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January 2018

January Broadcast
Student Store
Student Store

By: Paulina Abac and Sarah Haddouch



         After finals, we will be having a Trojan Charge store in which you can trade the pink slip of the Trojan Charge for many different prizes. The Trojan Charge store will be open every Friday. The raffles are still going to be every Friday along with the new trojan charge store. The store is located on the steps of Boswell Hall. The Trojan charge store is a very exciting upcoming event.

1 Trojan Charge:

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Takis

5 Trojan Charges:

  • Get out of class early

  • Front of the line pass

  • Student shout out

  • No run Pass for P.E

10 Trojan Charges:

  • Chromebook time at lunch

  • Create knew music playlist for Fun Friday

  • Gift Certificates

  • Movie Party with up to 5 friends invited

20 Trojan Charges:

  • Get out school 10 minutes early to have a popsicle party with up to 10 friends

  • Free Tewinkle Shirt

25 Trojan Charges:

  • Principle of the day

25-30 Trojan Charges:

  • Plan your own study groups each friend must have 5 trojan charges to attend only 5-10 friends)

By: Grace Mits and Kaya Pagard

February 5, 2018


       This year has already been filled with many fun events. One event, however, stood out from the others, a few Australians came to the United States in hopes of learning more about their neighboring country. All the way from Melbourne, Australia, these high school students were in for a trip of a lifetime. On January 17, high school students were practicing the answers to the questions that they would answer at Tewinkle middle school.  

       The questions that came with following answers were interesting. Q: What are you looking forward to? A: all of them had answered, Food and new people.  Q: What is your favorite sport? A: Soccer, netball, and baseball.  Q: Who is your favorite song artist? A: Ed Sheeran and the weeknd. Q: What is your favorite food in the U.S.? A: In n out, Starbucks and canes.  Q: What is netball? A: Basketball but you don’t dribble.

        Although they left Tewinkle, their trip has yet to stop. On Sunday, January 21, they attended Disneyland along with Highschool students from Estancia. Some other events and places they will be attending are Six Flags, The Aquarium of the Pacific, Universal Studios, and much more. To conclude, We hope that the Australians have a great time in the United States.



Elise Keane and Elle Romine



        One of Earth's naturals beauties is gems. They are natural forming minerals that are found all over the world. The most common minerals are Pyrite(fools gold), Quartz, Mica, Feldspar, Opal, Ruby, Emerald, and many more. Minerals can be found in different colors, shapes, hardness, and sizes. Minerals are often cut to be made into jewelry.

        Have you ever seen or heard of your birthstone? If so, those are some of the different minerals! Minerals come from nature but since we use it as jewelry they have to be polished, cut and shaped to give their colors a little extra pop. If you're interested in purchasing or looking more into types of gems there is a gem fair coming up on Friday, February 23rd at the OC Fairgrounds.


Let's Go To College
Let's Go To College


By: Tara Schroeder

        On Friday, January 19, 8th grade AVID students went on a trip to UCI. They left for UCI before school started and they got back to school towards the end of 5th period. At the college they look around and learned different things about it. The soul purpose of going to UCI is to teach the students about college so they can be better prepared when it is time to go.

        One of the AVID students, Patty Diaz, said that she learned the UCI campus is shaped like a circle so that no one gets lost. She also thought that it was very interesting that the library has 3 million books in it. Giselle Hernandez-Osorio thought that the upside down pyramid was very cool. Also, she thought that the story of how the mascot came to be was cool to learn. For awhile there was not a mascot but then some students worked hard to get their mascot, the anteater. They picked it because it was original and anteaters can be vicious. Esttefany Quintana was interested in huge campus that is 1.5 miles if you walk all the way around. Also, she like that there are three huge libraries on campus.

        Patty had the most fun when she hung out with her friends in the cafeteria. Giselle Hernandez-Osorio and Esttefany Quintana also had lots of fun at lunch time. They liked that there was a big selection of food to choose from, pizza, white rice, and burgers were some options. Another thing they liked about it was that they could get any amount of food they wanted.

        The 8th grade AVID students enjoyed going to UCI. They learned a lot of stuff about it. The trip will help them prepare for college. There are still more trips to come.



By Alejandra Gonzalez and Denise Zecua


        Welcome back Trojans! The 7th graders are working on a big project!  Their working on a Desalination Design. California has be in a drought for about 100 years. What are we going to do? In science, kids are learning how to desalt water with some specific material. Some of these materials are hot plate, ring stand, oil, tape straws and a little more than that.   Everyone is working hard to make their project work. But, will they get it to work?

        This project was a lot of work but it gives a idea to think outside the box. When I saw that the gas was going up into the rubber stopper turning into water going through that plastic tubing into the beaker where it was the water that we tried to desalt was so cool. It was the best thing that we have done and it is giving us a whole new vision to the world and maybe one day we will have enough water for the world.

        First, we Interviewed a 7th grader, Dalilah Alatorre, we asked her what she thinks about the drought. She said “ What I think about the drought is that we should try to save more water.”

        We then Interviewed Miss.W, we asked her what she thinks. “We need students to think of what is happening in the world, like some places are running low on water, and we need students like you guys to have ideas to help the drought.”

We asked Jackie Diaz what she’s thinking about the drought and she said “It’s sad, because the plants and animals do not get a lot of water.”  

        The last person the we interviewed was Mr. Kim about why there are doing this huge project. “Because everyone needs clean water and a lot of the world does not have it and my hope for the project is that students will  have a vision for saving water.”

That is our report to you about the drought, and the Desalination Project. In all hope we should try to save water because water is not forever. Well have a good day Trojans. See you next time.

Uke Kollective Club
Uke Kollective Club

By: Thu Nguyen and Alyssa Garrett

January 25, 2018


        It all began with two girls who love to play the ukulele, Mia Fullerton and Jessica Min. Both girls brought their instruments to school and collaborated with a supportive teacher named Mr. Flores. During the meetings they hangout, play their ukes, and teach other students how to play. The meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays in Mr. Flores’ classroom. Currently, they started selling hot chocolate every Friday to raise money for Ukulele Kollective club T-Shirts.     

        We interview the president of this club, 8th grader Jessica Min to learn more about what this club is. First, we asked why she started this club, and she said, because she wanted the Ukulele to be known around the school. Then, we were wondering what lies ahead for this new club, and she noted that they hope to continue the club even when they are not at TeWinkle and want the Ukulele Kollective to thrive. Besides that, the members of the club also hope to buy more ukuleles for other students to join and learn how to play. Jessica Min and the other members also think about competitions and are hoping to be able to compete. Lastly, we asked if there were any performances and Jessica Min said that they play their Ukes while selling hot chocolate.

        In conclusion, the Ukulele Kollective Club sounds like a great club to join and learn how to play the Ukulele.


Jump, Hit, Spike!
Jump, Hit, Spike!

By: Blake Peck and Samantha Gomez



        This year Tewinkle Middle School had the honor to support and build the girls 8th and 7th 2018 volleyball teams. The 8th-grade team consists of 11 Players and 1 coach, Mrs. Campbell.

        The volleyball season has had a rough beginning of 3 losses but the team nonetheless tried their hardest. This team is very much enjoying themselves no matter the outcome. They practice about two times a week and have an upcoming game this Wednesday.

        The starters for the TeWinkle middle school volleyball team are Bree Anderson, Ruby Uchityl, Jessica Min, Kaya Pagard, and Kara Hernandez. This past game, Jessica Min had the highlight of the game when she slid for the hit for the final point tying the game but they still lost in the end.

        We interviewed the MVP of last game Nicole Jewett who told us that, ¨It is a sport that I enjoy and I have also had the honor of making better friends.”We asked what her dreams were with volleyball and she explained, ¨It would depend on my height later on in my life but yes I would like to continue playing.¨ She has been playing volleyball for three years and doesn't believe you have to be tall to play.

        The 7th graders have also had a rough start with 3 losses but will have their 4th game today hoping for a different outcome. They have 15 players and one coach

        In conclusion, this has been your guide to the TeWinkle volleyball team. Nonetheless, this team won't stop just yet, not when their season is just getting started.



By: Aidan Mattingly and Eric Angeles



        This is a new year, 2018, and our 7th grade basketball team has improved from last year. Although they haven't won any games yet, they definitely show competitive pride during every game, and they get better the more they practice. The basketball team usually practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays then they have games on Thursdays.

        The teams they’ve played against are Corona Del Mar, Ensign, Dwyer, and finally they played against Mesa. Their most challenging game was when they played Ensign because number one, the game was a road game, and number two, Ensign are a really good team. Another challenge was the game against Corona Del Mar because they had a lot of tall players. This last game they played was against Mesa, and they did a really good job. They only lost by five points. Next game they have to win or else it is all over for them.

        The requirements to stay on the team are to earn good grades in school and they can’t get into detention which means they cannot get into any trouble. There have been a few minor injuries to players on the team, it is very rare for someone to get a major injury.

        James De La O and William Balducci, members of the basketball team, rated their teams proficiency as an ok since they are trying to improve and hopefully get a win. According to William Balducci, he said, “The coach has good management over the team.” While James De La O said, “Our coach is going to be the next Gregg Popovich, but the team is the main problem for that reason.” Both, James De La O and William Balducci enjoy being on the team because it has been a fun experience being around the friendly team. 


Running to the Finish Line!!GO Cross Country
Running to the Finish Line!!GO Cross Country

By Destiny Radillo and Emelyn Tototzin



        This year's cross country team is made of 10 athletes. On the team, there is Wendy Ocampo, Natalie Valladolid, Alondra Camacho, Perla Marquez, Cristina Ruiz, Adam Nova, Paul Brich, Dane Dodge, Micah Gniffke, and Giovany Ocampo.Their last meet was on Thursday, January 25. They run 1 ½  miles and when practicing they warm up with a few exercises and then a 2 mile run with there coaches Ms. W and Ms. Kaminsky.

        To find out more about cross country and the students participating we asked a few questions to Alondra Camacho and Natalie Valladolid. First, we asked “What motivates you in cross- country? ”, Alondra responded, “BTS (the band) and my parents.” Natalie responded,” What motivates me is the finish line because when I see it I get motivated to run more.”                                    

        We also asked, “Why did you join cross-country?” Alondra said, “To outrun BTS fangirls and since its a sport it counts towards college credits.” and Natalie said, “ I joined because I enjoy running, and running is a good feeling for me because when the wind hit my face it feels good.”

        Our last question was,” What do you like about cross country? Alondra said, “I enjoy the running because it’s something I have fun doing.” Natalie said, “I like how when competing, you're not competing against your team but working together with them and having fun.”


Crazy NFL Playoffs and Superbowl Games
Crazy NFL Playoffs and Superbowl Games

by: Jack Moyer & Alex Vega



        The NFL Playoffs started in January. The teams that made the playoffs were Carolina Panthers, New Orlean Saints, Atlanta Falcons, LA Rams, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots.

        The Super Bowl is on February 4, 2018. The Super Bowl this year is at Bank America Stadium which is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and that is where the Vikings play. The Vikings went to the final four and if they had won, they would have been the first team to play The Super Bowl at their Stadium.

        The two teams that made the Super Bowl were the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. The best team going into the playoffs was New England Patriots because the won last year and they were number one in their division. The prize for winning the Superbowl is $107,000 per player.

        The quarterbacks that are in the Super Bowl are Nick Foles for the Eagles and Tom Brady for the Patriots. The running backs that are in the Super Bowl are Jay Ajayi for the Eagles and James White for the Patriots. The Patriots are most likely to win the Superbowl because they have one of the best defense and they have Tom Brady the best QB in the league.

        Johnny Godby said that the team he wanted to win the Super Bowl was the Jaguars. The team he thinks is going to win the Super Bowl is Philadelphia Eagles.

        Dane Dodge thinks the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl but wants the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

        In conclusion, the Super Bowl is February 4, 2018, which is this Sunday. This game might be one of the best Super Bowls in history.


Vacation Time!!!
Vacation Time!!!

By Jessica Min and Zoe Anderle

January 26th, 2018

         Everyone loves time off of school!! It’s a good thing that President’s Week, or ski week, is coming soon! In just about about three weeks, we will have the entire week off for President’s day. You may be wondering, why do we celebrate this holiday? We celebrate this holiday to honor presidents of the United States, including George Washington, the USA's first president. George Washington was born on February 22 which is during our break. Some school districts in the U.S. have just that one day off while some other school districts, like ours, have the entire week. This is because the district decides on which days we get to have off. We asked some students what they are going to use this vacation for.

        “I’m going to Mexico.” says Kaiden Kahkosko, “I’ll be living there for a couple months.” What an adventure, Kaiden!

         Micah Gniffke is planning to go to Mexico as well, along with Mammoth. “They’re two different places, I know.” he says on the subject. He looks forward to both skiing and swimming.

         Skiing seems to be popular, as Michael Mgerian has that in his President’s plans as well. “I love to hit the slopes in Mountain High.”

         Lastly, Ms. Aceves will be going to the San Diego Zoo, Huntington Library Gardens, movies with the family, the beach, and maybe even Malibu. Wow, that sounds like an amazing staycation. Hope she has fun!

         Overall, it seems like everyone’s plans vary, but we’re all excited for the break. Stay in there everyone; break is almost here. Now, what are your plans?


By: Perla Martinez and Monik Rodriguez

January 29, 2018   


       The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea from Friday, February 9th to Sunday, February 25th. As many as 94 countries will be competing in this years games. Teams such as Romania, Norway, Mexico, Bermuda, Ireland, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and much more! Some popular events are Snowboard Halfpipe, Figure Skating, Hockey, Ski Jumping, and many many more.

        We got the chance to interview 8th graders Emely Rodriguez, Andrew Valladolid, and Felicity Mueca and see what her thoughts on the Winter Olympics were.

        Emely said, ¨I am most excited about ice skating because I love watching people ice skate and I think it's fun¨. She also mentioned that her favorite team is USA.

        Andrew told us, that he will be watching this years games. He also said. ¨I am excited to see Jamie Anderson¨. Jamie Anderson is an American professional snowboarder that won the gold medal in the inaugural Women's Slopestyle Event.    

        Felicity said,¨I love snowboarding it is my favorite division (category)¨. Felicity also said “I think the Winter Olympics are really fun to watch as a whole family”.

        All in all, people are excited to watch this year’s Winter Olympics! It should be fun to see the athletes compete! Good luck to all the competitors and GO USA!!


Ferdinand's Tough Journey
Ferdinand's Tough Journey

By:Natalie Valladolid and Kimberly Palacios



        Welcome back Trojans. Some of you may not know, but Ferdinand is a new movie that came out on December 15. The message of this movie is to be yourself and don't change for other people because everyone is perfect the way they are. This movie is about a young bull who runs away from a training camp. A girl that lives on a farm adopted him but then the former owner from the training camp tries to get him back. He meets a lot of animals on his journey. Then Ferdinand tries to show his previous owner that it is okay to lose once and awhile.

        The director of this  movie is Carlos Saldanha, amd the producers are John Davis, Lori Forte and Bruce Anderson. 88% of google users liked Ferdinand. The voices are John Cena as Ferdinand, Peyton Manning as Guapo, Kate Mckinnon as lupe, Daveed Diggs as Dos, Gina Rodriguez as Una, Gabriel Iglesias as Cuatro, Miguel Ángel Silvestre as El Primero, Flula Borg as Hans and Juanes as Juan.

        7th grader Jaylen Avonce mentioned, ´´I liked the movie because  it was  heartwarming, I was looking forward to watch this movie because I love these types of movies.´´

7th grader Sydney Arroyo told us ´´ I have not watched the movie but I expect a really good movie that I will enjoy, I think I will like it because I really enjoy funny movies and this seems like a kid movie but a funny movie.´´

        7th grader Shamira Orozco mentioned “I expect a bull fight because I see a bull, I think i will like the plot and everything that will happen in the movie because it seems funny”

        Thank you Trojans for taking your time to read our article. In our opinion this movie was a good movie to let you know that you need to be yourself and don't change for anyone no matter what. Hopefully you guys get a chance to watch it.


Finals, Schedule, Studying
 Finals, Schedule, Studying


By: Diana L. Granados and Penelope Cabrera    


        Many of you know that finals are coming and we need to study. Finals are exams that measure what we have learned in the past quarter or two. We have finals so we can be tested on the content we have learned and also to see how much we have learned.  Some teachers give a final at the end of every quarter and some just at the semester. It really depends on what teacher you get.

        On another note, we have a different schedule during Finals. During the finals schedule, you only have 2 classes a day, nutrition between both classes and go home at 12:40. Also, there is no late start on Wednesday.

        Some ways you can study are by making flashcards, quizzing yourself, making a study group session, and reviewing notes. You could also take breaks while you study. Some important things to keep in mind are to get enough sleep the night before.

We interviewed Ms. Aceves about her finals. For her final, the students will walk a bit then run the mile, then walk a bit more. Finally, they will do an activity like Badminton or Basketball. She recommends her students prepare by jogging around the block if they have a bike to go biking and practice running laps on the track on the weekend.

        Also interviewed Ms. Ross about her finals. Her finals include basketball and volleyball. She recommends her students to study the study guide she gave them.

        Another person we interviewed was Seth DelGesso. He hopes to get A’s and B’s on his finals. To study he will learn what he needs to and will review what he needs to know. His opinion on no late start is that we shouldn’t even have school on Wednesday and enjoy some free time. To him, finals schedule is fair enough because of the time we get out of school. Seth is looking forward to finals because we get out at 12:40 so that gives him time to go home and have fun.

        Finally, we interviewed Jackie Diaz. She hopes to get A’s on her finals. She will study by reviewing notes. To her no late start doesn’t seem necessary. She really is going to enjoy finals schedule because we only have 2 classes a day, but she is not exactly looking forward to it because it is nerve wrecking.

        In conclusion, finals are coming, and we should study to get good grades. Good luck to all you Trojans during finals and don’t forget to study hard.



Behind the Scenes of the Dance
Behind the Scenes of the Dance

By: Olivia Shallahamer and Gabriella Lopez

January 29, 2018


        It’s almost February and that means, it’s almost dance time! The next dance will be on Friday,  February 9th. To figure out all the behind the scenes information we've interviewed the leaders of the ASB committees.

        The dance will be themed as old Hollywood/red carpet. To come up with the theme ASB had a class vote. Dances usually cost $200 to $250, and they sometimes make up to almost $100 in profit. To plan the dance they have to buy supplies, sketch plans, use Pinterest for ideas, and communicate with the other committees. It takes a month to plan everything for the dance and 1-2 weeks to set up. Since the students of ASB can't do everything, Mr. Morgan buys supplies and helps clean up after. Also, PTA helps collect the tickets and chaperone as well as teachers.

        All in all, this dance might take a lot of work but thanks to ASB we are able to have it! It sounds like a blast so don’t forget to buy your tickets for $2 before the dance and $3 at the door!