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November 2017

November Broadcast

By: Emelyn Tototzin & Monik Rodriguez



        This year we got a new principal named Dr. Dipali Potnis. She started on November 6. She was chosen because she  is known for her strong instructional leadership and ability to create meaningful relationships. She recently served as an  assistant principal at Dana Hills High School. Also she has been been a teacher in middle schools and elementary Schools. Make sure to welcome Dr. Potnis.


Mr. Morales

Q:Why were you chosen to be the Interim principal?

A:I was chosen because I know the school district and I have experience.

Q:How have you liked it here at Tewinkle MIddle School?

A:It was exciting working with the staff and getting to know all the students

Q:What did you enjoy about this school?

A:I liked the honors history classes and the Avid classes.


Dr. Potnis

Q:How is this school different than the others?

A:My recent experience was assistant principal at a high school for 4 years but now i need to get to know the student because I am only going to be here for 2 years

Q:What are your goals for this school?

A:My goals are to learn,listen and understand the students,school,staff and the teachers.

Q:What was your job before you came to the district?

A:I was an assistant principal and I was also did student services and helped teachers.

Thu Good for You!
Thu Good for You!

By: Grace Mits

November 13, 2017


        Thu Nguyen is an 8th grader that is very talented. She mainly focuses her time on her gymnastics and her school work. She practices at Wildfire Gym, and she competes for Level 9. The highest level is 10. She practices from 3:30-8:00 on Monday-Wednesday, 3:30-6:30 on Thursday-Friday, and 10:00-1:30 on Saturday. Thu goes almost 23 hours a week. She has been to regionals and she would like to compete gymnastics for UCLA or Florida University.

        Thu tries her best to eat quick and shower fast, to not stay up too late on school nights trying to do homework. She says it is hard to fit everything she has to do, but time management is a big thing that she has to be good at. Thuś only free day is on Sundays. Thu will never be homeschooled because her dad doesn't like the laziness of homeschooling because you are at home all day. Her favorite event to compete is floor.      

        That was just  a little bit about Thu and her amazing talents.


Special Olympics
Special Olympics

By Destiny Radillo



        On November 17, a very important event will take place. A few students from the class of Special Education will be participating in the schools special olympics. In these olympics there will be a fun event in which they play basketball. They will all be participating eagerly in this fun sport in which they have trained for. They are all excited and are looking forward in winning a few prizes. The special olympics will be taking place in Santa Ana. They will be playing a few rounds of basketball. Mrs. Elmore and Mr. Ristow helped out a lot with practices and by always encouraging them to have fun. Hopefully they have a good time and show their TeWinkle spirit in this special event!


Go, Fight, Win!
Go, Fight, Win!

By: Elle Romine and Quincy Corbean



        Have you seen the cheerleaders around campus? The cheerleaders first game was on Thursday, November 2nd! They cheered at the girls basketball games. The cheer club started at our school three years ago. Cheerleading is all about audience entertainment, team motivation and physical activity.

        We interviewed Grace Mits, Olivia Shallahamer , and Emma Parsons. Before the game, Grace said she was excited for her first game because it was a good way to start off the season. Next we talked to Emma, she said that she enjoys cheer because it reminds her of dance, and she enjoys cheering at the game instead of pep rally  because she gets to watch the game. Last we talked to Olivia and she said that the cheer team didn't look very professional yet but she had a fun time.  Let's hope the cheer team does good at their next volleyball game vs. Dwyers .


Special Needs Field Trips
Special Needs Field Trips

By: Sarah Haddouch


        The special needs students go on many fun field trips throughout the year. They take 2-3 field trips each month. Mrs. Elmore and Mr. Ristow are in charge of these field trips. Five kids go on each field trip. Besides the students 1 to 3 assistants go on the trip to support the students. The next field trip they are going on is grocery shopping. These field trips are beneficial to them because “it  teaches them skills of independence, making and keeping to a grocery list, purchasing things at different stores and restaurants, street safety, social skills, (how close to the person in line, how to respond to questions and greetings, etc.), how to use public buses, how to use public library, and visiting possible job sites for future jobs” says Mrs. Elmore.

        Mrs. Elmore’s students are Melissa Pineda, Jasmine Davalos, Luis Ramirez, Tanner Presher, Landon Bell, and Pedro Marban. Some field trips that Mrs. Elmore and Mr. Ristow's class will go on are three Special Olympic events during the school year (basketball, track and field, and games from a variety of sports), nature field trips, pumpkin patch/farm field trip, and they also go to  Estancia High School 4 times a year to dance with their Adaptive PE class. Mrs. Elmore and Mr. Ristow’s students learn money skills, social skills, and safety skills. In conclusion, the special needs have many great field trips in the year.


By:Natalie Valladolid and Denise Zecua



        Good afternoon Trojans, we had a special week here at TeWinkle which was Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is where we support a drug free life, Red Ribbon Week was on Monday October the 23rd through Friday the 27th. The whole school wore red on Wednesday and on Friday they wore TeWinkle shirts or sweaters. The reasons we do this is to influence people not to do drugs and to make sure our school is a drug free school/zone. It’s about an alcohol, tobacco violence prevention awareness campaign. Another thing is you wear red because it is a symbol for drunk driving prevention. When we were in 6th grade for Red Ribbon Week we had crazy sock day and backwards clothes.

        Tara Schroeder 8th grader mentioned, “I think Red Ribbon Week is a good way to tell people drugs are not good.” She also mentioned, “ I say no to drugs because it is bad for your body.”


        Next Victor Aguilar 7th grader told us, “ I think that Red Ribbon Week is an inspiration  to people who do drugs.”  He also mentioned, “ I say no to drugs because it can cause cancer and lung disease.”


        Last person who gave us their opinion is Steven Colindres 8th grader, “ I think that Red Ribbon Week is way to tell people that they should stop doing drugs.” He also mentioned, “ I say no to drugs because it messes with your life.”


        These are all the reasons why we do Red Ribbon Week. We hope you can stay drug free and stay safe in your future.


By Eric Angeles and Blake Peck



        This past month of October brought many great films to the theatre such as Thor, Ragnarok, The Snowman, and Jigsaw. The percentage of Rotten Tomatoes for Thor was 93 percent, for The Snowman it was 8 percent, and for Jigsaw it was 31 percent.

Thor Ragnarok is popular with the  superhero fans and it had the highest rotten percentages. “Thor Ragnarok was the funniest thor movie of the series” said Peter Travers, a movie critic. It's said that the movie was delightful and would watch it again sometime. 

        The plot of the movie is that Thor finds himself in a deadly gladiator pit against the Hulk, his former teammate. Thor teams up with some fellow friends to stop the evil, Hela, a character that makes her first appearance in this movie. They have to team up with one and another to stop her but in doing so Thor loses an eye but unleashing his true power of lightning. This movie explains what lines crossed and Thor's true ability of learning to harness lightning.

        The Snowman, a horror film and with the least amount of rotten tomatoes was said by Jonathan Rosebarn to be, “The best horror/mystery movie of the century.” A few people were disappointed with the ending of the movie and one comment said, “I believe this movie is one of the worst, it doesn't deserve the support people give it.” During the movie multiple girls go missing and all that is left is drawings and snowmen. The Snowman is actually a person with a head made of ice and kills/slaughters multiple people during the movie leaving the detectives clueless.

        Jigsaw, a horror/comedy was the 7th movie of the series. People were very pleased with the turnout of the movie and the last scene where they introduced Jigsaw. A critic said, “If there could be a movie of horror and comedy, this would be it.” They introduce more people in this movie when you find them all caught in bucketheads. The main character “Kriste” manages to escape only to find herself running back. When Kriste finds her boyfriend dead she runs out of the warehouse after all the games Jigsaw made were done only to try to kill Jigsaw. This led her into a fatal trap that killed her after the games was over.

        In conclusion these are the past month's greatest films.


American League vs. National League
American League vs. National League

By: Jack Moyer & Samantha Gomez



        This year, the two teams that are in the World Series are Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. The Dodgers are in the National League and the Astros are is the American League. The series is out of 7 games, the first team to win 4 games in the winner of the World Series. The series takes place in two stadiums, the first two games are in L.A., then the next 3 games are in Houston, and the last two games are in L.A.

        The last time the Dodgers won the World Series was in 1988 against Oakland Athletics. The Astros have not won a World Series, but they were in it in 2005 but lost.

        The first game of the World Series the Dodgers won 3-1 and in the second game the Astros won 7-6 going 11 innings. In the third game the Astros won 5-3 and in the fourth game the Dodgers won 6-2. In the firth game the Astros won 13-12 in 10 innings and in the sixth game the Dodgers won 3-1. In the seventh and final game the Astros won 5-1 in Dodger Stadium. We asked James De La O, Dane Dodge, and Lily Shandalove on their opinions before the series started.

        We asked James on what he thinks of the Dodgers in the World Series. He said “The worked very hard this year to make it.” We also asked him what he thinks of the Astros in the World Series. His answer was “They deserve being in it but it would be cool to have the Yankees vs. Dodgers.” His last question was who do you think is going to win. His answer was “The Dodgers are going to win in six games.”

        We asked Dane on what he thinks of the Dodgers in the World Series. He said “I think they deserve it but they won’t win.” We also asked him what he thinks of the Astros in the World Series. His answer was “They deserve it because they played good all year” His last question was who do you think is going to win. His answer was “The Astros are going to win.¨

        We asked Lily on what she thinks of the Dodgers in the Word Series. She said “They are one of our home teams so it is good but not good because they beat my team, the Cubs.” We also asked him what he thinks of the Astros in the World Series. Her answer was “They are a good competition for the Dodgers.” His last question was who do you think is going to win. Her answer was “The Astros are going to win.¨

        Overall the seven games were one of the best in World Series history. They set the record for most home runs hit in the world series with 22. The Astros ended up outplaying the Dodgers. I can not wait for next years exciting World Series.


Get Your Head in The Game!
Get Your Head in The Game!

By: Perla Martinez and Zoe Anderle

November 20 2017


         It’s basketball season for the TeWinkle girls and everyone is excited. We asked the team a couple questions about the sport and got some interesting answers. Kara Hernandez, an eighth grader who was on the team last year says they’re doing well and always have room to improve. Teamwork is a very important part of any sport, and Kara says, “I like that I became friends with the girls.”

        “We had to learn to get along at first because I didn’t know them before.” Patricia Diaz, another eighth grader on the team had to say about this.

        Kelsey Lopez, also eighth grade, likes that the team got closer, saying, “I get to see my friends.” After the game on Thursday, we asked Kelsey how she prepared. “I got to practice and play basketball with my brother.” she replied.

        The game was a loss against Corona Del Mar, but we still played a good game. We hope you were there to cheer on our girls basketball team, and don’t miss the next one on Tuesday against Dwyer!

By: Diana L. Granados Ruelas & Debora P. Cabrera


        Tewinkle Middle School had a Spelling Bee during Science. This was a spelling competition between all the students to see how many students got the most words right. The goal was 12 or more words right out of 20. 10 students from 8th grade got 12 or more right. From 7th grade 9 students got 12 or more right. Now the 19 students are preparing for the oral round on February 26, 2018. After that there will be a final written round on March 3, 2018. Both of these events will happen at the Orange County Department of Education in Costa Mesa. The students  prepare for the oral round by meeting weekly during lunch on Wednesdays in order to practice. Out of the students who were qualified for the oral round only 4 may go to the final, (2) 7th grade and (2) 8th grade. After the school wide spelling bee, it is narrowed down to the finalists and they practice and practice more. 4 candidates will attend the spelling bee, the winner of both oral rounds for the country, are given a free trip and cash to attend the National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC.      

        One of the students we interviewed was Janine Thomas who is a 7th grader. She told us that it is so cool and is going to be fun participating in the Spelling Bee. She looks forward to hopefully winning because the winner gets to go to Washington D.C. for a week. Another thing Janine told us was that when she was in kindergarten she was part of a Spelling Bee. Some of the reasons she is participating in the Spelling Bee is to first, make her parents proud, and second because it seems like fun. She also explained to us how they are practicing. They take a Spelling Test and when they finish they review the words. Janine has always wanted to be part of a Spelling Bee so now she is seizing the opportunity.

        Another student we interviewed was Yvonne Padilla she is also a 7th grader. To her the Spelling Bee is exciting, but also nerve wracking because you could mess up on a word. She is participating because this is something she is really good at. She had been practicing on her free time by looking up difficult words, saying them and spelling them. She has also always wanted to be part of a Spelling Bee.

        We also interviewed Gavin Roberts a 7th grader. He commented to us that being able to be part of the Spelling Bee is such a cool opportunity. Although he has never been part of it and this is his first time. He is already practicing on his own time by going to the dictionary, looking up hard words, and having his mom ask him how to spell the word. Gavin is participating in it because he want to represent his school. He is being part of it although he has never though about being part of it.

        Finally we interviewed Zoe Anderle an 8th grader. To her the Spelling Bee is interesting and it is also interesting to learn new words. She actually was part of it last year and made it far. Although she still hasn't started practicing but will get a practice packet. To her this is like something that just happens, she got entered and now is going to be part of it.


Stranger Things Returns
Stranger Things Returns

By, Elise Keane



        The new season of “Stranger Things” just came out Friday October the 27th. They have kept the same characters as well as introduced some new. The sci-fi/horror thriller about a missing boy in the '80s and has many terrifying twists and turns. While this is happening, the Hawkins lab is  involved in some secretive things including a girl named Eleven. Created by Wayward Pines and Matt and Ross Duffer. Stranger Things is known to be one of the biggest, most binge-worthy hits of the Summer. The main characters include Mike, Eleven, Joice, Dustin, Lucas, Jim, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. 5.8 million people watched the premiere of Stranger Things 2. Many people planned watching parties in preparation for the new season. Fans have also celebrated by dressing up as the characters for Halloween and listening to the “Stranger Things” soundtrack. People are selling a lot of merchandise and fan art.

        I interviewed Gavin Roberts a 7th grader. Gavin told me that he has seen the new season many times and that he liked season 2 better. He also told me that his favorite character is Hopper because he takes care of Eleven and is just a cool guy. Make sure to watch the new season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix now!


Happy Thanksgiving
 Happy Thanksgiving


By: Tara Schroeder

        The first Thanksgiving was when the Plymouth colonist and the Wampanoag Indians had a feast together in Autumn. They had this feast together because two Native Americans helped the settlers to get food so they can feel better and then they helped the settlers form an alliance with the Wampanoag Indians. When the settlers had a successful crop of corn they invited the Natives and had a feast that lasted three days, this is now known as Thanksgiving. For over two centuries colonies and states celebrated Thanksgiving separately. In 1863, during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday to be celebrated every November. Some foods that most people have for dinner on this holiday would be roasted turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and pie for dessert.


        Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the things you have. Giselle Hernandez-Osorio says that she is thankful for a home and a place to sleep. Esttefany Quintana said that she is thankful for living with friends and family. Nadine Humbert is happy that her family is healthy and that she has the best family.


        For Thanksgiving Esttefany Quintana has a huge feast while Giselle Hernandez-Osorio and Nadine Humbert have family over. Nadine is all about hanging out with friends and family but Esttefany and Giselle really like the food for.


        Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving memory to look back on. Nadine’s favorite memory is when her mom dropped the gravy and mashed potatoes on the floor. Giselle really liked when she played board games with her family. Esttefany had lots of fun when she accidentally dumped a bucket of water on her dad.


        Thanksgiving is a time for people to come together and celebrate a day to be thankful. Everybody has their own traditions and ways for celebrating this holiday. This year Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 23. Have a great Thanksgiving.


Off to College
Off to College

By: Thu Nguyen & Jessica Min

Nov. 14th, 2017


        Are you ready for college? Well. Avid is going to visit two! Both of the 8th grade Avid classes are taking a trip to California State University, Fullerton and Azusa Pacific. The field trip will be taking place on November 16th, 2017.

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is in Fullerton, California and is approximately 22 minutes away from Costa Mesa. Not too far. CSUF’s goal for their students is to have them dream big, be bold, and reach higher. They offer over 375 student clubs and organizations, volunteer service programs, Greek life, athletics, recreation, and more!

        Azusa Pacific is a top Christian College in Southern California. It is located in Azusa, CA and is about 45 minutes away, so it is a bit farther than CSUF. Azusa Pacific’s goal for their students is to develop disciples and scholars so they are prepared to impact the world for Christ. They have 200 online and on-campus programs, including associate’s, bachelor’s, bachelor’s completion, master’s, doctorates, certificates, and credentials.

        Here, we interviewed 8th graders, Kimberly Carranza and Leilani Alfaro. They both enjoy going on the field trips to the colleges because they like learning more about possible colleges they could attend. Kimberly and Leilani are both very excited to be going to visit CSUF and Azusa Pacific. They are hoping to find out more about the colleges’ extracurricular activities and cost of tuition for both schools. Well, we hope they both have a fun time on their field trip!


Otaku Fandom
Otaku Fandom

By Kimberly Palacios



        You might be asking why am I writing about anime. Well as you might not know in this school there are some people that actually like anime,  but they are not telling people about it .because there are some people that make fun if it. I had the chance to interview some of the kids that enjoy watching anime, But first I will give you some information about what anime is.

        Anime is a type if hand-drawn or a computer animation. Anime is the abbreviation of animation in Japanese. Anime is really popular in the parts of Japan, France, Germany, and Russia. “Castle in the Sky” is a really famous anime that is directed by Hayao Miyazaki. He is the best  known anime director in the whole world. He has already retired but he’s still a really popular guy.

        One of the people I interviewed was Sherlyn Sandoval Lopez. Sherlyn started to get into anime when her sister showed her Naruto and she immediately liked anime.Her favorite anime is “Assassination Classroom”but it was really hard for her to choose because she likes a lot of anime shows.She said  likes “Assassination Classroom” because it talks about how they need to try harder in their assassination skills by killing this octopus guy. If they kill  him they will be able to graduate but if they dont they won’t graduate. Her favorite character from “Assassination Classroom” is Nagisa and Karma. She has met about 50 friends by anime, she met them online because of her account or sometimes they go up to her because of her merch and ask if they can be her friend. She also says that her favorite character from all the anime shows is Yato Noragami.

        I also interviewed another awesome anime lover but she wants me to keep her as anonymous so i’m not going to say her name for her protection. They grew up watching anime because her aunts and almost all of their family. They like anime so much that they can’t even choose a favorite show or even a character. They have met around 50 friends that are on the fandom or in anime expo. They went to a store where they saw a lot of figures of anime character and  also a lot of mangas, mangas is the name of the comics or graphic novels for anime. At the end they said that anime it’s just a part of her life and they love it. They also don’t care if other people like it or not, they just don’t care about but they just enjoy what they love.

        Anime can be fun for some people but not for others. It’s just that people make fun of it because they don’t like it. My opinion is that people should first get into it just to see what anime it’s about and if they like then get into it, but if they don’t just don’t watch it or just don’t make fun of it or people that actually enjoy watching it.


Nature Academy
Nature Academy

by: Aidan Mattingly



        There is an upcoming field trip that many students can attend, it is located a ways away from the school and that trip is for nature academy. Mrs. Shannon planned the field trip, to the California Science Center in Los Angeles for students to experience on the 16th of November.  We will leave at 8:30am and then we will return back at school at 3:35pm, the time when school gets out.

We will be spending the majority of the time inside the science center, but outside there is the USC Rose Garden. At the science center, the variety of things we will learn about are hurricanes, physics, and life science.

        If anyone has a D/F or N/U, they will not have access to the trip because of the requirements. There are requirements because it is not fair for the students who behave and always do a good job if a student who doesn’t behave gets to go. This information should help give you the idea for the requirements to be able to attend this field trip.

        A before-school voluntary club takes place from 8:15 to 8:30 on Thursdays. This club is organized because there is lots of information to hear about before going on the trip so everyone is prepared and ready.

        All of you who are attending should thank Mrs. Shannon because of all of the things she had to do to make this trip possible. Call to make reservations, complete travel forms, supervise the meeting, collect the forms, etc.


Is you Trendy...or Nah?
Is you Trendy...or Nah?

 By: Kaya Pagard and Olivia Shallahamer

November 13, 2017


        During this school year, there have been many trends. Many popular trends that have come up are clout goggles, mom jeans, graphic tees, and grommet belts. Kurt Cobain made the clout goggles big when he was photographed wearing them right before his death. News has it that Abercrombie and Fitch made mom jeans or other known as girlfriend jeans big. Graphic tees have always been worn by a various amount of people but in this start of the school year they have had a spike in popularity. Also at the start of this school year grommet belts have been worn a lot more and are considered very “trendy”. These trends are really representing a 90’s theme.

        We interviewed a couple people from our school about what some of their favorite popular trends are. Naomi Montoya, seventh grader, said that cats were her favorite trend and she thinks she made them popular. Melissa Plata, eighth grader said, “ Mom jeans are my favorite trend and I think that the most popular trend right now is 80’s outfits.” Trevor Thomas an eighth grader said, “ My favorite trend is clout goggles and I think the most popular trend going on right now is clout goggles too because they’re really cheap.”  

        Trends are a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Trends will always be around but they will also always change. What’s next in popular trends?    


By, Ramiro Coyotzi & Alex Vega



         On September 23, 24, and 25 it was extremely hot here in Costa Mesa, California and the LA area. On the 23rd the temperature got up to 102 degrees. On the 24th was the hottest day of the week at 104 degrees. The 25th day was a little cooler at 100 degrees. It gets hot because a heat wave is caused by hot air traveling west to east bringing hot temperatures throughout the week.

        This heat affected TeWinkle in many ways. For example, we had to cancel the volleyball game and had to do P.E. indoors. Kevin Flores's reaction to the heat was, he was very hot and thought he was going to pass out, but he still continued to play soccer on the field. Kevin also said there are going to be hotter days in the school year.

        Elijah Gutierrez's reaction to the heat was that he needs to get some shorts. The heat stopped him from playing in his volleyball game after school. Elijah also thinks there will be hotter days in the year because it will eventually be spring. In conclusion, these were some of the hottest days of the school year so far.