of time. Felicity doesn’t like that there are no breaks and when you finish you have to read a book. Esttefany isn’t happy about the silence during the test.

        Testing is coming really soon so make sure to do some studying. Good luck on the test.